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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


You're equating your own desire for mkv and dlna to being the desire the average person, indeed even most core gamers, have and you simply can't do that.

These are gaming consoles, and before someone chimes in with "no they're not, blah blah blah features were advertised, blah blah blah multimedia," these consoles have always had the chief focus be on games and gaming. Multimedia features are NOT some standard that's been around forever on consoles t... #1.1.2
Ok, if you want to outright assume things about me, then you're just going to be made to be a fool.

You're implying that I am an Xbox fanboy, which in and of itself would get you laughed off the site if you ask people what kind of "fanboy" they think I actually am.

Next up, I have (and am actually playing right now) The Last of Us on the PS3. I've beaten it and am playing it again because I love the game. So trying to downplay the game?... #2.8.1
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An entire review isn't needed to talk about the upgrades, nor is a score needed. Adding the score is literally for the upgrades considering nothing else about the game is different. Like I said earlier, it's completely redundant. #2.5.1
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What part of "dedicating whole reviews to graphics and framerate" is something you don't understand, let alone unable to see that that is the exact problem I'm talking about?

Do I need to translate it into multiple languages, both real and fictional, for you to understand?

We've reached a point now where not only are developers creating blatant cash grabs, but gaming journalism is dedicating its time scoring the most mundane, pointless a... #2.1.3
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The difference is that developers weren't contributing to the problem like they are today. Sure there were the "Sega does what Nintendon't" ads and everything, but the tech talk has gone way beyond being out of hand these days. It's sad that people will base purchasing decisions on frickin' framerate. Because who cares how good the story is, or the characters are, or the gameplay is, IT'S NOT AT 60FPS SO NO BUY!! #6.2.1
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I am loathed to ever agree with Polygon about anything, considering they are just an extension of Kotaku paid for by Microsoft and backed by SJWs, but they are technically correct that TLOUR is not original.

Reviewing a game for graphics and DLC is just wrong. #2.3.1
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You don't see an issue with dedicating whole reviews to graphics and framerate?

@Below: Good for them, I'm complaining now, so I guess your point doesn't matter. Pardon my lack of omnipresence in every article related to this subject, but I am but one person and not a god. #2.4.1
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The original was being reviewed for everything. Going into the review of a remaster, you should expect that everything stated in the original review still applies because it's not a reboot or a reimagining just a remake. IGN reviewed the original, Gamespot reviewed the original, and so on and so forth right?

So those sites already know what the game is about, they aren't reviewing the game for content they've already reviewed and scored. They know how much they li... #2.1.1
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*sigh* This topic again?

When will games be about games again? #6
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That 95 is literally due to graphical upgrades. It's actually sad that this game is being reviewed again when absolutely nothing of substance has been changed about the game. The characters, story, gameplay design, all of it is the same. 95 out of 100 for 60FPS and 1080p, that's really what it's all about. #2
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Yeah, because everyone uses their gaming console to play music and movies right? #4.1.1
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After what Gamestop said about how many people know about trade ins, does it surprise you that similar numbers could be gleaned from how many know about or used DLNA support on the PS3?

The problem with a lot of gamers is that they think that because they know something or they use something that obviously everyone else does because how could they not right? #2.1.7
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Y2K Kids? PFFFFFFFFFT! You wish you could be as cool as 80s and 90s kids. 80s kids had the dawn of the rebirth of gaming and the best music, 90s kids had the SNES and the best cartoons, 00s kids can't top that. #17.1.1
Oh yeah? Well 80s kids playing video games are cooler than both 90s and today's kids. #17
That's SMB3 though, I said Super Mario Bros. The first one. I already knew about SMB3.

Good finds though.

I was just interested in seeing what you could find anyway. Lol. I'm sure if I went to google and typed in "Original Super Mario Bros. is overrated" I'd see something. #1.1.2
Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

Go. #1.1
So you basically post B.S. which I refute (destroy really) and your response is to quote Kaz Hirai's belief that not enough had been done, as opposed to the nothing that you (and others like you) previously eluded to which still blames Sony for the criminal acts of others, and doesn't define what "not enough" means?

Waiting for that Nobel Peace Prize speech man. It's gonna be filled with so much ERMAHGERD, I can hear it already.

I really... #5.1.4
Yep, works just like this...

http://funnyand.com/wp-cont... #10.1
Not by much.

Look forward to forced Google+ integration, Youtube's content ID system, likely a huge change to the subscription system, and a whole lot of restrictions. #1.2.1
"It's not like Google killed it already <_<"

Yeah, they're still working on it. #1.1.4
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