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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Gee, what a great idea. Let's all, en masse, stop buying games at launch. That will definitely have the desired effect of sending a message that we don't like bugs, and not at all have the unintentional yet more likely effect of costing developers millions of dollars and probably guaranteeing that they close down, go mobile, or move on to making poorer games.

http://a... #6
You misunderstand. I say what I want. Respect is not a consideration when I make a comment. I don't control who will or will not respect me, I only control what I choose to write. I am blunt, I am straightforward, and I'm generally, though not entirely, unapologetic.

As I said, my first comment was directed at Bethesda. That fact didn't seem to matter to the people who are so defensive of Bethesda they decided I slagged Fallout 4 when I didn't.

"Gameplay is limited without graphics to provide immersion, while great graphics alone are boring without strong gameplay."

Haha, guess you never heard of text adventure games then have you? #4.1.5
Oh I know what you mean. I agree that things can definitely change over time. I personally don't really see a problem with the graphics myself, largely because I've been gaming since the NES launched and have seen worse graphics that I don't get hung up on them. If what I heard about Fallout is true, it may have something to offer me. I used to just consider it another shooter, but I may have to give it more of a chance than that. #18.4.3
I'm not actually hating the game. People think I am because I levied a criticism on Bethesda but if you read my comment I never said anything bad about the game or its graphics. I said that their opinion that the game looks fantastic is worthless and saying that a game using an ancient engine can't work on the last gen consoles is just stupid. They clearly don't care about updating anything, they're just adding. Bethesda games tend to use a lot of recycled assets while they fo... #18.4.1
"My spelling doesn't really matter I'm typing on my phone. That's like what every person on the Internet does to announce there intelligence. I've heard it all before."

I'm not announcing my intelligence, I'm telling you to not judge other people's intelligence when you can't be bothered to spellcheck. Blaming your phone isn't an excuse for not reading your own words before hitting post.

"Could I see that lin... #18.3.3
@TheCommentator: I never make comments looking for people to respect them. I make them to express a thought. I also make them for situations when no one else will stand up to actually make them because they have this silly idea that respect is something one should be actively searching for rather than it occurring on its own. If people agree with me, fine. If they don't, fine as well. That's not my concern. I don't make comments looking for approval, analysis, or admiration.
Firstly, don't tell anyone about their knowledge when you can't spell correctly.

Secondly, if you purposely make it run inefficiently then of course it won't work on anything. That's a dumb argument to make.

Someone made Skyrim work on a calculator so don't try and tell me that a Bugthesda game that is STILL using the same old a$$ engine couldn't work on the PS3 or 360. #18.3.1
See? Bugthesda defenders are the worst.

You just said that when a developer says their own game looks amazing, despite the fact that they are responding to backlash about the fact that their game in fact doesn't look amazing, that they are more trustworthy than the multitudes of people all saying the same thing. That's cultist mentality.

"If you were expecting a Bethesda game to set graphical bar than you don't know their history as a develop... #18.2
If they're using an engine from 2008, I don't see how the game would never work on 360 and PS3. Not that I care, I'm probably not getting this game anyway, just saying.

And sorry Bugthesda, but your opinion on how your game looks isn't worth the font it was written in.

Make sure your game ISN'T a bug riddled mess that you're content to let everyone else fix for you m'kay. #18
I don't really trust this. A lot of it looks fake to me. Tons of reused assets, locations that look straight out of Bloodborne, and not enough different stuff that couldn't easily be explained by fan work. These are the same guys that said that Silent Hills was 80% done and that it was going to be an Xbox One exclusive. #1.1.4
@Hammad: "No,because we've seen that they can do better as seen by Witcher 3."

Two different studios with two different priorities and two different games. "They" haven't done anything. CDPR has made one kind of game, Bethesda are making another. You want to judge Bethesda's quality, judge it by their past games.

@Ezz: Again, all you keep doing is talking about the graphics. The "I played lots of games with terrible graphi... #1.2.9
Ezz you clearly care about the graphics. This entire time you've been talking about your disappointment that the graphics aren't better, that they aren't using a newer engine, etc...

Trying to deny it won't work because, like I said, all you've been doing is complaining about the graphics. It doesn't matter if you're going to buy the game anyway, clearly you're disappointed the game doesn't look the way you want it to. #1.2.6
Highly doubt it. Most likely Rise of the Tomb Raider, some games we don't care about, more FFVII teasing, and maybe Star Ocean. #2.1
"The reason is that the team was thinking of using a mix of old footage, but the western arm of Square Enix completely refused the idea."

WHAT?! The Western branch of Square Enix was actually allowed to speak AND enact change? Impossibru!!

I always thought the Western branch of Square Enix was like a seriously diminutive person, completely chained to a wall in some dark room somewhere and anytime it tried to speak it'd get smacked in the mouth b... #3
Ezz it sounds like you actually do care about the graphics. You keep harping on about them, asking us if this is what we expected from games when the new gen started, so it's clear that you care about them.

Open world games are always much more difficult to get the best graphics out of. Personally speaking, even though I'm not likely to get this game because shooters of any kind aren't really my thing, I'd much rather more options in terms of the overall gamep... #1.2.4
People are saying, and it's absolutely bonkers, that the framerate on the PS4 version suffers (based on a Digital Foundry analysis) because the game is 1080p on the PS4.

That in and of itself is not the problem though. I can see that being the case. BUT, it's being suggested that Sony FORCED CDPR to make The Witcher 3 1080p at the expense of framerate during things like cutscenes and other high resource use events. No one of course has brought up any proof of this, th... #1.1.5
That video with Shu and Adam on how to share Playstation games. Man that was sweet for Sony fanboys and even the Xbox fanboys had to admit it even if they hated it.

For old times sake.


And this parody

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.3.1
It's no secret that I have a huge preference for Sony, but every E3 I go into it with the attitude of "Ok MS and Nintendo, make me regret not owning your stuff." There might be that one day, that one game that is on another console that I can't justify not having. In my experience it means I place high expectations on Sony (who have recently underwhelmed with their last, indie filled E3), and medium to low expectations on the other 2. This tends to mean that I can be impress... #1.1.6
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