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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I'd be more concerned with the growing problem of Smug.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #9.4
Sounds like you enjoy candy crush and are trying to justify it. Mobile gaming is "real" gaming in the sense that they are technically games, but they are the most shallow experiences in existence. It's like comparing an Atari game to a Present Day game. No one is playing on mobile to get the same visceral experiences, they play on mobile to kill time because they have nothing better to do. That's not really real gaming. #8.1
Can't wait for the articles about this game.

Also can't wait for the people complaining about having families and not being able to play this because they have "impressionable kids" around.

Yeah you can. Your kids aren't up 24 hours a day, you have the ability to teach them about fiction vs reality, numerous studies have proven that games have almost no negative impact on real life, and kids are typically more interested in what you'... #17
Tetris has always been one of my favourite time sinks. The ultimate proof that graphics ≠ fun. #1
This was the page I was talking about earlier. Even though your comment is bound to be flagged, thank you. #7.1
You know what you might try if you're looking for a gf that may be into gaming but you are too shy to start a conversation yourself. Buy a gaming related t-shirt, preferably of a popular or semi-popular game that you know a lot of people like and that you also like, then try to get to like local conventions or meet ups and just let people start conversations with you. Then it's just about relaxing and letting things happen from there. Confidence is key, but not always easy. In times l... #2.2
Blame SEO. There was a site you could use to delist pages like this and view it all on one page but I forget what it is. I'm not going to bother with the article until I can find it. There are extensions for your browser, but Chrome eats enough memory that I don't need to add more to it.

Plus, it's gamingbolt. #1.1
@Death: You tried using those B.S. numbers too and so I'm going to tell Andrew what I told you and add stuff to his B.S. A) Posting a picture is proof of nothing. B) The statements you yourself gave previously were just that, statements. Someone made an unbacked assertion and you people ran with it. C) Including tablets and phones as "PCs" is intellectually dishonest. If PC were making more money for gaming, that's where the majority of support would be and it's not.
No wrestler makes themselves, none of them. All of them require another to put them over, to make them look good. The best wrestlers in the pro scene are those wrestlers who can put over when they have to, and take the reigns when it's time for themselves to be put over. Hogan had the charisma to carry WWF in the late 70s through most of the 80s, but he worked well with a lot of people. During this whole controversy over him allegedly being racist, black superstars have come forward in hi... #3.1.9
Donkey Kong Country 1-3 are the best games Rare has ever made, followed by the original Killer Instinct. #1.2.3
Do you mean Wild West shooters? Or typical "I'm glad they're dead" FPS games? #6.2.1
Definitely need a new console Suikoden. Not a frickin' pachinko machine Suikoden either. YOU HEAR THAT KONAMI?!! #6.1.4
Poor Sega. #1.5.1
Wait... who the hell is pissed off about Sunset Overdrive staying an Xbox One exclusive?

I don't recall any PS fans even asking for the game, let alone being upset about it. I don't even think Xbox gamers even care that it's an exclusive at this point. It's one of those "meh" titles that people say was either mildly decent, or they didn't bother with it and really couldn't care less.

Oh no, queue the waterworks, Sunset Overdr... #12
Jim Sterling says it best.

F*** Konami. #8
"You will always be wrong & delusional about this & your opinions will NEVER be a FACT...you sound like a mental case & you really need to see someone professional perhaps a psychiatrist....smh."

Yeah, no. You wish I were wrong, but I'm not. I'm completely correct and have stated facts. You just don't like them and think that what you like is perfect. Too bad, get over yourself. FFXIII is the worst game in the franchise and a terrible game al... #10.3.10
No. I have people who follow me around to disagree with me. The agree/disagree system on this site is meaningless until you get to the higher double digit numbers. I literally have said "water is wet" and have been disagreed with here on this site. So no, sorry it doesn't work like that.

And no, you're wrong. Final Fantasy XIII is a terrible game, you can find thousands of accounts attesting to that online if you care to look. You don't want to, and won&... #10.3.7
Japan votes for the most current character as the best character. They did it with Yuna in FFX as well when it was around. Polls about characters don't mean a game is good.

FFXIII sold 7 million copies across 2 consoles because people expected it to follow in the tradition of other FF games that were the first FF game of a new generation of consoles. That tradition held that said FF game would be a masterpiece of work because FFIV, FFVII, and FFX all were just that. But t... #10.3.5
In this case my opinion is fact. You are in the minority. Final Fantasy XIII's battle system has been almost universally panned for the reasons I've stated. It is shallow, it is self-playing, it is boring, and it is repetitious. This isn't just me saying this, this is most people who played the game. This is reflected in how XIII-2 and LR sold by comparison. FFXIII is a terrible game. That is a fact, that is not an opinion. Where opinion comes in is your instance on ignoring that... #10.3.3
"And there's no reason to keep it the same to suit the fans of old just because of your fear of change."

Plenty of reason. Who do you think were the ones clamoring for FFVII to be remade in the first place? Wasn't "new" fans or people who didn't like the combat system. And with FFXIII trilogy, we have good reason to fear SE's kind of change.

"What if I wanted it to be FF7 but play differently?"

Th... #11.1.4
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