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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


I particularly dislike her as the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway. I mean, she finishes introductions by saying "Let's make stuff up."


Whereas Drew Carey, and the original British host, were much more fluid and "real" as the hosts of the show. #5.1.1
Someone with actual sense. Thank you. #6.1
Aisha Tyler needs to shut up. I mean in general, not specifically about this. She's loud for no reason, she's not funny, and she isn't an authority on gaming. She's an actress and claims to be a comedian, nothing more.

That said, although I find her to be insufferably annoying, at least she didn't take the typical stance that most people are taking that diversity is practically non-existent and is some mega problem that affects the very core of gaming.
"They pay the same money as us for content but as females, would like to role play as characters that reflect themselves."

And you just proved it doesn't matter. They buy the games still. If it really mattered, they wouldn't buy the games to prove a point. But the games are good enough for them to buy and enjoy them regardless of what gender the character is, so once again we see it DOESN'T matter at all. #1.1.3
Who the hell cares? It's just a meaningless trophy?

Honestly, this obsessive compulsive need to measure each other's ePenises is just ridiculous. You gain literally nothing from trophies except bragging rights, in which case amounts to "I won a fictional drinking game."

Wow. That's quite an accomplishment. #1.1.2
mixelon: Sorry but your examples aren't cutting it.

In your google search page, body image is being discussed from a health standard and isn't approached as being a societal problem the way feminists are claiming female body image is.

In your Kotaku example, the members of the page were arguing that one should be able to discern the difference between obvious fictional idealism and realistic pragmatism. Men weren't complaining that men were being... #5.4.8
@Adrian_v01: They could be. What they lacked in "action based complexity" they made up for in strategic complexity. #4.2.2
Ummm no.

Final Fantasy XV was never, at one point, a game that was tossed aside for a music game. Versus XIII was announced as part of a trilogy known as Fabula Nova Crystallis which was to include ONE Final Fantasy XIII game, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Square Enix decided to phone in Final Fantasy XIII, but it sold well due to expectations so they decided to go with a sequel to the game and pulled resources from Versus XIII to w... #1.6.1
mixelon: Who talks about it? You say people talk about it, so I want to know who specifically talks about it.

And Barbie's physical advantages are being blonde and relatively busty. That would get He-Man to do whatever she wanted. #5.4.4
@Fireseed: What I love is how the point flew over your head completely.

"So you can't stand the idea of customers asking devs to make a game that makes them feel welcome."

Wait, you actually think games don't already do that? You know, being available to absolutely everyone and running the gamut of various genres, stories, and characters?

Oh, you're one of those "disproportionate numbers proves _____" people ar... #2.1.3
That is one awesome picture. #5.1
I don't think they lack creativity. I think they lack time. That former animator for AC3 proved exactly how a lot of studios would prefer to design in favour of reducing costs and saving time.

It's very easy to reskin a male model to make it LOOK female, it's harder to design, from scratch, a proper female model as opposed to a male model.

When we look at games that feature women as the protagonist, they are fairly well done and creative. When we... #1.1


http://dictionary.reference... (flawed definition as it emphasizes women, included simply for the sake of being thorough)


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This is just continued proof of how much games can help people, while no proof has been linked to games hurting people. #5
I hated that whenever I tried to make a character as black skinned as Straid, you can't make the cheeks completely black. They'll always have red in them. It's really hard to get the skin tone that you want just right. #3.5.1
If there wasn't a possibility that this is just a huge troll, I'd say that this is exactly what the Ubisoft B.S. has wrought.

These people who want inclusion just for the sake of it are going to ruin games and development for everyone. It's absolutely ridiculous to think that Link should be changed to a young black woman, or any character for that matter.

Seriously, why aren't people who want these things doing nothing more than complaining?... #1.1.15
It's not unreasonable, it's the game. It's an homage to the old school games that didn't hold your hand. What form of punishment for failing would you suggest? None? #2.2.5
What the hell are you talking about? For starters, online is what has made the Souls series successful. The innovation it brought was never seen before and we are now seeing other games implementing it.

Second, half a Souls game is the online. You remove a lot from playing offline.

Third, there isn't a Souls game in existence that doesn't allow you to play offline.

And finally, nothing about Demon's Souls was irritating. #2.2
My favourite DS2 character that I made is Astraea. A faith build female wearing the Saints Set and really heavy on the lightning damage. She wrecks anything that comes her way.

I actually tend to play female characters more in the Souls games (exception being Demon's Souls due to armor) because they tend to look like they have more character than the male characters do, which is odd considering they use the exact same models and animations, but maybe it's a subconscio... #4.1.3
That's the solution to inclusion NihonjinChick. In fact that's what people want Ubisoft to do just because. You're one of the few people that would prefer an actual, fully and properly designed female model. Everyone else that complains about such things only want inclusion for the sake of it to the point where reskinning the male model is all it takes to shut them up. #3.3
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