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Sly 2 and Kingdom Hearts were the games that got me into gaming. IMO Sly 2 had the best overall atmosphere, levels and story and Sly 4 had the best mechanics. I really hope they make a Sly 5.

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If the game is successful then how it was launched didn't matter.

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Please mention few of those games that you described here that you like.

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Nobody is stopping a developer to make a game they want to make. If their game is entirely different than a sequel/prequel of a game they are trying to make then just create a new IP and do it. There is no need to spoil the charm of the original.

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Which fits the theme of the game showing that a Dad and Son are going on an adventure or a journey together.

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People mistakenly thinking it is PS4 exclusive. It is not. This is coming out for Xbox One as well.

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If you think about it, there are no completely good men in Uncharted 4.

Nate - Career criminal, has been to jail several times, cheats Elena in Uncharted 1, lies to her in Uncharted 4.

Sully - Similar to Nate

Sam - Similar to Nate and lies to Nate to get his help.

Rafe - Obvious

Nate's boss - Ready to indulge in illegal things for his profit

Nate's Dad - As per what was to...

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Guess they don't know about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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“This has ruined his belief in Santa.”

At least something good came out of it.

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Why does no one list Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Platinum in any of these lists? That needs not only you to be an expert player of the game but also a friend with whom you have a good internet connection to finish the Ultimate Ninja Difficulty online missions.

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After the game releases, fans on other platforms will be sympathizing with Crystal Dynamics.

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No Dragon God from Demons Souls? No Kalameet from Dark Souls? No Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls 2?

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Stress relievers are distractions only. You relieve your stress by distracting yourself from the strain/problems you are having.

About sports comment I meant about those who watch sports but not get involved in them. They are using it as a distraction.

I am active in sports and an avid gamer. My response was mainly towards the article isolating gaming as an expensive hobby used as a distraction.

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Anything which is non essential for sustaining human life is a distraction only. Anything other than food, medicine, facilities to improve our productivity directly can be considered a distraction. Be it movie, sports, work of fiction, gaming, tv series etc. are all million/billion dollar distractions only.

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I didn't go into the article yet but from the brief summary given under the heading on this page:

"Reader Victoria Garcia and his daughter Victoria came across the shot above"

So the guy and his daughter are both named Victoria?

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And if you did release it gamers will still go ahead and buy it. Guess what the publishers will do.

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Tell me what you deduce this guy is probably telling about his girlfriend's loyalty and what his next sentence is going to be.

"My suspicion about my girlfriend is confirmed."

Was the first thing that came to your mind something like this:

"She is cheating on me."

or something like this:

"She is not cheating on me :)."

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Suspicion and Notorious both have dual meanings but both are widely used for negative purpose only. You don't say "someone is notorious" instead of saying "someone is famous". Difference between using suspicion instead of assumption is just like using notorious instead of famous.

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After reading the comments, did not click the article and downvoted the site. Idiots who do not even know the proper word to use do not deserve to have their articles read.

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