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So you want no change at all? Just the same thing every year? #1.2.1

You're 7 years too late to complain. Not that it matters since Call of Duty has become the best-selling game franchise ever after they lost you. #1.1.2
I don't know man... That mustache is quite exquisite! #1.1
How can you be tired of Unreal Engine?
Have you been working on it for too long..? #1.6
Never saw that before, so... #2.3
But not this poorly! #2.1
Exactly. I'm glad that someone had already pointed this out. #1.2.1
I think Namco Bandai should sue FOX for this. Those remarks are outrageous! #1.3
The (FREE) demo for Darksiders was around two hours.

The cutscenes in MGS4 last 10 hours. #1.14
Yeah I'm a player! Yeah I'm single! Yeah! #6
That's true... I sort of 'bought into' these kinds of claims when I was younger but now that I'm actually studying programming I know that proclamations such as these don't really mean anything. Optimization is key, but it can't really be measured specifically #1.1.6
Naaah, that can't possibly be it. Can it?
/s #1.2.2
In the case of Xbox, the disc drives are different in format whereas PS3 and PS4 share the same disc medium thus it is possible to read the data. However, the programming and the code for each console is different due to architectural reasons. In essence, the insides of PS3 and PS4 aren't compatible and in order for a PS3 game to work on a PS4 the code needs to altered for PS4 to make any sense of it. #1.18
2,5 years for me :/ #1.10
Deciding for yourself is counterintuitive when it comes to "judging a review" #1.1.11
How is this a "recreation" if the original has not been created/shown in any form yet? #1.1.6
Honestly I don't give a shit how it looks. I buy things based on what they do, not what they look like (unless I happen to wear them) #1.11
I don't think that's right... Or at the very least that sounds impossibly stupid #1.2.1
Yeah, well, the destructibility might not be such a big factor either #1.2.1
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