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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


"I am a person and have an opinion. You are a person and have an opinion. You are just as dismissive of me as I can be of you (see your remarks above). We are the pot and the kettle, I think I just accept that and you may not realize it."

True enough, we could easily engage in a back and forth of "well I wasn't dismissive until you were" and never get anywhere so I'm for ending that fruitless endeavor here.

"And, I'm not h... #6.2.6
Since you have no idea what I'm going to say in the blog, I'm having a slight chuckle at your defensive behavior. You may not enjoy criticism, most people don't, but I'm not talking about your first born child here, I'm talking about a month long idea that has pros and cons. Some of the cons I'll bring up are not even cons I personally thought of but, in discussion with other members were brought up to me.

You need to let go of such personal attachment... #6.2.4
@creatchee: The problem with your example is that it tries to say that money not gained is the same as money lost. Not even getting into how wildly unlikely your example is, if the system were as you explained it then the gaming industry would have caved a long time ago.

The used games business is just the current scapegoat publishers are using to avoid accountability for their poor planning and bloated spending. If you've gamed long enough, then you've seen the follo... #1.1.29
Never said anything about scrapping the idea. Implementation needs to be worked on. One game doesn't need 5 blog posts, especially when 3 of them are interviews about the same game. Or, if it's absolutely necessary to have all of those blog posts, then perhaps break them up so that there is a more even distribution instead of BOOM! 5 blogs on Double Fine's latest game appearing all at once. Don't know where you got "indie month should be scrapped" from my post, but I... #6.2.2
How many idiots are going to compare EA Access to PS Now when the two services are NOTHING alike? EA Access is not a game streaming service, it's a game rental/early access service akin to Games with Gold or PS+ but with SUBSTANTIALLY LESS to offer.

This is EA we're talking about here. How many GOOD EA games come out in a year? 1 maybe 2? How many FUNCTIONING and good EA games come out in a year? Even people who love sports games complain how little changes with each iteration, so this is no loss.

Eric Kain from Forbes said it best about this subject, but I'm going to elaborate on something neither Kain, nor Erica are talking about.

EA Access, in so much as it is a subscription plan that other pu... #1.1.17
Dlacy13g: "This service is more about gaining back some of the missed opportunity money from the used game market that Gamestop refuses to share with Publishers."

Because the publisher isn't entitled to it. Every used game was at one point a new game, meaning they made their money off the new copy and the used copy doesn't equate to any additional costs as it is merely a transfer, not an addition.

There's absolutely no reason for publish... #1.1.10
Some people are so willing to pounce on the mistakes of others, it's such a vicious, vindictive way of living/thinking.

Demon's Souls nearly killed my PS3 though. Well, the disc version anyway. #3.1.3
Well, I got lucky for the most part. You approved 2 of my blogs, zerocrossing approved one, and the other one moved fairly quickly through with the community approvals.

The thing that annoyed me was how 1 game took up 5 blog space spots immediately and pushed community blogs into obscurity, which disincentivized the community from even bothering to write blogs save for those of us who, as one user put it to me, "crave attention." Lol. #6.1.2
I was wondering why you pushed 2 of my blogs through so quickly. Must not have been easy given their length, though I appreciate the time you took in order to come to the decision to pass it through. #6.1
I myself have received some opinions about indie month and have my own. Once indie month is over, I'll be writing a blog on it. The TL;DR of it is "Good idea with potential, but there are problems." #4
@YouAreASecondaryAccount: The term "Software drives Hardware" in this case refers to games, not apps. No one buys consoles for the apps, they buy them for the games. Sony has the advantage over Microsoft in the games department because not only does Sony have more, and more talented, first party developers, they also are willing to take the biggest risks to get the most unique and best games on their console and always have been.

Everything you mentioned as having a... #1.1.16
@Kingthrash360: "BUT hardware...the meat of consoles...will never change. That gap will never close no matter how you spin it.
Cold. Hard. Truth."

Here's some actual cold hard truth with no spin attached to it.

No it won't. The only way the gap closes is if Sony twiddles their thumbs and never improves the PS4's abilities while just letting MS improve the Xbox One's abilities.

Sorry to say, the Xbox One and... #1.1.15
Wow. People are really trying to compare EA Access, which is a subscription service that tries to justify (apparently successfully based on the ignorant comments here) the Early Access model that PC gaming already has and gets blasted for; to PSNow which is a streaming service and thus has an entirely different infrastructure, and is indeed completely different to EA Access?

The lengths some "gamers" will go to defend the complete lack of willpower they have so as t... #1.1.32
You're equating your own desire for mkv and dlna to being the desire the average person, indeed even most core gamers, have and you simply can't do that.

These are gaming consoles, and before someone chimes in with "no they're not, blah blah blah features were advertised, blah blah blah multimedia," these consoles have always had the chief focus be on games and gaming. Multimedia features are NOT some standard that's been around forever on consoles t... #1.1.2
Ok, if you want to outright assume things about me, then you're just going to be made to be a fool.

You're implying that I am an Xbox fanboy, which in and of itself would get you laughed off the site if you ask people what kind of "fanboy" they think I actually am.

Next up, I have (and am actually playing right now) The Last of Us on the PS3. I've beaten it and am playing it again because I love the game. So trying to downplay the game?... #2.8.1
An entire review isn't needed to talk about the upgrades, nor is a score needed. Adding the score is literally for the upgrades considering nothing else about the game is different. Like I said earlier, it's completely redundant. #2.5.1
What part of "dedicating whole reviews to graphics and framerate" is something you don't understand, let alone unable to see that that is the exact problem I'm talking about?

Do I need to translate it into multiple languages, both real and fictional, for you to understand?

We've reached a point now where not only are developers creating blatant cash grabs, but gaming journalism is dedicating its time scoring the most mundane, pointless a... #2.1.3
The difference is that developers weren't contributing to the problem like they are today. Sure there were the "Sega does what Nintendon't" ads and everything, but the tech talk has gone way beyond being out of hand these days. It's sad that people will base purchasing decisions on frickin' framerate. Because who cares how good the story is, or the characters are, or the gameplay is, IT'S NOT AT 60FPS SO NO BUY!! #6.2.1
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