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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Your whole argument started as an expression of bafflement that people can forgive Sony but not Microsoft when the two did not have the same "mistakes" to forgive. One company had mistakes that were immensely anti-consumer and the other did not. That's why it's easier to forgive one over the other.

I mean, you say that people attack Microsoft and yet Sony do the same thing and get away with it. Where's Sony's DRM that took away rights? Where's So... #13.3.6
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@Vallencer: Blu-Ray - I covered that.

Games - Why should Sony help 3rd party developers develop their games when no one else does that and Sony would get nothing from doing so? It's not Sony's responsibility to ensure that 3rd party devlopers, who received the dev kits long before the console was even announced to the public and had time to develop games, can create decent quality games. It's on the developers. If that's a business decision, it's not one... #13.3.4
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@PimpDaddy: "How quick were all of you to forgive Sony for a $600.00 PS3 at launch, 6 month delay in the US and Japan. 1 year delay in Europe. Serious drought of games in the first year and horrible 3rd party support because of the difficult to program for Cell processor. No force feedback at launch. Lack of support for PS Eye or PS Move. PSN issues. Etc.."

The difference between everything you've listed and the Xbox One is something called business decisions. T... #13.3
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@knifefight: Just because Puritan society has deemed it taboo to show a woman's bare chest doesn't mean that breasts are a private part. By that logic, in the Islamic tradition all parts of a woman's body, save for her eyes (and in some instances including them) are private parts because men who follow the Islamic faith would be startled to see any part of a woman's body shown to anyone but her husband.

You're completely wrong here. Again, only prudes woul... #1.1.12
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"How could you argue a demographic full of privileged males?"

I love when this lie is told. First, I want you to watch this video. It's old, but the responses still apply to the present day.


In that video, Thomas Sowell shows us how studies are skewed to make it appear that women are being oppressed. Example: The use of the word... #10.2
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"What Anita did was a wake up call to the female objectification and the frequency rendering female characters hopeless and weak without the help of the usually male character."

No she didn't. Stop white-knighting. What she did was cherry pick and twist game and story design elements to make the claim that women are powerless objects for men in gaming, completely ignoring important aspects like character backstory, world context, and the most damning of all is h... #3.1.4
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@dark-hollow: Your comment is a joke because it smacks of ignorance. Dagobert is completely correct. Every day society is gearing more and more towards women. A militarized police force enforces feminist agendas on men placing them in financial servitude to women and it continues to permeate in all areas of life. Men are ridiculously portrayed in games just as women are but the problem with white knights is that they are incapable of seeing it through their narrowminded view of what is object... #1.5.3
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@knifefight: I guess it's a good thing I brought a gun. Lame joke, but moving on. The male physique typically shown in games has as much a hindrance on performance as "big boobs" does for women only in a different way. You can claim that women with large chests would have back problems, men with bulging muscles would have movement problems, in both speed and flexibility. Men the size of, say, Marcus from Gears of War would actually not be capable of moving as fast as those chara... #1.1.11
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The President of Sony Japan first of all, and secondly he never said they changed their minds, he said the feedback was a useful source but before that he said "It's not that our hardware policies are decided strictly based on user reaction like this" meaning they already had the plan in mind and user feedback merely helped them to see they made the right choice. Basic reading comprehension, learn it fanboy.

You haven't stated any facts. You posted one link... #10.3.2
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"just like how SOny too was planning on DRM then saw the backlash MS was getting, and they did a 180 before announcing it http://www.tomshardware.com...



"... #10.3
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@No_Limit: "That statement makes no sense and is not important to most people except diehard fanboys because the system is still in production and in finalizing stages. It is not the same as say the PS3 releases the DS3 with rumble a year after the Sixasis due to backlash."

Actually the statement makes no sense to Xbox One fanboys only. To the rest of the population it makes perfect sense. There was no logical reason to not offer offline gaming and remove a dependen... #8.1.3
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@No_Limit: How do you know he said it with a straight face? He could have been dying of laughter while typing it, or crying, or whatever. #7.1.2
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Yes just sounds. I'm not trolling, just posting an expectation. #11.2.2
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I'm not defending what he did, he did deserve to be reported. Here's my problem though.

What does stalking his page and starting a social media crusade end up accomplishing that is of any REAL value? Say he gets banned. Ok, but then the next day some other guy does the same thing to her. Is she going to once again stalk that person's page and start up a new crusade playing the victim once again for something that happens literally to thousands of people every sing... #10.2.1
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Or maybe people need to grow up and stop needing their feelings coddled every second. I agree with tact, civility, and respect, but I don't agree with political correctness and walking around on eggshells for fear of the big O word being thrown around.

You go online, you have to accept that certain things are going to happen. If a report function is available, use it and be done with it. Censorship never works, people just have to develop apathy towards the words of stran... #15.2
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Don't try to feed me that horse manure. She had no idea what MS' Enforcement program were doing, or if he received a PM warning of any kind. She deliberately escalated the entire thing after stalking his page (which defies logic) because she wanted revenge. It's plain and simple. She was out to get him for insulting her.

It isn't her job to set enforcement standards or tell them how to do their job. #10.1.1
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LeCreuset: So just because a guy can't become "impregnated with triplets and forced to have a late term abortion" that means there isn't a double standard?

What if the guy said something that was specifically gruesome about men? I'd write an example but it would be flagged. But you know if someone said that to a guy nothing would come of it. You wouldn't see this white knight crusade all over the internet because it doesn't matter if men are abus... #8.2.2
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What I'm wondering is, why did it matter to her so much that he gets punished and why did she have to hound and hound and hound to ensure he did?

Most people would report him, block the guy, and be done with it. She went that extra mile and continued to stalk the guy's account to make damn sure something was done to him. That's vindictive, and vengeful, and should be questioned. #10
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There would have been no response. If it happens to a male gamer it doesn't matter. Double standards are as much a part of gaming as code is. #8.1
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She didn't just want that though. She wanted him punished. Which is kind of immature. She should have just left it at reporting him and let them deal with it whenever. Why does it matter so much that he was punished? #7.1
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