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Didn't read the article did you?

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Bloodborne has a card game?

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This is the kind of FF that if you love it, then you love it for one thing and the rest you're indifferent to, but most just don't like it. They don't hate it, but they don't really get into it. It's like me with FFIX. I don't think it's a bad game, and I have beaten it, but I just don't get into it like I do the other FF games.

I love the hunts in FFXII and that's about it. For me they are enough to make the game enjoyable, but other tha...

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Unintentionally though. The original director had to leave the project I believe due to illness so a new one came in. And we all know when a new director comes in, they always restart from scratch so it's THEIR game and not the other director's.

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"But the concept of gender is so much more than that."

It really isn't. Gender is not complex at all. It has been made to seem complex by people who refuse to admit that myriad of mental conditions the human brain can actually be exposed to.

Gender is pretty intertwined with sex. Anyone who claims they don't feel like a male or a female actually has a disorder and are not instead just some other gender.

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@Digital: Sony are in the wrong when it comes to mods. Period. No argument. That no other devs are engaging in mod support can come with many reasons. Resources, time, or the fact that they don't want to be like Bethesda and allow for one console to have a superior experience over another because of B.S. fears that one company has.

Sony is just wrong. What they have done to the fans of mods that own PS4s is disgraceful and it IS anti-consumer. They have decided, for us,...

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Ideas are not gender based. Whether or not an idea is good or bad will never depend on what gender or race a person is. You don't need a woman to tell a good story about a woman, nor vice versa.

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The French language has ridiculous masculine and feminine tenses. And they extend to plural too. They even have tenses to denote plurality whether you're speaking in the sense of "us" or "they."

So you can have a masculine us, or a feminine they. It's quite complicated.

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I want you to prove to me that ideas are gender specific and not brain specific.

I want you to prove to me that anything a man could think up a woman could not and vice versa.

Because you'd have to do that to dare suggest that only by having someone from another group can new and exciting ideas come to life. Perspective is something you get from living, not from traits you were born with and have no say over.

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You're a Canadian and illiterate apparently. The article actually links to the law.

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"how anyone can prove or not prove anyone would buy the product is way too difficult to do."

Actually you can't. The point has flown over your head.

If you're the most qualified, then you're literally not being hired to fill a quota, you're being hired on merit.

If you're not the most qualified but you're hired due to race, gender, or whatever other special interest group you're a part of, then that...

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I frickin' love how he is basically saying something legitimately sexist against men, and it STILL is made out to be sexist against women.

It's come to this now folks. You can say "if he has a d*ck, he doesn't get hired", a clear indication of discrimination against men, and the take away is "he's discriminating against transwomen."

And speaking as someone who lives in Canada, I have to say that I only now just found ou...

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"how anyone can prove or not prove anyone would buy the product is way too difficult to do."

Yes, it is, and that's why piracy is never going to be a cut and dry legal issue. You go further to explain that if piracy wasn't a problem then devs wouldn't be so aggressive in railing against it but you're forgetting something about copyright.

When you own an IP, you are legally bound to defend your ownership of that IP. If you fail to...

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"because eating is the part of the value."

No it isn't. If it were, then the act of eating could be charged for and added to the price. When you buy a good, you are buying the work that went into making that good, not the act of using it.

"when it comes to gaming it is the experience that holds the value. so when one copies a game and seeds it online it can be consumed by millions with no degregation at all in quality."

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"so according to you i should just go to a restaurant and eat someone else's filet mignon if i can only afford hamburger?"

Strawman. In that analogy you have permanently stolen a good that can no longer be sold for a profit. How does that occur with piracy?

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Strawman. Piracy involves inanimate objects and doesn't cause physical harm to anyone. Games also do not have agency.

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"what are you even talking about? it doesn't matter if you think games are overpriced or are broken, piracy does not give anyone a right to use the content. end of story. gaming is not a necessity, this isn't about life or death. if you can't afford the hobby then do something else."

Entertainment is considered in most democratic nations to be a life necessity and factored into social based finances, so sorry gaming is technically part of a necessity. ...

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EDMIX just stop.

There is no nuance, no "mixture" of anything.

Games do not cause, nor influence, violence. A person's mental state does not ever allow for a causal link because if they are insane enough they can use literally anything as a catalyst. They could eat Alphabet Soup and see "Kill everyone" float in the bowl, doesn't mean the soup caused violence.

Honestly. Just stop.

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"Why should you? Because they have admirable qualities, their gender is irrelevant."

That's not really an argument. While I disagree with the idea that gaming should be dominated by male characters simply because the nature of gaming is such that dominance shouldn't even be a factor, the idea of not being able to enjoy a female character because you don't feel they are believable characters in certain instances is a valid opinion to have.

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Well let's put aside the "the game is successful anyway" argument and focus on the "do games with female leads sell more" argument.

Just because HZD sold 2.6 million doesn't mean it sold more than a game with a male protagonist. If we take a game with similar gameplay starring a male protagonist we can probably find many that have sold more than HZD.

That isn't saying that HZD is a bad game, and there are many factors to co...

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