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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I personally would state that Sony's approach really isn't scummy as it doesn't hinder the indie dev from releasing on any platform, it merely asks that forcing PS gamers to wait should come with some kind of benefit. In my opinion, that's a hell of a lot more reasonable a "demand" than the ultimatum that Microsoft forces on indie devs. #2.1.1
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@cell989: People make far more for doing far less in this world. Where does this attitude come from that making money off of doing something you enjoy doing, and something that's easy to do equate to being bad? That attitude sounds like someone who is upset that they didn't think of it first and now has sour grapes because of it (not saying that that's you, just speaking in general).

Everyone in this world wants that job that's easy to do, that they enjoy doin... #11.1.9
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@creatchee: Your logic would invalidate over 80 years of television broadcasting, as people pay to watch people do all kinds of things all the time with television.

Let's Plays are an extension of that idea, and for some people offer the service of an impartial review of the game, helping them to decide whether they want to play the game themselves or not. It is a setting where a gamer is simply playing a game as a gamer, with no rules or regulations or deadlines to publi... #11.1.6
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Great blog, and I particularly agree with the final paragraph. Problem is, too many won't agree with that statement. They'll end their opinion at "it's just a smart business move" and not look beyond that.

This policy that Microsoft has is to no one's benefit, not even Microsoft's. A smart indie dev will just avoid the Xbox One altogether and make money off of more friendly platforms. They may not make as much as releasing on ALL platforms, but t... #1
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And people who monetize their videos don't have passion?

Ever heard of getting paid to do what you love? Just because you're stuck in a dead end job you hate is no reason to rag on others who aren't. #11.1.1
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Change your name. You don't deserve the name of a Suikoden character with your ignorance.

The biggest channel on Youtube is PewDiePie and he's a let's player, so that means a let's play channel is the biggest channel on youtube and the most affected by this. Google isn't too big to fail, and youtube is the biggest and most used video sharing site on the internet that's going to definitely lose a lot of viewers because of this tactic. It's already h... #10.1.2
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You'd be among the first to parrot around the Xbox One's sales numbers if they were in the lead position, so don't pretend otherwise. #1.5.1
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@Volkama: Your argument is ridiculous. First of all, Excalibur made the statement about removing Kinect, not me. Secondly, this statement...

"You're saying they should limit the design and capability of the console to prevent the NSA from taking advantage of it."

Is hilariously erroneous. There's nothing that the Kinect is doing that can't be done with the controller, so removing the Kinect won't impede the console in any way.
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There's a lot of misinformation about these pricing issues.

First of all, the fact is that the Big 3 actually set pricing tiers for all 3rd party publishers. The publishers decide what their game is worth based on those tiers and set the price for the game accordingly.

Retail partners are also a factor for console digital games. If digital games on consoles are cheaper than their retail counterparts, then there would be no reason to purchase retail copies... #1.1.12
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"Tell me..."

You're mistaking inaction for permission or legal right. Just because no one has YET to act, doesn't mean they never will, aren't making plans to do so, or that the NSA is incapable of facing consequences.


You're the one that stated that foreign companies aren't above NSA encroachments are you not? We know Obama supports PRISM so you must be saying that Obama supports internation... #1.3.11
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@creatchee: It's funny how you actually believe that. The best hackers in the world don't work for the government, they work for corporations whose systems they've hacked before. Corporations pay better than the government.

@Septic: "And I don't know where you got THAT from. Where did I say the NSA could be sued out of existence?"

I got it from this: "THAT is supremely naive because organisations like the CIA still exist after d... #1.3.9
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@Volkama: Your response makes only you laugh. The issue is the Kinect. No Kinect equals no biometric spying. How is the NSA going to use the fact that you're playing a game at that moment to any useful advantage? If you're going to be sarcastic, at least be smart.

@Septic: I know who the NSA are, I also know that nothing is hackproof. However you don't seem to appreciate how controlled the console environment is. For example, the PSN "hack" wasn't ac... #1.3.6
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Thing is, plenty of developers don't release demos because they know their game sucks and they don't want you to know it without paying for it first. #1.3
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@Excalibur: Exactly.

@Septic: Firstly, read Excalibur's post. Secondly, you act as though the NSA know Microsoft's software and hardware better than them and can just force their way into it whenever they want to. That's an extreme showing of ignorance and an overstatement of what the NSA is capable of. Microsoft is a software corporation that's been around for decades. You're asking people to believe that a company with that kind of history is suddenly ma... #1.3.3
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Are you serious? This has PR response written all over it. You're telling me that Microsoft, the first company to jump on board of the PRISM program, and build a backdoor into every windows OS since PRISM began for the NSA to use, and allows the NSA to monitor Skype (which Microsoft also monitors), and hotmail, and has admitted that Kinect WILL be used BY THEM for biometric data gathering for advertisements, DIDN'T know and WEREN'T on board with the NSA using Kinect for their own... #1.3
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Microsoft were the very first company to jump aboard the PRISM program. They aren't against PRISM, they're against the negative PR that's been levied against them because of PRISM. If Microsoft really wanted to fight this, then they'd sue the government for unlawful coercion and take the fight to them hard, but they really don't want to because the NSA helps them get their B.S. advertising push going forward. #2.2.2
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Had to change it due to the report. Had to change pretty much everything due to the report. #1.1
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Viacom and Microsoft are partners, that's why that happens. #16.1
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Umm, why do you have to keep typing in your PSN password? I have mine automatically setup. Did you go into Settings and set that up? #1.3
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There are 2 individuals missing from this topic. They won't show up though given the nature of it.

A half of a million units seems plausible given the demand for the PS4.

@n4rc: This is about the U.S. not the world. #1.1.11
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