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The beta males don't fall for it. They are subject to their libidos and biology. Men, by our very nature, are created to protect women. Either because they are our mate, or they could potentially be our mate. This is one driving factor that cause the beta males to lose all sense. The other is the libido, as I mentioned. They truly believe, no matter how adamantly they'll state otherwise, that being sympathetic to the feminist cause will come with rewards. Hopefully physical ones.

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The difference is that a feminist will see the "calling someone out on their mistake" as misogyny if it was a girl that made that mistake.

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Feminists don't comprehend what escapism is. To them, escapism is mirroring real life so that you can relate, but at the same time not mirroring real life so that you can escape. See, the problem is that most feminists didn't actually grow up with gaming. They are only perceiving gaming as it is today. They are incapable of understanding the true depth of escapism that exists within gaming because they haven't been doing it long enough.

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Secret ending where you have to put on the Emerald Herald's gear, and wear the pendant in a ring slot, which brings you back to Boletaria to become the new monarch.

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Which is still completely unrelated to Dark Souls 2.

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So this means that the Emerald Herald has 3 forms then. The old woman in the opening trailer, the young woman we know and and interact with, and the child which we have no real information on yet. Time is convoluted indeed.

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I wonder why you'd make a comment about a completely unrelated game.

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I use Ghostery, so even if the article is clickbait, will never know I'm there. Thank you creators of Ghostery, for fighting the good fight against clickbait B.S. like this.

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"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

"This is the INTERNET..."

Oh now I see. You're being willfully ignorant. The fact that you've doubtlessly seen, on any gaming site that exists, the censorship efforts being taken vis a vis this scandal means that of course I should be able to just go back to Kotaku ...

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I don't get it. When I was a kid, myself and all of my friends loved playing games, and watching other play games. Why? For various reasons that all end up to the same basic reason. We love video games. They're fun to play, and they're fun to watch. What's so hard to understand? It's like asking why people like to watch tv, it's entertainment. I can't believe this even has to be a question.

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She's a villainess. Her actions wrought any counter measures that could be considered to make her a victim. She shut down a charity event. A FRICKIN' CHARITY EVENT!

This girls's video has an opening that is so perfectly descriptive of Zoe Quinn it's astonishing and hilarious.

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@cgoodno: Nope. That's what you're inferring. You'll not find anywhere where I say threats of violence are acceptable. Hatred, in the case of Petit, is the result of her claims. Offensiveness isn't something I'm going to discuss because I believe offense is something you take, which means you have the choice to not take it and no one can take it for someone else. So I'm not going to discuss choice in offense.

But when you call out an entire industry an...

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This. This exactly.

There are people who will defend the typical Nielson method of data collection to the death because of confirmation bias but I maintain that you can't speak for hundreds of millions (300 million in the U.S. for example) by getting 2000 people to take a survey. It's not even remotely the same.

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"Where, it doesn't exist."

-I'll just look for that... oh wait, like everything else that's been discussed about this, it's gone now. Gee, I wonder why. It's not like sites have been censoring and shadowbanning over this... wait, they have?

Yep, everything is de...

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Zero proof? Oh I get it, you want the accused to actually come out and say "yep, I'm guilty of nepotism." Yeah, that'll happen. Let's just ignore the evidence showing that they had a relationship and that the "journalist" she slept with gave her game positive coverage. Yep, no proof at all.

"Sarkeesian and Petit's names weren't in anyone's mouths until they endured an onslaught of hate and it made the news."

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It is kind of a reference to both that moron, and Zoe Quinn. It's basically a generic SJW pic.

I know, I love that you lose the game by being a decent person. Lol.

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What makes you say there is no conflict of interest when the people she slept with DID provide positive coverage for her game AFTER she slept with them? And, the very fact that they'd have to have had some kind of relationship BEFORE the intercourse happened is still itself a conflict of interest for when they review the game, none of them disclosed that they had a relationship with her of any kind before covering her game even though they did.

"What most people fail...

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Take pics and upload those please, I'd love to see that.

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You forgot one quote.

"Aw you can come up with statistics to prove anything. 40% percent of all people know that." - Homer Simpson.

Also, excellent blog. I said pretty much everything you said to a few feminists about a year ago. The ESA's study is terrible and incomplete. Plus, I would love to know who came up with this farce of an idea that surveying 2000 people is indicative of trends and speaks for millions of people. It isn't, and it do...

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Meh, it looks like it was failed due to a broken link, which was true and did fail other stories before. If N4G had wanted to truly censor the story then you couldn't see literally anything about it, including this article and any blogs on the subject.

I've never seen Nineball fail a story for stupid reasons either. I think this article blew up one instance too much.

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