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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Like Gender Studies. #10.2
Well, Mario does do it with a fist, so maybe he trained with Shaolin monks? Lol. #1.2.3
@Avernus: Actually, technically we do pay their salary. If they make money off of ads, ads that require us to visit, then every visit we make is 30 cents or whatever in their pocket. If we don't visit, the site makes no money, the writers don't get paid. So yeah, we do pay them. #1.3.5
Lost Odyssey is the only game I'd ever want a 360 for. #5.1.1
@Pogmathoin: You're lucky that that's the only problem you had. Futureshop is notorious for repackaging refurbished items as new. I had a friend who worked there who told me that it's really bad. #6.1.2
1. You're a "gaming journalist" yourself, so you're pretty biased and people won't take your opinion about accountability with much consideration.

2. The answer to your question is a public apology and/or retraction.

3. A misquote is not an opinion. #1.3.1
Idiots that disagreed with the completely accurate comment Christopher made are likely part of the "group of idiots" he was talking about.

People are people, and all of them should be treated on an individual basis as even being part of a group doesn't guarantee a shared perspective. All interactions are complex and thus you can't say "all ____ fans" for anything.

EA Early Access is a lame program and I couldn't care less about... #1.1.6
Unlike what some people tell you, I would never suggest basing your console purchases off of pack mentality. There is only one thing you need to do to decide what's best for you. Research. Look into what games have been confirmed, look up those games and see if you'd enjoy them, buy the console that has the most games you feel you enjoy. What your friends get is the same kind of mentality presented in the age old question "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" #5
Being a PC gamer isn't helping you here. This is a beta patch for a select few PC players, of which you may or may not be one, and there's not guarantee that what's in the beta will make it out to the final patch. The pride you place in the chips in your case is misplaced. #6.1
Am I the only one that hears "incompetence" in that statement? #4.1
Article starts with "With the growing whining of game addicts" then begins to list features in the game which should be considered standard.

What kind of RPG with a loot system doesn't allow for storage? Hell, even Kingdoms of Amalur had a storage system and the two games are remarkably similar (Amalur has way better combat), so what's the excuse for the lack of it in Inquisition?

Same with being able to change your character's appearanc... #3
Have you seen the kind of useless nonsense Universities actually fund? #14.1
That has the added possibility of broken glass, the edged lids of cans, razor blades, nails, etc.. #10.1
You'd want an AC game with no climbing at all, even though that's the identity of the game? Either that or force you to either 1. Climb down every building all the time or 2. Have parachute on hand all the time? Which itself is also impractical I might add. #8.1
Tell that to Shoalin Monks. #1.2.1
Has anybody here heard of GameTheory on Youtube? They covered this a long time ago... for free... without needing a University degree to do it either.


I hate Matt Pat personally, but it's a good video.

@-Foxtrot- There's probably already a cure, but modern medicine makes billions off of just treating cancer, they aren't going to g... #1.1.6
Do people really like the idea of paying money to play as their favourite character?

The question that needs to be answered is how easy is it to earn in-game currency, because if it's anything like, say, AC Unity then you're going to end up waiting 2 weeks to play as your favourite character, or paying money for the privilege of playing with that character again.

I may be in the vast minority in this opinion, and that's fine, but 99% of the time w... #1.1.6
This really seems like more of an ad for the game than a blog. I mean, there's no real personal opinion on the game itself, just a list of what's in the game and what you can do.

I have the game myself and am currently loving it, though I have some issues. The camera is your worst enemy due to the fast pace the battles can have, you'll find yourself feeling like you have whiplash sometimes. Lock on is troublesome because of this, and also because you can't tel... #1
FFVIII is one of my favourite FF games, but it's world was definitely the most empty world of any FF game to date.


If you look at that map, excluding areas that aren't dungeons or towns, you'll see what I mean. #3.1.1
@Septic: Do you mean hear as in you don't know anyone that has actually spoken it in ear shot of you? Because that I could see, but I know you've seen it called Xbone since the reveal. #1.1.14
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