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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@Death: The original way of saying it is so much better I think. Meaning @Yokan "Sometimes it is better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt."

That comment was completely unnecessary and no one thinks you're funny. Not even your mother. #5.2
Yeah, who gives a crap about gaming journalism being corrupt, censoring and banning people without cause, calling all gamers every vile name they can come up with along with saying gamers are dead. Rabble Rabble Rabble. #1.5.1
@SnackAttacker - My comments will be in parenthesis

1: Unscheduled Maintenance (Not a playstation only problem)

2: Dualshock 4 Thumbsticks (No problems here)

3: PSN Store Updates (I only dislike how late in the day)

4: Scheduled Maintenance (Basically, Sony needs to not improve anything according to this, also see #1)

5: Dead On Arrival Exclusives (*sighing facepalm*)

6: The Popularity of th... #1.18
@Abriael: Disagree, you forgot the picture. #1.4
Would you just stop. If we took what you considered important, and put it in an empty sac, it would be worth the sac. You have literally no right to criticize what people want to discuss. #13.1
Anita's right to free speech was not stifled by threats of violence. Both the police, and the university, concluded there was no actual threat to students or to her and it's kinda the job of the police to be able to make such determinations.

She cancelled her talk not because of the threats, but because the university and the police would not enforce a constitutional violation that she wanted. She insisted that metal detectors be placed at all entrances and the univer... #7.3
Don't forget the $7500 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. #5.1
Now I know you haven't spent a single second in the gamergate tag. Exactly one person has used the gamergate tag while making a threat, and that one person wasn't even part of gamergate. He is the owner of a Brazilian gaming news journalism site who made like 8 accounts all specifically Anita Sarkeesian themed and with every threat he made, not only would he use the tag, but he'd also link to his site.

So, prove that threats came from Gamergate. I'll wait. #3.1.1
"I have an excellent argument to make. I think games should be the way I want them to be, so I'm going to say that gamers are dead. That's an excellent way to get what I want and absolutely no one will be the least bit upset by that statement." #2.1.1
The people getting threats from feminists is equal to the amount of people getting threats from gamergate.

That number is zero.

Threats are being sent by individuals, not groups. #1.2.1
@gangsta: Yes, you are reading that wrong. I'm saying that the themes happen in real life, and that expressing said themes in a game is A)Not condoning it, B)Not telling you to go out and do it in real life, and C)Doesn't influence anyone's thoughts towards thinking they can do that.

That they happen in real life means that the expression of said themes isn't something created out of nothing by an individual, meaning their mental state isn't necessarily on... #1.1.6
You gain traction in Japan with Japanese games, not Assassin's Creed. #1.1.1
@Septic: If you choose to censor one theme, you choose to censor all of them. If you don't choose that, then you forfeit the right to consider games as works of art with the freedoms to express any themes that work of art wishes to express.

Graphic molestation and rape of children exists in books, movies, and paintings, etc...

One is not psychopathic for creating those themes (because they actually happen in real life), nor are they psychopathic for defen... #1.1.2
@psvitamanfan: WTF is wrong with you? A man has died, and that's what matters. Doesn't matter who is reporting it or why. You're a horrible human being. If I were to agree with you, which I'm not, you'd still be a worse human being than Abriael any day of the week.

Condolences to his family. #8.1.5
See, people like Anita are very quick to bash on law enforcement for not accommodating what she thinks is proper procedure to handle these things.

However the one thing I'll grant law enforcement, and I don't grant them much, they do seem to know what is a legit threat, and what is a troll online, most law enforcement agencies have a proven track record when it comes to things like this.

The thing about GamerGate is that anyone can claim to be a part... #1.1.8
Well, the first iteration sold as much as it did thanks to bundles but received practically no support. The Xbox One's version has been a hindrance to the overall performance of the console, has had a tainted reputation from the get go, was forced to be uncoupled from the Xbox One, and is receiving practically no support.

From that, on a scale of 0-10, how successful would you rate it? #20
Oh I didn't mean to suggest that you personally though that male gamers were you enemies in this regard, I was just stating the general fact as to whom would actually and actively oppose the "girly" games.

For all of our passion in core gaming, male gamers may make fun of games like Barbie Horse Adventure or whatever, but we wouldn't actually try to stop those games from being made. We're far too busy playing the games we already have and waiting for the... #1.2.1
Wow, I don't even know where to begin to tell you how wrong you are. Ok, so let's start here then.

"she delivers intelligent and appropriate analysis of games media."

Actually she doesn't. She consistently misrepresents the games she discusses, cherry picks examples which she then eliminates the context for, claims games impact real world behavior (a position Jack Thompson took, which was soundly rejected by a total of 9 federal courts w... #1.1.1
You're on the losing end of this spectrum.

See, here's the thing. Male gamers don't care what kind of games come out, so long as the casualization of gaming doesn't become an epidemic. Male gamers typically want games with some kind of challenge, a victory or defeat condition that requires skill to accomplish, and yeah even flashy stuff because we're very visual creatures. So long as we get our challenging games, it doesn't matter to us if frilly games... #1
@Death: You keep hanging on don't you? No matter how many times, and how many people, and how many different ways it's proven to you that Ubisoft went for the parity game, not the "this CPU can't handle it" game, you refuse to believe it.

Remember what I said the last time? So where is it? Where's the PS4's CPU clockspeed? You do have it don't you? You have some sort of link that points to the official clockspeed of the PS4's CPU right?... #1.1.19
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