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"It's called world building...."

It's not world building when there is no world to build. Banter is not a story. Again, it's like saying that Titanfall's story was Citizen Kane by comparison. If you and I sat in purgatory and spoke about this discussion, thereby signifying we had past interaction, and talked about how boring purgatory is, we did not just create a story or build a world. We had a 5 second interaction. Story requires more than "...

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"What 'facts' are these or have you just plucked them out your arse ?"

Do you REALLY want me to go into this ginganinja? Because we both know that I can, that I can show you things like, for example, the actual number of LGBT people in the world and how if they really wanted equality (which they don't) in representation then having relatively few LGBT characters in gaming is actually equality and going over that number is overrepresentation. Christophe...

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My bad on the numbers, but you didn't describe a story. Banter is not a story. By that logic Titanfall had a much better "story."

You are ignoring the question of why. That's what people care about. Why was it necessary to "diversify their cast of characters" in the first place, and why so long after the game released? Why do it for out of game content where the brownie points don't matter and there is literally no impact (there wouldn't ...

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Careful, there's sexism afoot. :O

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Lol that at the time of writing this comment not one person is discussing the topic. Not complaining, it's hilarious.

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The wrong is question is being asked. Or rather an incomplete one.

Does Tracer being gay have any bearing on Overwatch the game? No. None at all.

But, what does Tracer being gay mean for gaming as a whole? Not much, and at the same time a lot.

Overwatch is a 5 on 5 Multiplayer First Person Shooter. It has no story, no character interactions, and any lore exists separate of the game. You could play the game eternally and never know anyth...

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"SO literature, movies, music and games can't be used to talk about or examine political or social issues at the time?"

Must I resort to quoting myself for the A.D.D. riddled on this site?

"Products sold for entertainment purposes should (*not) be used to further political and social agendas."

Who is entertained by politics and identity? No one. A product designed to entertain should steer clear of politics and s...

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@ginganinja: "No, it's just being represented and you don't like it."

Hahaha. For starters no, it's being overrepresented. For the population numbers, this topic is inflated. But you don't like facts that refute your narrative so you go on the offensive. Second, one does not have to like or dislike something to talk about it. What I dislike is pandering, the kind of shame tactics people like you use, thought policing, and identity politics. I don&#...

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@Christopher: That is almost exactly what happens when you try to romance the elf in Dragon Age Inquisition except you don't get to do it in the end because he's apparently some Elf God incognito.

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I haven't made a statement that needs justification. Entertainment is created primarily by imagination. Art does not always imitate life, or are you going to point out a time when dragons roamed the skies and magic was everywhere?

Ah but is it truly self-censorship when one is shamed into acquiescence? Is homosexuality "free will" or just something that is?

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You assumed the person was white and made a male tears post. That's both racist and sexist unless you're a Tumblrina that thinks being lesbian excludes you. Btw, how are those unpunished rape gangs doing?

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Lol, anything anti-SJW is now alt-right. Hilarious.

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Because a nation censoring media keeping in line with their own values, terrible or not, is not the same as a dev self-censoring a product people can simply not buy if they don't like it all to pander to a loud vocal minority using shame tactics.

Products sold for entertainment purposes should be used to further political and social agendas. It is not entertainment at that point. No one but sociopaths find enjoyment in identity politics or social "justice."

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Bill from TLOU. Gay Tony from GTA. The existence of Succulent or Cho Aniki. Pandering is very obvious when it's done.

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@Highlife: Yeah that's actually fairly sickening because it's child abuse. Look up Blaire White on youtube. Blaire's a male to female trans that's against PC culture and has discussed how this is child abuse considering the child doesn't possess the cognitive ability to be able to comprehend complex subjects like gender dysphoria and the realities of living life after gender reassignment surgery.

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Legend of Korra is inferior to Last Airbender in every way, the tacked on lesbianism at the end is just more of that.

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You can completely understand and be unafraid of something and still want no part of it. Homosexuality isn't inherently evil, it is an abberation though and that will be reflected in society. That's something everyone needs to get used to. Tolerance must be reached individually at one's own pace. It isn't tolerance when it's forced.

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You just showed your immense racism by assuming an anonymous individual's race and then going on a racial tirade. Congratulations.

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FFX is about the theme of overcoming religion Goldby.

As to inclusion, this isn't it. The LGBT community is being overrepresented in all media. They make up approx. 3 to 5% of the populace and yet are given disproprtionate clout and representation. That's just a fact whether you like it or not. Overwatch is a 5 on 5 MP FPS with no in-game story. Making a character's sexuality matter in such a game is unnecessary and blatant pandering at its peak. While it takes ...

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Old Noctis is so much better. Doesn't look so much like Sasuke.

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