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Dragon's Dogma 2 when?

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old build running on a high end PC which acts as a dev environment
results in higher quality textures, reflections, more diffuse shadows, wider variety of environmental colors and better lighting across the scene
also results in more characters on screen, higher polygon assets in use
also results in lesser use of bloom, soft particles with collision, soft particles for smoke, larger radius for light effects and more realistic portrayal of light bounce
also resu...

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I can't wait to see how Rockstar handles Trevor's psychosis

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and moments of pure hatred, paranoia, and frustration... damn I really miss splitscreen

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Are you kidding? the multiplayer component is AMAZING, it's the most fun I've since the MGO servers shut down. Pretty clear you wrote it off before you gave it a chance.

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Polygon is an awful site, they let political correctness affect their review scores

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yes, you can free aim now

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it's a common phrase too

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this game surpassed MGS4 for game of the generation for me, i officially can't wait for naughty dog's ps4 premiere

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ive heard it's around ps3 slim sized, just not so wide

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there has only been like 67 reviews total

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How original and fresh, im dying of laughter over here.

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but not January/February lol

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"the gameplay is solid and the gunplay is as tight as it can be save for a few minor tweaks I would have done to some of the guns."
and yet it gets a 3.5/10...

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dat orchestra

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by making it easy-as-fuck

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this is the worst article i've read in a while

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that narrator needsh speechsh leshons

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