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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I've been playing the AC games since AC1. AC1 is still my fave solely because imo it has the best setting, and best Assassin. Next fave is definitely Black Flags, again because of setting and Edward is such a different character, completely self-motivated almost until the very end. Ezio was meh for me until Revelations where his experience put him in the same badass line as Altair, before that he was too much of a playboy. Connor sucks. Period. Haytham was way better in AC3, which figures... #12
I say the same thing to everyone who makes this erroneous statement. No amount of years will make AC better so long as it retains the same creative director and other execs that keep the ideas stale. It's not the games, or the annual releases, it's the higher ups who make the calls that are the problem. Why deny fans a game when A) You don't play it so you shouldn't care and B) It can easily retain the same flaws years from now? #1.2.1
"the Drive in the PS4 isn't fast enough to read CD's which is why it doesn't..." #1.1.1
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Still getting used to this beta. #2.2.3
"here we go again, because the system sells so well sony doesn't have to acknowledge it. great thinking!"

Again, pointing out the flaws in the argument, and that the complaint is not, in fact, a "crippling issue" is not the same thing as what you think I'm actually doing. You have always had comprehension problems.

Skipping 4 because you addressed the article and not me.

"more damage control. nobody is t... #2.2.2
This new beta seems to have taken you off my ignore list. Oh well, I'll reply just this once.

"you have taken what they said out of context. it is an article about the ps4 and they do not say it's a bigger problem on the ps4."

Then there's no reason to even mention Microsoft or the Xbox One at all. In other list items they've done just that and focused only on the PS4. The article makes mention of "crippling" issues tha... #2.2.1
If any of these things were ever a problem, PS4 would have been trailing the Xbox One. This is a list of nitpicking issues the author had to ask his Xbox fanboy friends to come up with, assuming the author isn't one themselves.

No one is going to be worried about Folders while they're playing Horizon. #2.1.1
Guys, it's whatculture. Nothing to see here but let's address.

9. Lying Loading Bars: Immediately the author accuses both Sony and Microsoft of having their own issues with loading bars. In the case of MS, play while it loads -the author says- isn't even fully supported yet for some reason it's a bigger problem for Sony? Ok then.

8. The ‘Please Free Up Some Space’ Installation Glitch: This isn't an issue that's widespread. Most peo... #2
SJWs are not people who invest themselves in social issues. They are people obsessed with victimization. Social Activists are not the same as SJWs. #2.4.2
Here's a good video I saw that's only about a minute long and explains the whole situation very well. #1.2.1
"Gamebryo/Creation Engine isn't what makes modding possible in their games. It's just Bethesda releasing the toolkits."

Who said it did? I said it makes modding BIG. Bethesda made the engine to facilitate modding, making the mod scene for their games bigger than any other and dramatically increasing the lifespan of their games. #1.1.2
Well they are kinda stuck there. Creation Engine is what makes modding in Bethesda games as big as it is, and unless they make a new one, fans would get pissed if modding wasn't as big in a new Bethesda game because of a new engine.

But Creation Engine has long since past its prime and really needs updating at the minimum. #1.1
Well yeah, PCs have many different configurations, but are generally the same architecturally. I'd say PC developers have grown complacent because of that, but that's neither here nor there. Consoles are always different. With probably the exception of the Wii and Wii U. So yeah, architecture is always different as is development, so BC is really just a luxury at that point. #10.1.2
"It's not backwards compatibility on PC due to how the games are made."

Not necessarily true. Different OS' and different hardware requirements can mean that a newer PC may not be able to play an older game right out of the box. For example, I don't know if this has changed but, I once had to download a program called DosBox to play the very first Warcraft game because Windows by itself couldn't run it. #10.1
1. In Canada and many other parts of the world (poor Australia and Brazil) we don't pay $60. And don't bother with the ridiculous "conversion of money" argument because we still end up paying more. AC Syndicate was $80 here in Canada and that's ridiculous.

2. Several publishers, starting with EA, have stated that the $60 model is too much for games. We shouldn't be paying that price, but they will never lower the price because we're all too stupi... #6
Playing Souls games at a forced 60FPS when it was built on 30 is never a good idea. The problems it causes aren't worth it. I'm talking ladder glitches that cause instant death, inability to jump properly, weapon durability loss doubling, etc... #1.5.5
Why would they think that it's best for their company if not for the incessant shame police whining about all existence? #4.1.1
Dude, PS3 doesn't hold back FFXIV from not using any new concepts for an MMO. Graphics don't make a game, and FFXIV's gameplay is generic as hell, so is the story, the skills, etc...

Now if they took FFXIV and really did something spectacular with a job system from something like FFTactics (the good one, not the crappy Advanced series) then that would be different. #2.1.1
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