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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


"He either gave his account info to someone to do the game sharing steam allows or he got phished."

Because Steam can't/doesn't get hacked right? It's more impenetrable than the Pentagon right? #5.2.2
And is it so hard for you to acknowledge that supposed 1 time out of 10? #3.1
Here, watch this.

http://youtu.be/GBLMwocAFrk... #1.1.1
I love how Crash Overdrive Network A) Doesn't sound like anything a "support group" should be called and B) Spells CON. #3
Oh, so you're now going to show us the evidence linking Gamergate to the swatting and then show us that it was a Gamergate supporter that killed the dog now right?

Because if that's not what you're going to do, then I'm afraid you'll be summarily judged as spouting nonsense because you're anti-GG and it's what you do. #2.1.2
"There's nothing wrong with building a game that can be expanded through DLC."

That's the hint you gave. DLC should never be used as a way to complete a game. DLC should always be optional bonuses that add to an already complete game. Kind of like a "what if this happened" scenario or "wouldn't this person look good as this" not a "we could easily have this playable character in the retail release, because everything about it is... #5.1.2
You don't think there's anything wrong with building a game that's unfinished by design and has elements that should be in the finished product be sold at a premium in pieces? #5.1
But Zoe Quinn sleeping in an elevator shaft, that's news everyone needs to know right? #11.1.1
If we were going to get rid of any kind of article, list articles have to be #1 on that... list. They need to go something fierce in my opinion. #9.2
Hold up there buddy, did you remember that you just said "Sony"? The company that has pretty much let any and all kinds of games on their platform, indie or AAA, especially recently? Plus, Uncharted isn't the only game they've made recently. The Last of Us is another IP they've made that's arguably better than Uncharted. I'm sure if they approached Sony wanting to make another Jak game, Sony would be cool with it. It's frickin' Sony. #10.1.1
Yeah, that's definitely apparent and unfortunate. It's at least a safe first step, but I hope if there's a sequel it will be current gen only and really do something massive. Imagine having to fight off an army of Uruk atop a giant beast on a massive field. #1.1.1
Guidelines are something the site owners have to change. Christopher has no control over that at all. #8.1
Depending on the type of IP, a copyright can last anywhere between 7 and 20 years if it's not renewed. #11.1
You really put a lot of effort into saying nothing don't you? Oh sorry, I mean you really put a lot of effort into saying "lol", my mistake. #2.3.4
"Umm... What? Jak 2 in CryEngine? I want to play!"

THEN FRICKIN' MAKE IT EVAN! Geez, you guys are just sitting on Jak and doing nothing with it. I really don't understand companies that hang on to copyrights when they don't use the IP they've copyrighted at all. #10
Apparently Nintendo has backed down on that recently and has now apparently embraced fan made projects or "derivative works" as they call them.

Square Enix still sucks. #2.2
You have to remember that this Square Enix is one that's trying to take influences from shooters. They for some reasons have this awful idea that shooters are a great influence in how to make their games, and that includes the normally short campaign times of shooters.

I also really don't like how Square Enix still hasn't gotten over this idea that Japan is hardcore, the rest of the world are wimps when it comes to JRPGs and that we'd complain about the length... #1.1.3
And where exactly would they put all this stuff? I love the game, but it's a really small and short game. You want to have climable great beasts then you need a bigger map. Also, the second map should have been the first map and vice versa. #1
Well then, considering there are sites that flat out ban all GG discussion even in the forums, I'd have to say that you all came up with an incredibly fair solution to this issue. #1.1.1
I just wish that that kind of bashing would be levied at NeoGaf constantly. It used to be. I remember developers trashing that place constantly. But you never hear about it now.

But I mean, look at the AJSA forums. That place was on the receiving end of some FIERCE GG hate, then Angry Joe reopened the discussion, one of his Admin's made some hangout videos with Queeny Martha and Sargon of Akkad, and it seems the AJSA furor has blown over. #2.1.2
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