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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Time stamp if you don't want to watch the whole video but do want the part about the coffee is 22:32. But it's worth watching the whole video. #2
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Eh, the bubble system has its flaws, but in many ways it's leagues better than the other systems out there. #6.1
Then let me rephrase. I'm currently more interested in it being explained so everyone "clearly has it figured out."

Or, we can just pretend that this isn't the same kind of reaction Sony took when they were hacked 4 years ago. #7.1.1
I am currently more interested in knowing why the site was down for days and now every time I refresh the page my browser needs to be checked to see if it is DDoS'ing the site or not. #7
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Bu bu but someone at Bungie missed their kids piano recital to make that animation and it took 3 weeks of 24/7 work... /s #4.2.1
Blame Activision all you want, Bungie knew what they were getting into when they signed a 10 year contract with Activision. This is business. Plans have to be outlined in advance. Activision didn't just spring up this nonsense on Bungie and it's well passed the time Bungie should have stood up and said no.

Equal blame as far as I can see. #1.1.5
I see this as perfect background video for gaming related videos, something you can do when you're pretty bored and have played all of your current games to death, etc..

It's the kind of game you can't possibly finish and as long as each planet is different, it will still kinda be a new experience each time. #3.3
10-2 was originally going to be a prequel actually, but then the moron that is Motomu Toriyama thought that it was "too traditional" to play as Braska, Jecht, and Auron and so we got Charlie's Angels instead. Still a better game than the 13 trilogy but could have been a masterpiece as the prequel it was going to be. #6.3.3
The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim 2 - Braith's Revenge.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #6.2
Yes they should. A very long time ago I came up with an idea for a website that did just that. Users could submit reviews in kind of the same way stories are submitted here but it would only be reviews and then that review would be reviewed for objective or subjective language, obviously unwarranted hype, etc.. and there would be a separate section for reviewing reviewers themselves so gamers could know who is more likely to give obviously skewed reviews, who is bought and paid for, etc... <... #3
@saltybread: "none of what you said refuting anything."

It refuted everything.

"you suggest...

Actually it's just the truth. I suggest that exclusives are the reason one buys consoles, yes. Because it's true. Remove all exclusives and there is no reason to have multiple consoles. Remove all the consoles but one, and suddenly all of its games are exclusive, assuming they don't go to PC of course. If Nintendo were the... #1.1.23
Chaos Legion was great. Couldn't get into God Hand. #16.1
@saltybread Part 2: "it's funny how sony can invest in street fighter, have ps4 fans say the pc market is not in direct competition with the ps4 then flip-flop and say now that so many xbox exclusives come to the pc there is no reason to buy one."

This comment literally makes no sense. Microsoft is actively trying to make their first party games go to PC, Sony isn't. Sony can invest in games, but at best that makes the games 2nd party which means unless Sony... #1.1.10
@saltybread: I want you to re-read your own post. You see, you sit there and say something like "i see i'm your number 1 fan." (I assume you mean the reverse, as what you have stated there means you're following me around) and "what exactly are you trying to say other than getting personal and dragging topics down to your level?" And continuing on and on about me, about what you think about me and how you think you know me based on how many times you follow my comm... #1.1.9
If all they're going to do is make first party Xbox games go to PC, they're making the Xbox One redundant. They are effectively removing any reason to own an Xbox One.

"But Live"

You think you won't be able to play with your Live friends on PC?

Really at that point the only reason to own an Xbox One is because you either don't want to game on a PC, or can't afford to build a good one. Those are legitimate persona... #1.1.7
And you'd propose what else exactly? The 1-3 Collection has been out forever now and is likely the reason for the DMC4 Remaster's existence. So how would you propose telling Capcom we want a proper DMC5? A petition? HA! #6.1.1
I still prefer the original PS3 store. The layout was much easier to navigate and find whatever you wanted, it was way faster, I don't know why they changed it to this slow, barely responsive version that requires more steps to find something than should be necessary. #1.2.2
@Death: Once again you post 3 links that make claims yet provide no proof. 2 of the links are from the same DFC Intelligence owner that is grouping tablets and smartphones as PCs. Tablets and Smartphones are not PCs any more than handhelds are consoles. The first link posts numbers, but no breakdown of those numbers. It just posts them as though we're to take them at their word because, hey, a group said it so it must be on the up and up right?

Oh and in the first link, i... #1.1.31
@saltybread: As predicted, your answers are pitiful but let's address them.

"i don't run and hide like some people."

Lol, I have several examples that prove otherwise.

"most likely because i am here. it's getting a little out of hand."

Damn, why haven't I won the lottery? Sorry to go off topic but, you seem to think I'm psychic and so pick articles you're going to be in to comment e... #1.1.29
@Death: Replying to you first because it's easy to refute your post. You provided no proof. You provided a link in which a random company said PC revenue surpassed console revenue with literally no metrics, no breakdown, and the implication that tablets and smartphones are now counting as PCs. If all you require is someone's word as proof, then you'll love the Igloo I have for sale in the Sahara Desert. I promise you the desert heat hasn't melted it.

"You... #1.1.28
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