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@Backlash: Publishers listen to reviews too. And did developers listen to sales when creating QTEs in the first place? No. And just because sales numbers are a certain amount, doesn't mean it's because of the QTEs so whatever your point was, there's a lot against it. #1.1.9
Nevermind, I found it.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.1.4
I didn't think you were being defensive, I do now though. If your reaction to my opinion being replied to your opinion is to throw stones, why are you here? You and uth are of the impression that QTEs are either the fault of lazy gamers (impossible considering they weren't asked for and are now wanted gone) or necessary, which is also not true. You obviously didn't like that I showed you why it wasn't true, and now you're on the defensive acting as though I was attacking y... #1.1.6
Does anyone know what the 3rd track on the official page for the PS4 version of the game is? Here, I'll link it.


If you go to the bottom left under the graphic for FFX/X-2 HD remaster soundtrack, you'll see a volume bar and the numbers 1 2 and 3. Click on 3 and have a listen.

I don't for the life of me know what... #1.1.3
To an open minded gamer, FFXV still wouldn't be first unless that literally means every new FF game is first. What you meant to say was "to me, first" and you haven't even played the game.

To a hardcore FF fan, such as myself, its current place is to be determined. It has a good chance of being above the entire FFXIII trilogy as it's hard to get worse than that. For me personally, it also has the potential to be above FFII (not the SNES version, the actu... #3.1
They can't be figuratively toxic either. There actions don't kill anything. Literally or figuratively. #2.6.1
Yep. I solo'ed most of the dragons with my KE. Spamming the sword attack with infinite barrier means bye bye dragon no matter what it wants to do. #7.1
But.. you can power through this game though. People just don't know how to.

The problem I have with this is the war table machines. Some of them are unnecessarily long. One of them was 18 hours. And that's only because I used Cullen and had agents lowering the time by 15%. #5.1
I thought it was more like Kingdoms of Amalur with more politics, more talking, and worse combat. #3.3.1
This game was even prone to worse bugs than Skyrim if you can believe it. I faced a dragon that literally corkscrewed in the air endlessly. I could attack it and it could shoot balls of electricity at me, but after a certain point its life would not decrease so I had to stop.

Not to mention how many times my character decided to channel Michael Jackson and moonwalk, or how the game would crash and then when it reloaded the world itself would load in pieces to the point where... #3.2.1
Nah, the game wasn't too big. If it was then it wouldn't have felt as rushed as it did. The ending was so slapped together it was laughable. Sounds like your gripe wasn't the size or length, it was the lame quests, which I agree with. #1.2.2
@ginganinja: The monumental difference being the level of control. QTE's couldn't possibly be for lazy customers since lazy customers didn't ask for them and more than enough people complain about them. I'm wondering why now There have been (so far) 2 people defending them to the point of near vociferousness. If you like having control taken from you, I'm sure Cage will make excellent experiences for you. #1.1.4
There are multiple moves with multiple combinations. I don't see the difference. Hadoken? Quarter Circle Forward and Punch. Flash Kick? Hold Down for 2 Seconds then Up plus Kick. Don't even get started on some of the ultras. It's not hard to mix up combinations of analog stick movements and button presses for the desired effect. #1.1.2
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"Think about it.. QTEs are used in the Order in scenes that require complex action. The alternative is to use some complex sequence on the controller to approximate the same action that would likely be counter-intuitive or hard to remember."

Have you played any fighting game ever? Because all fighting games have those "complex controller sequences" to perform combos, supers, and ultras. Except for Dragon Ball Z games. #1.1
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I'm of 2 minds when it comes to Joe's reviews. On the one hand, everyone knows that Joe's reviews are 100% him. They aren't bought and paid for, they contain no influence from companies, they aren't higher or lower for controversy's sake to bring in ad revenue. They are definitely his opinion.

On the other hand, Joe's review style is predictable. I have a 90% success rate in predicting what score he'll give a game well before he gives his final... #1.1.25
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Final Fantasy VII is almost 20 years old. Stop crying about spoilers. I'd bet 90% of the people here have played the game, 7% don't want to, and 3% will when it comes out on PS4 and have already looked it up. #1.2
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I actually didn't suspect the article was written by an SJW, more that it was in fact lambasting them. Either way, my point stands. The fact remains that SJWs would definitely come up with something ridiculous like saying the outfits detract from the fighting mechanic.

SJWs, perfect examples of Poe's Law. Satire is mistaken for reality.

Suggestion: In the future, if you're making a satirical article to submit here, it might be a good idea to put s... #1.1.1
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YES! Fight the Puritanical non-gamer SJWs who use B.S. excuses like "the outfits take away from the gameplay." What kind of nonsensical argument is that? How many DOA tournaments were filled with matches where the time ran out because both players could do nothing but drool over the character models wearing nipple tassels? Plus, if the outfits detracted from the gameplay, why would the developers consistently make those outfits for the game?

I'm so glad gamers a... #1
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Gotta disagree with you. Bleach as a cleaner is not toxic. Bleach as a drink will kill you unless you are quick enough to prevent it.

Ammonia as a cleaner is not toxic. Ammonia mixed with bleach is a gas that will kill you unless you protect yourself against it.

And that's for everyone. There's no immunity to having your esophagus melted, no natural resistance to chlorine gas.

A gamer acting like a douchebag will not end your game, w... #2.5.1
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Douchebag is not a word with 8 silent letters, nor is it a buzzword. #2.3.1
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