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"I'm just as angry when I see a macho muscley gruff male lead as I am when I see a scantily clad female sidekick."

Sounds like you need to stop gaming I'd say.

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And of course, the flip side is if you want an authoritative view on gamers, just ask Anita Sarkeesian right? Or about 2200 people like the ESA?

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Your possible conclusion is as flawed as you claim hers to be, the difference is she has an academic background to back hers.

Adult women are only the largest demographic in gaming when you expand gaming to include literally everything up to and including minesweeper and computer solitaire.

Being the largest demographic doesn't mean anything when the core gamer, of which is most assuredly mostly male, spends the most on the industry and remains the longes...

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DmC is a failure. Commercially and with fan appeal, DmC is a complete failure. Don't try to equate your love of it with success when DmC sold the worst and is hated by the majority.

It was so bad that Capcom blamed the failure on Ninja Theory. If it was successful, Capcom wouldn't need to "blame" anyone.

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"but it was fantastically awful"


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I want another SSX Tricky game the way it was done. That game is still the best in the series.

DmC is not now, nor will ever be, DMC5

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"so hopefully its not DmC2"


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On the GamerGate tag, we've taken to calling her #LiterallyWho to show just how irrelevant she is to anything. She wanted to get out of this so much that she changed her name on Twitter to Dr. LiterallyWho.

So for someone that hates GamerGate so much, has said up, down, left, right and center so many times that she just wants to get passed it and "make games", she CONSTANTLY tries to re-insert herself all the time.

She's got some mental prob...

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Can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with boobs? So many SJWs constantly talk down about boobs and I really don't get it. Were they told that boobs are poisonous or something? What's wrong with grabbing boobs? They aren't even REAL boobs. What, are the SJWs going to try to say "virtual sexual assault" now?

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This isn't even a new phenomenon. Any gamer from any age will tell you that they've always watched others play games. I started my gaming with the NES and some of the funnest moments I've had with gaming came just from watching and talking about it. Hell, in Canada there was a show called Video and Arcade Top 10 which was a gameshow where 4 kids would play games competitively for prizes and there were only 2 reasons anyone watched the show (no one cared about the movie or music se...

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To be clear, I merely used Death's comments as examples because he was the most recent individual to make the claims that have been stated by other Xbox fans since [email protected] began. It's not meant as an attack against him.

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Which is why one of the people who found the evidence that she didn't call the police is going to file a FOIA request to see if she contacted the FBI.

The point is to prove definitely that she's a fraud and that sites like the BBC are defending a fraud. The sooner her lies are publicly exposed (it's not enough that we gamers "know" she's a fraud) the sooner her infecting presence can be expunged.

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@longcat: Wasted effort. The site has a built in petition of sorts known as the voting system. Whenever you click on the + sign next to the site name it gives you options to vote on said site.

I've heard from multiple people who are definitely in the know about these things that the downvotes against Kotaku eclipse any upvotes for Kotaku, and the site still remains a continued presence on N4G.

A petition won't do anything. But perhaps mass emails to H...

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It's looking like Zoe Quinn committed fraud by claiming that a portion of proceeds from Depression Quest would go to a charity that handles depression, only they have no idea what she's talking about and no money has been given to them.

So Anita lies about death threats and filing police reports, Zoe Quinn lies about donating money to ...

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I was on Twitter as all of this was unfolding. I got to see a guy who emailed the police and has email evidence she never called the police, as well as this video with a recorded conversation saying the same thing.

So today the credibility of someone accusing gamers and the gaming industry of either promoting, or condoning, misogyny, sexism, and any number of...

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I would argue that kids detach themselves from themes like that, going so far as to completely ignore things they don't really understand because they just want to get back to the game.

There are many many many ways in which children are far more emotionally stable and mature than adults.

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Wow. That's a true Xbot comment right there Death. You have no idea what the game is like and you jumped right to it being shovelware just to defend a policy MOST people disagree with and want gone. You justify this comment by ragging on the game's graphics.

This is why the Xbox One will never surpass the PS4. It contains not only members of the userbase with your attitude, but members of the actual company with your attitude. Because screw getting games, we need to f...

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"I'm from an era where some of your purchasing decisions were based on the cover-art of the game, magazines couldn't cover everything back then as there were far more games."

Definitely been there. I remember actually trying out FFII on the SNES just because I went to my local, Jack-of-all-trades, convenience store and saw it and just wanted to try it out. I had varying tastes in what grabbed my attention so sometimes even plain cover-art could be enough.

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Getting mine on PS4 so I'm good.

Sucks for those who don't have current consoles though. This game looks amazing.

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"the general gaming community as well as critics agree that they are highly difficult games not meant for non-masochists."


"Making that pitch to a niche audience is not productive...."

Speaking as a member of the Souls community, I recently have watched it grow to the point where people started in the series with Dark Souls 2 and liked it so much they've bought Demon's Souls. I know this because I've...

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