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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


"Pornography sells, drugs sell, child labour sells, prostitution sells, sex trafficking is a billion dollar industry! This must mean they are all fantastic and only people with daddy or mommy or self issues should object to them."

I agree, this is the dumbest thing ever said on this site. Please do everyone a favour and cease all discourse for the rest of your life. #14.1.2
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"You sound really bitter against females."

Nope. Just feminists and white knight manginas.

"Suck it up and grow up."

Such irony.

"Kratos obviously resembles to that of Greek lore, how many Greek legend statues do you see wearing wearing full body suits and how many wearing tunics and of the sorts? That's probably why there was little response to Kratos being half naked, so not really seeing your l... #1.1
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@ImG2theB: Your ignorance is astounding. #1.1.14
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Quiet should look the way Kojima wants her to look, not how feminists want her to look. If they don't like it, play something else. #1.10
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Yoshida is a known troll. I would expect a surprise or two. #1.1.8
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"What if you're trapped in a culture in which you're marginalised, objectified and disempowered, not to mention exploited?"

In what way is this true of Western women today? If you were talking about the Middle East you'd have a point, but you need only look at nations like Sweden to see that first world women are granted more freedoms and more rights, as well as more perks than men. How is it disempowering that a woman gets to pay less money for insuranc... #11.3
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The irony is that when women are portrayed as sexy, or wear minimal clothing, the "best" argument used against that is "sex sells." If sex sells, it can only do so because of appreciation. This means that men and lesbian women LOVE the female form. Since when is love actually hate? I'll tell you when. When women with no self-esteem and are unhappy with their appearance say it is. #14.1
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That's what these people do. It isn't about actually looking for a real problem, or even about equality. It's about special rights, special treatment, and babying the self-esteem of people who have none.

The idea that anyone can make an issue out of fictional characters trying to relate them to real world treatments and problems is laughable. These people don't even know what the word misogyny means or how to use it in the correct context. To expect any kind o... #3.1.1
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We're not biased, most of us simply don't give a f***. The problem are the people who make a big deal out of nothing, due to their own personal issues, have been making game design horrible for people because the designers will constantly have to worry about backlash from these people who take personal offense to fictional characters.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, offense is a personal, conscious decision as is the result. You don't want to see a... #12.2
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I could destroy this entire article based on the title alone. But the more attention you give to these white knight manginas, the worse gaming becomes. I suggest that anyone who enjoys intelligence and sanity to avoid reading the article. Trust me when I say you will wish you hadn't read it if you do read it. #3
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@BallsEye: The difference between MS and Sony/Nintendo is that Sony/Nintendo care about our money and try to get it by working for us. Microsoft act like they already own our money and our handing it to them is merely a formality.

You can try to deflect by saying none of the companies "love us" but of the 3, which one of the companies have put forth the message of being for gamers? Which of the 3 have put forth the work and effort to gain gamer confidence? Which of... #1.18.4
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@ChickeyCantor: Barely. The money they make from hardware sales is dwarfed by the money they make from software sales. They have to cover R&D and distribution costs with hardware and they are only selling the one home console for the most part. Say the Wii U sells 30 million in its lifetime, but Nintendo releases hundreds of first party games throughout that lifetime. You can even begin to make the claim that the amount of money made on hardware comes close to the amount made for software... #5.1.3
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At least Sony isn't making grandiose, impossible promises for Gaikai.

"With Azure, one Xbox One could be as powerful as 3 Xbox One's thanks to the magic that is the power of the cloud."

Yeah, right. #2.1.1
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MS is disrespectful to gamers. Their policies proved they didn't give a damn about gamers. They only changed them because the casual audience found out how badly they'd be screwed thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the fact they were getting no pre-orders. The content MS goes for is largely 3rd party based, so it's not something that THEY themselves are bringing to the table. Nintendo and Sony show more respect to gamers than Microsoft ever have or ever will. #1.18.1
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I don't even know where to begin with your comment. Respect just for the sake of respect is wrong. #1.15.1
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Dude, the playstation has had all kinds of names. Gaystation, Delaystation, Praystation, Pauperstation (makes no sense), and now the best you Xbox fanboys can come up with is Indystation? Oh yes, it's so terrible to have too many choices of what games to play. Good thing the Xbox One doesn't have that problem. I mean, who plays games on a gaming console anymore? Everyone knows it's all about yelling at inanimate objects, waving your hands around, and getting obese.

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Would he prefer Xboned? Xboner? Xbox 180? The name Xbox One is stupid, the nicknames are better. #1.1.23
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"This may be the biggest Street Fighter collection ever documented, but even if it isn’t, Clarence Lim’s collection of Street Fighter merchandise is most certainly bigger than yours."

What if I'm the guy who's collection is eluded to in the "but even if it isn't" part? Would make this article a complete lie when the author says this person's collection is bigger than mine wouldn't it? #4
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Actually they would. For the Big 3, software always makes more money than hardware. For Nintendo this is especially so because their games have long shelf life due to continuous demand. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still a full priced game despite being out for YEARS. Why? Because Nintendo can legitimately get away with not having to lower the price.

If Nintendo stopped making consoles and only made games, they'd actually make MORE money because the R&D costs for cons... #5.1.1
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@LoveGaming: If this said "could the Xbox One be developers preferred console" you'd say "yes" or something along those lines.

The devs have been speaking for themselves, so if you want to live in denial about what they've been saying, that's your prerogative. Don't try and create a 1:1 correlation with the Vita especially considering you likely don't even own one. #1.1.9
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