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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Definitely miss the art screens. Bloodborne's logo makes for a lame screen. #3.1.1
Demon's Souls is worse. Trust me. There's not a Souls game around that has longer load times than Demon's Souls. #2.2
The load times are not the 40 seconds they were said to be, but this article is still a huge stinking load of B.S.

No, no we should not embrace load times. If there was ever an immersion breaking experience, it's load times in all forms. Whether it's load screens in games, buffering in videos, or any other kind of unwanted interruption, they should never be embraced. What kind of mind comes up with such tripe?

I'd downvote the site, but that does... #1.1.3
@Abriael: Then that's not a glitch that gives you Echoes, it's a glitch that makes it less of a risk to get them. Ooohh, such a monumental glitch.

I can give you a "glitch" too. You can farm Blood Vials and QS Bullets in the area before the Cleric Beast over and over because there's a glitch where enemies infinitely respawn.

Sounds stupid? That's because it is. #1.3.2
Timesplitter you've argued yourself into an area where all of your points are, at best, speculative and hold no actual merit of any kind. The idea that people will automatically choose PC is based on the idea that people don't have other considerations to take even assuming all games are on all platforms.

Things like ease of use, portability, price, etc.. are all considerations people make.

A commonly heard complaint about gaming today is that it'... #2.2.8
TimeSplitter: I could easily say the same thing to you about you and your PC. Replace a company, with a brand of silicon chips. Yeah, PC fanboys have brand loyalty too, only instead of it being to an entire device, it's to a few nanometers of silicon and plastic.

No, releasing the game on PC is not the same as making it available to nearly everyone. Nearly everyone does not have a gaming capable PC. Releasing it on PC makes it nearly available to gamers with the appropria... #2.2.5
@Timesplitter: Of the amount of concurrent users on Steam (I believe it was 8 million), how many would you imagine actually have even decent gaming rigs? See, PC gamers love to tout all kinds of numbers, but there is one important number to really consider. Actual consumer base. I'm not talking potential consumer base, I'm talking people who, short of something happening or there being other priorities, are most likely to buy certain games.

This is important to compan... #2.2.2
Can't believe I'm saying this but, I have to agree with AndrewLB on this one, at least partially.

Abriael included far too many first party studios devs in this story. They would never bite the hand that feeds. He should have looked for more independent sources to get a better view. #1.1.7
@TheDrunkenJester: That's the impending doom sense. Only two kinds of people have it. Ninjas, and Souls fans. :D #1.4.2
@christian hour: Good luck, and I'm honored. Lol. #2.1.6
@christian hour: Yeah a lot of people actually like making the worst looking characters possible so if that's you're thing, awesome. I just try to make someone that looks normal. Lol. #2.1.4
The character editor in all the Souls games is terrible. It's probably the one thing about them all I don't like. It has the potential to be great, but From seems to get stuck on it and you can never make decent, or human, looking people.

Bloodborne's UI is also terrible in my opinion. It's overly simplistic to the point of offering almost nothing of value. When you look at the UI of all the other Souls games, they were absolutely fantastic. Beautifully design... #2.1.2
Some people just want to see Yharnam burn. #10.2
Alright alright alriiiiiight.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4.2
The editor is cack. I didn't even bother trying because I stopped caring about trying to make a decent looking character in a Souls or Souls like game. I just slapped on a dignified coif, Dudley'd up the facial hair, and named my character Papa Slim, the Pimp of Yharnam.

This user had to have spent hours trying to get this look. #2.1
Something I noticed is that, at least with the dudes wielding the Butcher Knives in Central Yharnam, you can actually see a line indicating the phantom range of their weapon. Makes it a lot easier to avoid getting hit by them as you can see just how far beyond the weapon model they can hit you. So far though, I've only seen it with those Butcher Knife enemies. #5
a.k.a. Marcus, a.k.a. EpicNamePapa, a.k.a. EpicBeardBro. #2.1
What you want to do is make sure to get passed the rats, but have full stamina as you get into the tunnel with the pig. You then run head on towards it and passed it and you can, as ENB says, give it a Porcine Proctol Exam. Just be happy it's not armored. #1.3
And it's still the stupidest DRM ever. Then again, I heard that Windows 10 makes changing your harddrive an annoyance too (don't quote me on that) so we may have a new champion. #3.1.1
What the hell is up with that title.

"IGN Review of the Middle East's Bloodborne" sounds like IGN is reviewing ISIS.

I think the title needs to be changed to IGN UAE reviews Bloodborne. Or move where the word "review" is to before Bloodborne and add another "of" so it looks like "IGN of the Middle East's Review of Bloodborne."

Then again, it is translated so I guess that explains it. #1.1.5
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