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"One person's objective design flaw might be another person's well-designed mechanic."

Haha, no. An objective design flaw is an objective flaw, not a subjective flaw. This means that there is no "this is terrible", "oh you think so? I think it's great." situation. It's factually wrong. Like the hitboxes in Dark Souls 3 pvp for example. That's an objective design flaw. Collision detection, bugs, etc.. those are examples of ob...

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What was objectively wrong?

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And why not? Games cause misogyny and sexism you know, so why not violence.

Cenk Uygur: "Right?"

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The difference is monumental. One is a complaint about an objective design flaw that impacts everyone, the other is a complaint about random conditions converging to create a single moment. Go ahead and try to control rag doll physics, see how far you get.

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It already is. Watch a playthrough of Succulent or Cho Aniki. NO ONE is complaining about those games.

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Yes, devs should ignore all artisticly based criticism. Mechanic complaints, poor story pacing complaints, or anything that can be objectively bad, sure. The position of characters based on rag doll physics because of ideology? Not a valid complaint. You have to have played the game to even see it so they already bought the game meaning their complaints hold no weight.

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What? Did you even think out what you wanted to say beforehand typing out all of that completely irrelevant drivel?

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Artist makes thing: "This is my art"

Regressives whine: "WOMEN ARE NOT SEX TOYS!!!"

Artist: "But it's just how the physics ends up...."

Regressives: "MISOGYNIST PIG!!!"

Artist: "Wait, I don't hate..."

Regressives: #YesAllWomen, #StopMansplaining, #KillAllMen!!!!

Artist: "FINE!!" *changes art* "I apologize fo...

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Another day, another delicate doily who thinks these are women and not pixels. It's so sad.

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13 year old? Man you're too delicate. Bet the 13 year old isn't even thinking about it and if the mom hasn't said anything then what's the problem?

Also, it is censoring because the audience is exerting pressure to change expression. That's censorship.

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This IS censorship. Stop trying to push the narrative that only the government can censor, preventing anyone else that exerts pressure to gain control over expression from any culpability.

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Wonderful, another Wii. Over one hundred million consoles sold, no third party support, littered with shovelware mini-game trash that started the B.S. casual craze that dumbed down every game's challenge to appeal to non-gamers. Just what the industry needs more of.

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Should have just created a poll and have users comment that they participated as contest entries.

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Nothing wrong with Dynasty Warriors.

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The biggest problems with mods on PS4 are the small file size total (900MB to Xbox One's 2GB) and Sony using a proprietary sound format, so the issues with Fallout 4 mod support are issues with ALL games that may have mod support on PS4 because Sony are too anal about it.

Xbox One and PS4 also can't support, as of yet, script extenders so many of the best mods will never be available on either console.

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"What is a joke is that people that have it on PC will get the upgrade for free while console owners are forced to buy it again."

People keep saying this but really don't understand. It's not about favouring the PC, even though Bethesda does. This remaster provides literally nothing for PC gamers at all. The only way they get this for free is if they have all the DLC already, and the PC has all the best mods out there already, including whole graphical ove...

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I am Setsuna really reminds me of Chrono Trigger so you're probably not wrong.

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@Vegamyster: That article doesn't do anything to help your cause because it's about XB1 not consoles in general. It even says PS4 outperformed everyone. Try again.

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@Elenwil: What makes you think paintball guns can't be made to be lethal. A projectile traveling at the right speed and hitting the right spot can be lethal. Rubber bullets have killed.

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@KRUSSIDILL: A remaster had work put into it to make it better, ROTR will be exactly the same game as the XB1 version.

@Yeahright: No one cares about PC exclusivity. PC gamers port beg for console games, not vice versa.

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