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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


None of you have ever heard of the Porsche 911? It predates the NYC stuff by 38 years. #4.1.2
You forgot the ridiculous RNG. Even if you finish a mission with all hidden objectives and a Z rank you can still end up with nothing. It's really annoying. #9.1
I loved that video. Man that takes me back. #12.1
Don't count on a reunion. Kojima definitely wants to make other stuff, and if he came back to Konami they'd force him to make more MGS. #4.3
Hope you haven't connected to the internet on your console in those 5 days. #1.1.2
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Sectioning off pre-order bonuses. Either Sony is adopting Capcom's B.S. tactics, or Capcom really hasn't changed and Sony isn't trying to make them. #6
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And again, it's not needing of an explanation when you can factor in things like "Hmm, he was being interrogated, so obviously they'd need him to stay alive for it" and put two and two together. Also, again, it was the PS1, how would you expect them to render the injury? It isn't PC gaming with much greater capability.

I mean, just the game previous Cloud fell literally from hundreds of feet and landed on a flower bed and was perfectly fine. Suspension o... #5.1.4
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Just because he has no visible injuries doesn't mean it's a flaw. We don't know that he wasn't healed after that event, we aren't told exactly how much time passed, and don't forget that it's the PS1, how do you expect them to actually render those physical injuries? The explanation is left open on purpose.

The missile base part is a flaw but only because it was entirely pointless. The end result could have been achieved whether or not that whole b... #5.1.2
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If you're not level 100 with all the best weapons you're a casual.

You can even get Lionheart on Disc 1. #1.2
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Yes. The community always talks about softcap levels, level tiers, etc.. all the time.

The amount of discussion I saw on follower levels for Skyrim was immense. #3.1
"rather than targeting the male, teenager demographic almost exclusively."

Age of average gamer is 35 to 38. No console company targets male teenagers. They know who spends the most money on games, and it's not male teenagers. That ridiculous stereotype needs to die. #1.1.2
I can't believe people actually think that developers deserve a consistent revenue stream from the resale of their already purchased new games.

There is literally not a single consumer product beyond games that has a consumer base demanding that the manufacturers continue to get a percentage from resales.

You understand that all development staff is paid for their work BEFORE the game goes on sale right? They put in their hours, they were paid for those h... #3.1.4
@joab777: Take care of that which you love and it will take care of you.

Solidarity will be seen, it will be appreciated, and eventually it will be reciprocated.

Shenmue 3 proves this.

Bloodstained proves this.

The future will continue to prove this. #1.1.4
I personally love this game, especially the online which still has a decent amount of players. Nothing funnier than invading someone's world, initiating a phone hack, and then tricking them onto a train which you send away. #3
@Rookie: You seem to have a reading problem. So allow me to copy and paste what I told you, and emphasize.

"Did I? Where did I say "Gears of War is a generic shooter" -->IN THIS COMMENT THREAD!<--
============================= = =

But I guess that this is a common mistake for you eh?

@gangsta: I hope I'll have enough room. If not, oh well.

"This was my..."

Your first... #3.1.18
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@gangsta: "Hilarious, so basically this is your way of not having any type of real answer. Just redirect and shut down."

Well see, you came here to answer a question I asked someone else with a different question. I never asked you a question, I asked someone else well before you came here, and the question I asked was a question of intent because if the only reason it was asked was to praise a franchise that that person likes, any answer would be a waste of time. B... #3.1.15
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@Rookie: "You claimed Gears is a generic shooter."

Did I? Where did I say "Gears of War is a generic shooter" in this comment thread?

"By the look if it, you haven't even play any of the Gears games. So for you, a very aweful Shooters player from that quote from your history, how do you just sit here and claim it is a genric shooter when you have no credibility to judge it as such."

Oh that's simple. If I... #3.1.13
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@slate91: Not exactly. I asked you a question of intent. It seems obvious that you were waiting for someone to suggest Gears of War, so I simply wanted to know if you wanted a serious answer or just a reason to praise Gears of War. #3.1.11
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@gangsta: Ok, so since all you want to do is evade, I can freely ignore you. I didn't ask you that question, I asked the person who asked me a question if he actually wanted an answer for that or was he just probing because it should be fairly obvious what anyone would say to the question "what generic shooters did he make?"

So thank you for answering my question with nothing. #3.1.9
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@gangsta_red: So is that your answer then?

@Rookie: Comment historians are hilarious. And what makes it even more hilarious is that it's completely irrelevant. It's actually borderline ad hominem as you're not addressing what I said so much as you're addressing me as a person. Do you have anything relevant to say? #3.1.7
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