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I really hope the RNG is fixed or just removed altogether.

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Super Vegeta is better. Boosts Ki attacks more than standard SS

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They don't care more about the PC community, they need the PC community to fix their broken games and make them playable.

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How about stability?

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Well Doom is idSoftware so that's that one. Think Evil Within is someone else too and Dishonored is nowhere near the scale.

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When you address the fact that people disagreee with you, you will get more. My comment pointing out this fact will get disagrees. Just don't worry about it.

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The hatred of this game boils down to 2 things. First, it's overload. Information about this game is everywhere and it is persistent and that tends to get to people eventually. So they just get tired of hearing about it and lash out.

Next is crowds. People are naturally wary of crowds to begin with, but when said crowds are loud, obnoxious, disrespectful etc... people get upset.

You take these two factors, maybe throw in people who get too involved in...

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You proved my point. The fact that Ellie or Bill were gay had no bearing on the story, and it actually should have because being gay in a post apocalyptic world endangers the species even further, but that's irrelevant right now.

You're actually asking for gay for the sake of gay. Characters defined by their sexuality rather than their character or skills. That's appalling and "othering."

It is a divisive idea that reinforces that ho...

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So who a person decides to romance counts as "fresh perspective" now? The only time homosexuality would do that is if you're telling a story about sexuality. And by now the whole world has heard the story about how hard it is to be gay so the only "fresh" perspective would be anecdotes, and you can't do much with those.

Sorry, but we're all humans at the end of the day and we don't all go through unique challenges that no one else goes th...

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The only correct response to this whole thing....

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@frosty: You literally don't know anything about my stance but turned on the white knighting because I explained Zone's rationale. That's the problem with agenda pushers and professionally offended people. They're the ones with the pre-conceived bias and are projecting everywhere.

Pleasurable sex IS abnormal. Only 2 species on the planet engage in it, humans and dolphins. You don't discredit arguments with a red herring.

Wearing shoes ...

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Oh man, Shadow Hearts needs a comeback. Too bad it's owned by an obscure company with no interest in games.

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Tactics is a masterpiece. I want that game redone in Valkyria Chronicles gameplay style.

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When's the last time a Christian stoned a gay person? Compare that to the last time an Islamist did then note the difference.

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@Goldby: You're asking me to consider that humanity is evolving towards biological population control because there's not enough resources on the planet? And that sounds more plausible than homosexuality being a mental defect? What?

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I see a glaring problem with the mod. Shaun is biological attachment to both parents. His appearance changes based on both parents. How does this mod reconcile Shaun's very existence? You can only suspend disbelief so much.

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I bet a lot of it is trolling, but terrible trolling in the sense that they aren't good at it.

And lol, the hypocrisies you pointed out are so true.

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It's not exactly hatred to say homosexuality is a mental defect. Zone never said gay people were bad. His argument likely centers around how abnormal, progenitally speaking, homosexuality is. It serves no biological purpose or imperatives so is not the norm.

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I'm Canadian so maybe I don't get all the American news but, when did Trump promise to gas/exterminate all non-Aryan people?

@thunderbird: I'm well-versed in history. People likening Trump to Hitler are being willfully ignorant and purposely using scare tactics. Likely because they're regressives, or sheep, or both.

Trump is an idiot, but he hasn't lied about illegal immigration or Islam.

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The thing that's the worst about this is that it's a mod, an optional thing. This isn't like SJW pandering where the dev makes a change to the game, someone made this and offered it as an option. It literally has no impact on anything. This is an instance of legitimate hate and is totally wrong.

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