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I respect the work he does.
And that studio does some really impressive work with graphics. That GDC demo of a android looked awesome and ran on current gen machine.

But for me personally all that extreme scripted stuff is like a big tumor on gaming that needs to be cut away.

Give me more games like Halo,Dishonored,Half life(scripting done right),skyrim,other etc. If gaming keeps going this way all we are going to is push a button for "look here&... #5
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Imagine what next gen could bring. A $450 budget maybe a $600 budget with sony and microsoft taking a hit. Mass order discount on part(custom parts). 1080p and 60fps should be possible on next gen machines with better graphics then we have now. #3
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Lol a 90 cent increase has probably more to do with stock being on lowest point and people buying it. A press conference that really would have a impact would raise it to $20+ hell. And what ms and sony showed im surprised their stock didn't drop lower ms off course this event would have no impact xbox is to little a probably shitty win 8 launch and im really thinking that launch will be shitty will drop microsoft stock. Its a miracle Nintendo stock didn't dropped 90 cent :) #17
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after 21 feb its spring here in holland unless im wrong. #1.2
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Jezus fuck people this is a step in the right direction user dedicated servers i hope more companies implement this. So we can wave p2p away like a bad sore. #17
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Same here that would make even less sense than the ending. And Mass shift god no this is the last game i will buy from bioware(head studio) unless they redeem themselves. Maybe the dlc if it is good. #11.1
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nothing is unhackable the only thing you can do is make it to hard to hack so its financially or not worth the effort to hack. #2.1.1
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And all the database hack results being out there and people having the same password on multiple services.
Also doesn't help. #1.2
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going ico route to make connections.
Hope the cinematic gamers can enjoy this.
shame cinematic games are what i hate but i love naugthy dog pushing tech so maybe i will get it just to support them. #2
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Didn't rage already had more then enough streaming issues on console or was it mostly on the pc.

So yeah more data i think they mean higher res textures.
Or does he mean more content like more quest 50% more singleplayer. haven't read the link #43
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This is a good sign trimming stuff that is sub par to make it this year. I just want my diablo 3 already. #3
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WiiU version ???? #8
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Cool unreal engine is awesome. #2
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uuhm if games are bigger couldn't they go on the Games on Demand channel. Resident evil 4 hd did that if im not mistaken. #42
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Dont know i believe amd prices it flagship cards in the 500 region #2.1.2
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Ms could outsource it to them. #3.1.3
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i think this and the vita is fighting with mobiles for the handheld gaming marketshare and from what i heard 3 hours battery life isn't that good. I long back to the day where i could play almost 20 hours with my GBA. #3.1.1
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im pretty sure microsoft have people for that.

Just next time just link to the job list of the studio. It just is more professional if you put a link where people can apply for the studio imo.

But i want say thanks for posting the info.
Im far from ready to apply for a programmer job :P #4.1.1
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Not sure is the poster a head hunter or something why should i mail the writer of the article and not Microsoft game studio Vancouver. Something smells funny.

here is the real joblisting

This is already know for what like 6 months or so. #4
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Haha this week we had someone from crytek come by.
That held a QA and he also said it mostly support 3rd and 1st person view. The QA was for a media course but because our computer science head said there are CS students interested so we could also go. But sadly the QA was for artist and designer so no deep technical stuff. Februari next year one of the lead programmers will visit our school so hope we can go more deeply on the technical side of things. #3.1
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