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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


LMFAO! Brianna Wu is literally poking every bee hive she comes across, and kicking a hibernating bear at the same time by trying this. Feminism won't stop GamerGate because GamerGate isn't about women.

It's absolutely hilarious how someone whose first interaction with GamerGate was an insult meme, who was apparently so afraid for her life (based on a threat an INDIVIDUAL made with no association to GamerGate yet GG getting the blame for it) that she could appear... #4
They are all baseless complaints from women seeking attention.

GamerGate is a consumer revolt against corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and the general lack of ethics in the gaming industry.

The people claiming it's about harassment are doing so based on the experiences of 3 women. Zoe Quinn, who sleeps around with anything that moves to advance herself (she slept with her own married boss)

Anita Sarkeesian. I'm sure you know of her. <... #1.3
Played Dark Cloud 2. Was a great game, but I think Level 5 is more focused on White Knight Chronicles and games like Ni No Kuni unfortunately. Honestly, I tire of cutesy style games coming from Japan. They are capable of making some really adult stuff, they just avoid doing so or if they do it's few and far between or only in Japan. #1.2.1
Yeah, number 3 is Shadow Hearts From The New World and it sucks in comparison to Shadow Hearts Covenant. I personally want the series to be revived because it was a nice foray into dark RPGs and was very interesting from a gameplay mechanics perspective.

Grandia DEFINITELY needs to come back. Loved all the games and would love to see how far they could go today. I mean, it skipped the PS3 so why not come out for the PS4?

Suikoden 6 can't come soon enough. #1.1
People have tried. But she hides from all criticism and surrounds herself with the members of her echo chamber. Basically, it's a huge "finger in ears going lalalalalalalala" situation. #2.4.3
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I realize you meant no whistling behind cover now. That I agree with. #1.1.2
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"Broken controls"

You mean the same controls as every other AC game only with the added parkour decent mechanics? Yeah, totally broken.

"No whistle."

I can only assume that you mean no calling your Assassin recruits to take out enemies for you? That's the point of co-op, plus Arno is just a regular Assassin, he's not a Master Assassin like Altair, Ezio, or Connor. Hell, Black Flag didn't have it either.
... #1.1.1
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"tired level design"

So the reconstruction of whole cities in a game is "tired level design" according to these people? LMFAO! This is just proof that the 4/10 is a joke score meant to call attention, not to be taken seriously. #1
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The thing I love is the dagger's ultimate ability. It's the best comeback move in the game and saved my behind many times.

The game is great. I wish the first and second map switched places though, as I'd have loved the beauty and color of the second map to be the main area for most of the game as opposed to the bleak first map. #1.1.2
Just wait until you either A) Max out the skill trees or B) get ANY of the ultimate techniques for your 3 weapons. #1.1
A lot of people don't understand that a lot of big companies actually outsource customer service, and that said customer service is trained to strictly follow procedures written in some handbook. Every situation is different, but articles like these try to paint blanket generalizations and make erroneous claims. #1.4.1
@Septic: I'm sorry but you're talking about allowing highly subjective emotions dictate objective reality. You not liking something doesn't give you the right to call for it being banned. You have the right to say you don't like it, that you won't support it, but you DON'T have the right to say that people should be trying to ban it. And it's nothing like accepting genocide because that's ACTUAL HARM. A game isn't harmful to anyone or anything, and if you d... #3.1.8
I played the whole game and X to win was the strategy used for most of the game until the really tough Pulse enemies and near end game bosses. A team of 2 Ravagers and a Commando rendered any thought completely unnecessary. #12.1.2
360ICE: I guess the part where developers are listening to her went completely over your head and the possibility, more likely probability, that she will be consulted for games in the future is high doesn't register for you does it? Just because this instance is an allegedly debunked rumour (I say allegedly because who outright trusts EA on anything), the idea that her work has already influenced games actually exists. If Druckmann can come out and say that she influenced Ellie's desi... #7.1.3
_-EDMIX-_ Spare me the bleeding heart routine ok. The FFXIII trilogy is an abomination. A failure in all aspects but graphics. No one anywhere said that SE's porting team made games, but SE overall does and they made this turd of a trilogy and just when we all thought they'd finally moved on from this garbage, they have to shove it in everyone's faces again. So desperate are they to make Lightning the new iconic character, to make us forget about Cloud and an FFVII remake, that th... #1.2.4
You haven't seen them demanding it stop? Every video Anita Sarkeesian does is subtle public shaming designed to make it stop. Gaming has been inclusive for 40+ years, so the idea of making it more inclusive begs the question of "more inclusive than what?"

Feminists that suggest that video games and other media teach children and to act in any negative way have ignored stuff like, you know, facts, scientific peer reviewed studies, decades of research. They're... #2.4
"Well, what a surprise you're into Thunderfoot. Ugh"

Yeah, stupid me for being "into" someone that posts, you know, facts backed up with evidence. It's such a shame that I listen to a scientist and not some random 30-something woman conning the world successfully and running away from ANY debate at all because she can't control actual debates. Man, what must I be thinking.

"Well, that's certainly *not* hyperbole! Actua... #1.2.8
And Lightning Returns sucks, so that's saying something. #11.1

Said no one ever. #1.2
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mixelon your ceaseless defense of her opens you up to so many erroneous, or unimportant, statements.

"That's a funny take on it. Regardless of your opinion on the merit of the outcome of that exercise, there was a point."

I'm not even the first person to have that opinion. Most who've seen that poor excuse of a game idea thought the same way, Thunderf00t in fact has quite accurately dismantled that idea for the fraud it is. If her point... #1.2.6
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