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Well that sucks. That's just punishing legit users.

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It's more than enough of a reply. I'm not avoiding it at all, I'm just not giving it any dignity. You're attempting to state that sci-fi and fantasy are the same thing and they aren't. While they both fall under speculative fiction, being that they are fictional settings and not real, FFXV is not the same as FFIV. Conflating the games is moronic.

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You're trying to argue the umbrella "speculative fiction" case and you're failing.

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I'm pretty sure there is no restriction on you posting a link. Copy and paste it in your comment.

Then again I wouldn't know, I've been here forever.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like games with a normal development schedule and release on time...

So I had FFXV delayed so you could wait while you've already waited.

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Your comment, even as a defense of a corporation which you do all too much, offered literally nothing of substance. So professional a contrarian are you that you would argue over the colloquialism of "they" that someone used, knowing exactly what the person saying "they" means, just so you could be against someone on something.

This is the epitome of a person with literally nothing better to do than argue with someone over nothing online.

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No, it's basically a synonym for fiction, but that's just a semantic argument.

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I'm kind of ok with the way this game took the gameplay, but SE are just losing it when it comes to Final Fantasy. This is a series that used to be about wizards and warriors, high fantasy, some had real depth in storytelling.

Even FFVII and FFVIII, while being the least "fantasy" themed games up to that point still maintained a lot of the feel of the franchise.

But with starting with FFX-2 and then the FFXIII trilogy and now this, why even ...

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Hoffman, FFXIII-2 has DLC, so does Lightning Returns. The worst kind of DLC at that. I'm talking "real endings" DLC.

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@G20WLY: My thoughts exactly.

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I haven't even left my first planet and I've been playing for hours. I only just discovered that I don't have to walk everywhere. Lol. I am probably going to be on my starting planet for days so I know most of this list except landing in water. That's good to know. But, I landed IN a rockface once so I'm not surprised.

How many people switched ships? I haven't yet.

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@corndogburglar: Sounds like phasing. Where two pieces of mass exist in the same space but vibrate at different frequencies.

Anyone who plays the Souls games should already understand this concept because every Dark Souls game's online was like this. Sometimes you'd have to quit your game and reload to change servers to meet up with your friends.

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Possibly channeling his inner Peter Molyneux. You know "well we wanted to do multiplayer but...." insert favourite reasoning here.

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Few things.

1. It's 900, not 800. I know, big difference. Lol.

2. Bethesda's blame comes from them doing things all shady and last minute. They clearly went to MS first, brokered the mod exclusivity, and said F.U. to Sony and PS4 fans. It's the same garbage that happened with Skyrim on PS3, except at least then they had some kind of excuse with the Cell tech. If Bethesda want to have mods in their games on the consoles, then they should have a...

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Like DatAsteroid?

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Probably. I mean if there is no actual option, just delete save data and start over.

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The concept of NMS should be fleshed out and made into a Star Trek game. Now that would be amazing.

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Who has the gun to your head, forcing you to watch them? No one just comes across a let's play and then has a game ruined for them.

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Whilst I blame Sony for this (even though both Sony and MS used proprietary audio formats to curb piracy so really the issue comes down to size and memory allocation), Bethesda has a bad habit of leaving important things to the very last minute. They shouls have discussed mod possibilities with both companies well in advance if only just to give both companies a chance to accomodate the potential.

Now Bethesda continues to take a credibility hit, blaming it on Sony, and for...

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