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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I just want Suikoden 6 on consoles. Every answer I gave except for Rocket Knight and Bomberman, when they asked where would you want to play it, my answer was consoles. I specifically avoided mobile because knowing Konami if they even bother listening to this survey, which experience tells us they won't, they would put most or all of these games on mobile.

All I want is Suikoden 6. Is that really so much to ask for? #1.3.1
You didn't provide facts, you linked to reddit. What's more you linked to a biased subreddit. So what was that about suiting views? #10.1.2
I'd say the truth is that both XBone and PS4 are lagging in SP but it's because the industry as a whole is lagging in SP. Too much focus on online in general and let's not forget the games with awful SP in favour of focusing on MP. #1.5
@Both Bladefist and starchild: You really expect me to just suddenly forget the recent whinings of PC users about "poorly optimized" games and believe that 99.9% of games run better on PC? Lol. Ok, I'll be inclined to do so when you erase history. #3.7.3
"Well, PC gaming is arguably better for many subjective reasons."

FTFY #10.1
I'm just going to point out that games like Batman Arkham Knight exist. Games that make you have to go into the .ini and mess around just to make it work properly because the devs didn't give a damn. Batman Arkham Knight requires 0 messing around with on consoles, so the situation is as follows.

Just because PC offers you the option to be able to mess around with stuff like the .ini or drivers or whatever, doesn't mean that that's the ideal situation that you... #3.7
No, sorry but that's not exactly true. PC is superior for people who care more about silicon than games, but where consoles shine are the incredible experiences you won't find on PC. That's just the facts. #1.4.1
@Imalwaysright: Yeah sure, you can find it, and then you get a situation like MotionInJoy where using it causes a Blue Screen of Death and you find out that it's pretty much trash now. So then you have to hope there are other software options out there that don't mess around with drivers and crash your computer.

Conversely, a controller always works on the console it's meant for, barring actual hardware problems. No fuss, no muss. #1.3.2
Have any of you actually played type 0 HD? If you had, you'd understand that having it at 60FPS would probably give you a headache thanks to the ridiculous motion blur going on. Speeding up that blur would not be good, trust me.

As for mouse support, why is it a big deal? You wouldn't gain anything from it, it's a JRPG not a shooter. #4
"All I'll say on the matter is that if you genuinely think that the mainstream media "couldn't care less about good games" then I can only assume that The Last of Us, GTA V, Bayonetta 2, The Withcher 3 and Bloodborne must be part of their 'artsy fartsy' narrative."

Sorry, but even the mainstream gaming media have to pay the bills sometimes. But when you read an article like this...

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@TheCommentator: "You prove that it can. Unless Sony announces such advancements are possible it is already proven that it currently cannot. Meaning it can't."

Literally the worst reasoning ever. #1.1.23
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You can't totally dismiss the "selling 25 million consoles on hype alone" argument though. I say this only because of the nature of how these things are sold. Best example is the PS2, which didn't reach many Asian markets until very late in its life and you have to know that those people get console news later than the rest of us, so it's very possible that hype still contributes larger than you think. #1.1.3
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That was actually poorly worded on my part. I meant to say that justifying why you like something is a pointless endeavor, and trying to make everyone agree with your justification is wrong.

Moving on.

"Personally I didn't think much of Gone Home; it was an interesting distraction, if a little pretentious."

I don't think the game has enough content to be pretentious. I do think the gaming media makes it feel that way though... #2.3.1
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@Rookie: None of the games you say. Funny because I didn't mention only 2 games now did I? Cross buy is a nothing feature. Oh look, I can buy my Xbox One game on my PC AWESOME! Why can't you buy it on the console? Anyway, you haven't provided any proof that these are features that can't be done on PS4, since cross-play already exists as does cross buy between PS4 and Vita, you just don't like the fact that it's between a console and a handheld instead of a console and... #1.1.19
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Like I said, gaming media doesn't care about good games, they care about art projects. They are the very definition of hipster and the gaming industry is supposed to take their word on what makes a great game? Laughable. #2.2
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@yarbie: I think you are confused. Some of those things aren't being done on PS4, but do explain why they CAN'T be done on the PS4

@Rookie: SFV, FFXIV, Planetside 2, just some small examples of cross-play on PS4. I believe PS3 had DCUO and Dust 514. So really, MS is late to the party. #1.1.8
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Like what you want, but stop trying to defend what you like as being ok to like. If you like it, you don't need the validation of liking it from other people.

Most gamers express a dislike for Gone Home. This is because it is a shallow experience. Depression Quest is not a game, it's a page with Hyperlinks and a poorly fleshed out scenario. If you like shallow experiences and hyperlinks, good for you, but most gamers don't. What we can gather from this is that Gon... #2
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You think this is bad? You should watch this video from an ex-Gamestop employee who details how Gamestop will literally steal your money.


They change your pre-orders, and they take your money if you don't claim a game in a certain amount of time. #1.1.4
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That doesn't mean that the story is fake. The author of the article you linked merely states that because Windows 10 isn't specifically mentioned then it's not going to apply to Windows 10, however the author doesn't take into account that the Service Agreement was written before Windows 10's release. To think that this Service Agreement does not apply to the newest product coming from Microsoft is naive, espeically because of the fact that MS are going big on the integrat... #1.12.1
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There is a word missing in the title.

"Microsoft can reportedly disable pirated games and illegal hardware temporarily with Windows 10."

Hackers be hacking forever, they won't be stopped. #1.1.12
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