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Looks more like Wil Wheaton

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Playable female characters do not surprise us. They've been around literally since the beginning.

A game with no playable female characters should not surprise us. Playabale characters are playable due to story. If the story has no women, oh well.

These are not real people. They are strings of data.

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Oh man, don't get me started on Canadian prices. I tried using to check out a build someone made a mock up of for me. He said it was $1000 and that was a few years ago. When I put in the parts, or similar because Canada, it was $1500. Few years later, that hasn't improved.

Plus, I hate how the conversations turn into gibberish acronyms and numbers.

"I have a GTX T-2000 S series running in quad SLI. My CPU is an i25 9001K c...

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Oops, accidentally hit disagree.

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Only reason Survive exists is because Kojima once mentioned putting zombies in a MGS game, so it's his fault.

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Sarcastic extremism doesn't invalidate my argument. Whenever a PC gamer employs elitist PC Master Race mantras and thinking, they are taking a supremacist position. They are effectively stating their superiority at having superior tech they paid much more to have and that those with consoles have inferior tech and are thus beneath the Master Race.

I've even seen PC elitists state that the only core gamers that exist are the PC Master race because they pay more to ge...

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Every group has its bad apples, the problem is the whole "PC master race vs Console Peasants" thing. Joke/Troll or not, it is employing a supremacist mentality that, were it applied to the real world in any way, it would legitimately be considered some sort of -ist such as racist or sexist.

People take it too far, insisting on the idea that they are somehow superior to another based on the money they spend to get a certain level of power.


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You honestly don't know what ego means if you think the title displays it. Also, read the comments, see how you're in the minority? Yeah, that's because I haven't said anything objectively or even subjectively untrue. Clearly people see this in the industry as well, I'm just the one who is saying it publicly.

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Yep, and the guy seems to be taking requests. I'm trying to get him to do Guile's Theme. Lol.

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From the man himself.

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Someone explain to me why Sony can only be criticized in comparison and not directly? Why do Sony defenders insist upon this caveat and yet even when employed, all criticism against Sony is inherently wrong, obvious flame bait, and dismissed outright?

You understand that making the implication that Sony can do no wrong means saying that Sony is literally perfect and nothing more can be asked of them right? Meaning all of you employing these caveats and defenses should never...

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Parasitic, hypocritical games press is why. Plus, if I'm not mistaken it was around the height of Gamergate where all journalists were generally against gamers.

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The scene was purposely designed to be awkward but an unfortunately and surprisingly large number of people didn't seem to understand that. When this game is discussed, the laughing scene is always a reason to hate on the game because those people don't understand the intent behind it. Thankfully, J.A.T. has an awesome sense of humour and does stuff like this to roll with the punches.

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I leave you all with this and encourage you all to watch every Tidus Midi remix there is. Your face will be hurting from laughter.

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@sampson: Here you go, all the lies with proof.

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That said, I'd rather have the story of Joel and his brother during those 20 years than a story about Ellie. The bulk of her character development has been explored on the first game and there isn't much that can be built upon with it being shoehorned.

Realistically, any Ellie story would involve her and Joel splitting either due to Joel's lies or his eventual death. Thus Ellie's story would be about what exactly? Either her going it alone or trying to come ...

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Click on the little gear beside the number of comments, click on info, and you can see who approved.

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Your only problem with FFVIIR is the combat, don't kid yourself into anything else. YOU are what's wrong with Japanese development. Japan is stuck in a rut of samey nonsense and that's why the market isn't as important as it used to be.

Japan is notoriously opposed to change for the most part. It is reflected in Nintendo's attitude, the general cutesy anime style of most Japanese games, and the standard storyboards of "world is threatened, kids save...

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Here's everything you need to know....

It doesn't exist.


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