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@doolin: "Well, which is it? Did PS3 outsell 360 EVERY year (like you said earlier), or did 360 outsell PS3 in 2011 (which would mean that saying EVERY year is a lie)? Of course, you qualify your remark by adding "small margin". Talk about being a politician. You can't deal with the FACT that you've been caught in a lie, so you try to spin your way out of it by saying "but it was only by a small margin"."

Do you read what you write? Serio...

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@doolin_dalton: "I don't know why this pitiful lie keeps popping up, even from people who seem somewhat informed about gaming. The PS3 did NOT outsell the 360 every year - there were several head to head years in which the 360 outsold PS3 globally."

Because it's the truth. The 360 never outsold the PS3 globally except for one year, 2011, and by a small margin. You're obviously thinking of the U.S. of course.

"That's just wishful...

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@doolin_dalton: Your comment is laughable. The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 globally every single year since it came out. That you're trying to argue that the Xbox 360 was selling better because it had a head start and didn't stop selling once the PS3 came out is, again, laughable.

The difference between last gen and this gen is monumental. Last gen the PS3 still outsold the Xbox 360 but had to play catch up due to a head start, this gen both consoles released nearly at t...

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"Someone at Sony might have said that, but the reality is that they were desperate to bring the price of the PS3, that's why BC was removed."

No they weren't. Removing B.C. didn't lower the price of the PS3 as much as you'd think. It was definitely a part of their plan, but desperation it was not.

"Some people like the idea of playing their favourite old games presented in the best way possible. Consoles don't have the luxur...

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You know, my biggest problem with HD collections stems from the statements Sony made about backwards compatibility on the PS3.

Sony said that, among the savings they would receive by removing B.C. from the PS3, they want people to focus on PS3 games. The new games that they were coming out with is what Sony wanted people to buy and that's one of the reason they nixed backwards compatibility.

These HD collections are the antithesis of that statement and se...

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What the hell game were you playing? You never came across the random rap battles, beat boxing, martial arts training, makeout sessions, etc... etc... etc...?

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8. Nothing wrong with the graphics. Something's wrong the expectations certain gamers have.

7. Jordi Chin and T-Bone aren't bland.

6. I don't want to go to the page to click through pages to find this one, so I'm just going to ask what the problem with neutralizing cars is.

5. Agreed. Although I love the idea of hacking, and the stealth mechanics it employs, the situations usually tend to end up being the same. Use camera to s...

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Aiden originally had a decent backstory that Ubi just decided to not tell in the game. He was a former member of the IRA and they were supposed to explain his involvement with them, how he became an expert hacker, and all of this other stuff that Ubi just cut out. Aiden isn't the problem, Ubisoft is.

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"IF the platform holders (Sony & Microsoft) allow us to update the code and data without restrictions and odious time consuming QC procedures, IF they allow our community to openly interact with each other across platforms then I would CONSIDER supporting them"

Sony has already done this a few times. They have MMO's like DCUO and FFXIV that are also cross platform.

Microsoft will never allow this. Ever. They are immensely anal about Live and...

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The author is wrong no matter how you look at it.

In his examples there is a clear "winner" and clear "loser" situation. In the console business there are no actual winners or losers, only success and failure. The two are similar yet different.

The Xbox One could be in last place, selling the least amount of consoles, but if when all is said and done it sells, say, 50 million units then no one can say that that's a failure. So long as ...

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It's out of spite, though they'll say it's out of artistic principle.

When AC3's location wasn't yet known, the creative director stated that "no one wants an Assassin's Creed game in Asia" because it's "overplayed" as a location. Basically he said it's a cliche and that's why it won't happen no matter how many times fans ask for it.

There are only 2 instances I can see an AC game being set in Asia. ...

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Any particular reason you're calling Ubisoft, a company with one of the most diverse staff of developers in the gaming industry, racist/sexist?

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Well, Ubisoft is a French company so it figures they'd make a game in France eventually, but this will only be the second Assassin from Europe in the series.

AC1 was the Middle East
AC2 was Italy (AC 2 and Brotherhood, Europe) and Constantinople (AC Revalations, Part Asia, Part Europe).
AC3 was in the United States
AC4 was in the Caribbean
AC Unity will be in France.

So it's not like Europe is a predominate setting for ...

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If you pay money for a game you don't like, especially if that copy is digital, then you're wasting your money.

We unfortunately live in the day and age where renting games and demos are all but extinguished systems. Sure, the U.S. has Gamefly, but the U.S. ≠ The World and so game rentals outside of the U.S. just don't happen like they used to.

We're also now moving into the territory of paid demos, which is absolutely rid...

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"No, your investment is worth far more."

LMFAO! You just tried to sugarcoat the fact that PC gaming is more expensive and at the same time didn't refute the statement. I don't recall ever seeing that. Kudos.

"Also Ps4 will never do 4k gaming. So what is your point?"

And PC will never do God of War 3. What's your point?

"In every technical aspect PC's surpass anything consoles do. It ju...

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"PC gaming is crushing consoles in both market value and power."

Is it now? Then I'm sure it's getting more support from the big devs than consoles right? It's not... oh...

P.S. Graphics matter only to divas. Gamers play games. Great graphics does not a great game make.

@Supporter: The problem you're having is that you think that comparing console to PC is the same as comparing console to console and it's not. It...

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Oh hey Darkstares, I see you couldn't stay away from me for long could you. Sorry, I really have no interest in you so you'd be doing both of us a favor by pointing those affections at someone else.

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@Gh05t: "Lots of women make games, I have worked with many female developers. Most the feminazis just complain that they cant play as women in enough games."

Never said anything about the amount of women making games, just that it's nice to see one making them instead of complaining about them.

@creatchee: I've never cared for Billy Joel.

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"Seriously if activision won't even give the devs who made the games the right to make a new crash game..."

Activision's doucheyness (yep, made up words are the only way to describe it) extends to fan art. FAN ART for goodness sake. Naughty Dog can't have a fan art contest with Crash Bandicoot entries because Activision said no. Like wtf. It's fan art.

I hate publishers that sit on beloved and wanted IPs and whenever they do decide t...

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Good for her. Nice to see women actually making games instead of complaining about them like their feminist counterparts. Hopefully this is just the start for more amazing stuff for her future.

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