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Thanks! #4.7

Stress relievers are distractions only. You relieve your stress by distracting yourself from the strain/problems you are having.

About sports comment I meant about those who watch sports but not get involved in them. They are using it as a distraction.

I am active in sports and an avid gamer. My response was mainly towards the article isolating gaming as an expensive hobby used as a distraction. #1.1.3
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Anything which is non essential for sustaining human life is a distraction only. Anything other than food, medicine, facilities to improve our productivity directly can be considered a distraction. Be it movie, sports, work of fiction, gaming, tv series etc. are all million/billion dollar distractions only. #1
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I didn't go into the article yet but from the brief summary given under the heading on this page:

"Reader Victoria Garcia and his daughter Victoria came across the shot above"

So the guy and his daughter are both named Victoria? #18
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And if you did release it gamers will still go ahead and buy it. Guess what the publishers will do. #3.1
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Tell me what you deduce this guy is probably telling about his girlfriend's loyalty and what his next sentence is going to be.

"My suspicion about my girlfriend is confirmed."

Was the first thing that came to your mind something like this:

"She is cheating on me."

or something like this:

"She is not cheating on me :)." #20.1.2
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Suspicion and Notorious both have dual meanings but both are widely used for negative purpose only. You don't say "someone is notorious" instead of saying "someone is famous". Difference between using suspicion instead of assumption is just like using notorious instead of famous. #20.1
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After reading the comments, did not click the article and downvoted the site. Idiots who do not even know the proper word to use do not deserve to have their articles read. #19
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Lol nice try but I didn't give them the click. #22
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Oh no more of those boring Titan fights. Why can't they leave the SOtC style bosses out of this and put more decent sized bosses. #5
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"Unfortunately, it brings virtually nothing new or fresh to this aging series."

Its an HD remake you idiot. The story or gameplay isn't going to change drastically. Enjoy the final mix extras if you never played the imported Jp only version. #10
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Original Duck Tales games were far from difficult. Neither was any of the Contra series as many people make it out to be. Battletoads was the only retro game which made me pull my hairs and to this date I have not finished the game. #4
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Parallel Universes need not share the same timeline. They have their own separate time streams so its not mandatory that the dates match on any given time. Also it is not necessary that the cross dimension tear/window has to open only to the current time of other dimension. It can open to a past or present as well. #4.2.3
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So then will it not be easier to develop an emulator and play PS4 games on a good gaming PC? I mean it has to be a vice-versa situation right due to similar architecture? #20
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I am not saying he is an idiot because he swears or he is outspoken. He is an idiot in not handling things in a better way. He can just ignore these 'idiotic' fans rather than go down to their level and act juvenile and give replies like - 'Do you eat shit?' etc. He has to understand that being a gaming celebrity its not only the gamers who have an eye on him but also investors who want to make sure they are not investing is a company whose employee is publicly insulting its c... #8.2.1
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He was a genius back then but now he is acting like an idiot only. I had lot of respect for him back then but then he started acting all childish and annoying on twitter to fans. #8.1.1
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An idiot calling others idiots. #8
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Yeah Kamiya be concerned and later when your games (W101 and Bayonetta 2) sell poorly just blame on Nintendo for not marketing and fans for not supporting. You chose to go with Nintendo as exclusive so now face the consequences. #13
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Someone who wants more freedom, less restriction, lot of great exclusive/multiplatform games and more value for the money they are investing in the console should be considered a true gamer and consumer as well. As of now MS is not in favor of these requirements. #3.2.3
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He is a great creator and has created masterpieces in the past but now I think he is losing it and it has gotten to his head. Now all he creates are overstylized, oversexualized and over the top games that are maybe great to play but very few are attracted to them. Bayonetta, Anarchy Reigns, Vanquish etc. were praised by many but failed to attract majority of gamers and hence are seen as commercial failures. Metal Gear Rising was the only game which was in gamers hype because

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