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"We see at 60FPS..."

I'm sorry, what?

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A crime is indeed a crime, but punishments are specific. Selling cigarettes is not a crime punishable by death. There is NEVER an excuse for excessive force. Police are trained first to diffuse a situation. This means negotiation first, force only as a final resort and even then all precautions must be made to ensure maximum protection of life. Choking a guy to death is, at best, gross incompetence, which makes the police officer responsible for it a huge liability.

But the B...

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@donthate: "There are very few console games in general that run at 60fps and that is hitting 60fps most of the time, not minimum 60fps."

Allow me to both date myself, and be facetious at the same time, when I say "there are very few 'current' console games."

Many people seem to forget just how many console games pre-3D ran at 60FPS and indeed that fact is one of the reasons why retro games are difficult to play on newer tvs, even...

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"Secondly, I'm not talking about Kotakus ability to make money, I'm talking about N4Gs."

And this is where the "Kotaku is a drop in an ocean" part reappears. As a news aggregator site, N4G can potentially have news from thousands of sites show up on the site. N4G doesn't receive stipends from websites to host stories, it's revenue is the same ad based, click based revenue as any other site. Kotaku doesn't make more money for N4G with it...

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I'd edit this in, but that isn't really allowed so I'll just put it here. I'm adding another honourable mention.

Honourable Mention: Users of this site who joined up KNOWING what this site is all about, KNOWING that there will be disagreements and discussions and opposition, and yet STILL get on their high horse and say things like "*insert good news here* happens and you still have people bickering" or "it's funny how some people can call t...

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"It's not about my, or your, political views. It's about the logic of banning a site which frequently creates content that attracts people to come here and comment. You know, folks that run these sites tend to like making money."

Again, the site voting feature is a feature whereby the userbase can decide if a site is worthy of being on this site based on the content it regularly provides. It is not a ban, it is an elimination. And as you pointed out, Kotaku&...

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"Kotaku has nearly 5 times as much traffic as this site does. If that is considered to be 'nothing of value', then where does that leave N4G and its community?"

Kotaku is also older than this site and isn't a simple news aggregator. This site gets news from all over the internet, so what value does Kotaku bring when compared to literally thousands of other sites? Kotaku is a drop in an ocean.

"Maybe your belief that your view is the...

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1. This is why people need to be more aggressive with submissions. The "Lame" feature exists for a reason and is perfect for reporting submissions like that that people find annoying and think shouldn't be on the site. Too bad that it seems to take way more "Lame" reports than Approvals to fail it.

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"They explained why they were blacklisted and they were largely for pretty good reasons? You want them to suck up to publishers more? How very un-GG of you?"

Oh you mean those lies. Yeah, I'm more inclined to believe publishers over Kotaku when Kotaku repeatedly makes the same offenses. Kotaku were blacklisted for everything they leak. They constantly do it and are repea...

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"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. ;)"


"There isn't a damn consensus."

The negative votes against Kotaku say otherwise. 2 mods have already commented on how vast the difference is between negative and positive votes.

"And if there was it wouldn't necessarily be an educated one."


"Yeah, well, you know...

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"If you give an echo chamber the ability to eliminate major sites because a large percentage disagrees or has issues with them, or whatever, it risks just a getting more and more insular,"

The absolute irony of you saying that.

The point is that the majority of this site has voted against Kotaku's website posting anything here. That's not an echo chamber, that's a consensus. Kotaku is widely seen as providing nothing of value to gaming j...

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"What, pray...."

Because the manner by which you "further" women's cause, a ridiculously sexist concept in and of itself, is by A) Discussing how men allegedly kept women down this whole time and B) Engage in "wealth redistribution." The concept of telling men they'll have to give some things up, things they already don't even have, in order for women to be advanced. That places women in a state that they can do nothing for themselves...

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I think you might have misunderstood. I don't mean to say that you or the mods put your own stuff at the front of the line so to speak. I'm speaking about those instances where deals were made for 3rd parties to have preferential treatment on this site.

I'm talking about stuff like making blog posts that mods are made to instantly approve because dealzone had some kind of "deal" going on with HAVA.

I may have my issues with...

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We don't.

The solution to the problem is for the people complaining to put in ACTUAL work and be the change they want.

Stop trying to usurp pre-existing media and simply create your own. Or are you saying there isn't a single "progressive" with any talent?

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"but the fact this issue continually comes up suggests that a sizeable portion of gamers feel this way."

Nah, just an immensely naggy, loud, vocal minority. Game sales are a measure of who wants to play what, and it seems most people couldn't care less what fictional, non-people wear or how they act.

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Beige implies Caucasian, why are you racist against blobs of color?

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SJWs think the world is nothing but a series of systems designed to keep straight white men in power and everyone else down. SJWs invented microaggressions as a way to say that just when you think the world isn't anti-everyone-but-white-men enough, nope there's still more oppression.

SJWs don't know how the real world works because they're lost inside their own delusions. WILLING prostitutes actually exist in the real world. *gasp* And it's not a bad thing...

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"Nah I'll just continue to mock it now, lol. It only looks foolish to a bunch of people I have no interest in appearing reasonable to in the first place. "

So then idiotic trolling. Got it. At least that grants a method of addressing you.

"False equivalence, weighted historical situations, yadda yadda. Simplifying things down to a "everything should be the same" binary ignores the fact that historically they haven't been even...

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*sigh* Sometimes, the sheer level of feminism that has infected my country (this is from Canada) makes me quite ashamed. CTV didn't bother to actually fact check, it just repeated feminist dogma because it's the current year.

Men face more harassment online than women, that's just a fact, but that fact is verboten. Especially during Women's History Month.

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Nope, I mean Women's History Month. March is Women's History Month.

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