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90 million FREE downloads. That's why it's a flop. Most of the people who downloaded it aren't paying for the full game. How is that so hard to understand?

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See the problem that no one will call Sony out on is that if they spoke only about the games coming out in 2017 then their list wouldn't be satisfactory. Another problem is Sony's habit of hyping up games that are nowhere near coming out. I'll get bombed with disagrees and apologetics, but Sony is the worst for this and it is very annoying. Talk about what is coming out at least this year, leave games that aren't until the year they are coming out. It isn't a difficult con...

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"We just built one for my brother-in-law and his final cost came out to about $600."

With or without OS and monitor (and KB/M but I'm being generous)

Because it's hard to believe that you built one for $600 that included the OS and Monitor.

That is a common misleading statement many PC enthusiasts always use. The idea that everyone has an appropriate monitor or a spare OS copy just lying around.

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He wasn't emo. He barely showed emotion. He was an introvert.

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"Oh and FF VII is objectively not the best one"


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First says this...

"The story wasn't even that remarkable. It was the generic "rebels vs empire" plot..."

Then goes on to describe FFVII with this...

"rebels vs cliched omnipotent madman hellbent on destroying everything"

"Kefka wasn't that great of a villain either. Sephiroth, Kuja, Caius, and Ardyn all stomp on him."

With special emphasis in referenc...

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"FFXIII is my favorite"

And for a second time.

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"though I'll take VI for the Switch instead."

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FFVII wishes it was as good as it's older brother FFVI. FFVI is superior in all aspects but visuals. Saying FFVII is the best is a cliched sheep response. Everyone knows the best FF game is FFIV.

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ninsigma give up. You're wasting your time. kalkano doesn't have the cognitive ability to discern the difference between gameplay and genre. Genre denotes common systems, gameplay denotes how you play the game. In kalkano's mind turn-based is the genre even though turn-based is one part of the game and NOT the genre.

He doesn't understand that the genre is JRPG. That is to say a Japanese Role Playing Game. And we know that RPGs have many similar components. ...

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Hahahahaha. You guys apparently don't know but kalkano is in his own world when it comes to the difference between genres and gameplay.

See, he thinks that JRPGs have sub-genres that are the actual genres. Meaning Turn-based is the genre, not JRPG.

It is perhaps the most ridiculous statement I've heard anyone make about games.

And the funniest thing is is that kalkano contradicts himself every time when he doesn't consider F...

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"Your post is probably one of the dumbest things I've read in a long time. so in an age where we're getting Day One updates and games are basically releasing with a host of bugs you're basically in tears and crying over a game being delayed to be completed?"

Considering the drivel you post on the daily, you're in no position to tell anyone about dumb posts. I like how you consider day one updates and bugs a bad thing but announcing games sometimes ...

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My point is self-evident and has nothing to do with pointless GOTY awards or sales figures.

Duke Nukem Forever's 15 year cycle ended up releasing a trash game.

The Last Guardian is receiving mixed opinions from gamers everywhere.

Final Fantasy XV is an unfinished game.

All of the time spent in development and what we get is something that should have been able to be done in less than half the time.

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Duke Nukem Forever, The Last Guardian. Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

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"- Sony has been able to afford first-party delays in years gone, and another one will do absolutely jack."

Yes, let's just let Sony continue on with this kind of mentality unchallenged. Because we don't need great games released in a timely manner at all. No we can just coast on the work of others. It's not like trends have always dictated progression in this industry. I mean when was the last time a game had microtransactions?


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"Really?cuz they had the power to rise games prices from 50$ to 60$"

No they didn't. They tested waters that gamers let them swim in instead of drowning, everyone else followed suit. And also, I don't know where you've been but, games have been higher than $60 since the SNES days so, it's nothing new.

"They had the power to make games required online pass to play online (so you can't give it to a friend)"

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Yes they would. With EA Access all you get is EA games. With PS Now you get way more.

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EA is not in the position to do that. Not with their level of greed. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo hold Platform power over them. EA is not about to go full PC and lose 3/4 of the money they could be making by trying to force anyone's hand.

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*cough*SkryimandFallout4onPS4* cough*

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"Entitled gamers just expect to get AAA games each month for free that cost way more than $5 month."

It's entitled to want what we had on PS3?

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