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I'M THANKFUL FOR being down to one console and one handheld this generation. The money I've saved from not owning all three has been a lifesaver and feeling a sense of camaraderie from other console owners has been something I've missed from the days of the early 90's.

Thankful to have "Blast Processing vs. Mode 7" level discussions and to know I'm right because there's no way I picked the wrong console...

...right? #198
I'M THANKFUL FOR the fact I run my own business and can start drinking whenever I want...'s been a tough year... #262
Just played the first Uncharted again after picking up the collection and was shocked how much of a 'cover shooter' the game really was. The story and dialog was what I mainly remember about that experience which still holds up nicely (as a B-movie romp). I don't really think Uncharted has changed too much from it's original source but memory (mine included) is a fickle thing.

Looking forward to Uncharted 4 as that team at Naughty Dog really knows how to sp... #1.3.1
This is my exact experience as well, Bathyj.

All my multi-platform titles were purchased on Xbox360 and I burned through five systems from 2006-2012. I stopped powering up my 360 after the L4D DLC fiasco and focused on a PS3 backlog while I waited for the next gen announcements. I was one foot out the door when the initial E3 press conference happened.

Thanks for sharing your experience as I know there are scores of others that have followed the same path a... #12.2
The best response I've seen to people giving this game high marks is that, "these reviewers could go to the beach and not see women or water". #1.1
Here's the link to a *slightly* more accurate video review.

(warning LOUD and NSFW) #2
Thanks, nowitzki2004. Journey was definitely a cathartic experience. I wound up actually purchasing this statue the same day I played through the game.

Definitely a top 10 game experiences of all time kinda thing. #
I lost my dog of 14 years of last week and, one day later, Journey released on PS4.

Three hours of breaking down in tears while playing through the game, I can honestly say that Journey broke me as well. #7
The PS+ version will be released in just a few days. Sony is holding on to it's reveal till the E3 press event. #2.1
Did they forego the exclusivity contract with the NFL so that we could have more than one crappy option? No? Then they still are an awful company*.

* agreed that they are not the worst in America (I'm looking at you Comcast and AT&T). #9
Your avatar pic and your comment work so incredibly well together. #6.1
I whole heartedly agree with you on DriveClub and its a downright shame. That game has some of the most beautiful environments and some unbelievable gameplay but it it won't get it's due because of how it launched. #2
I have put my money behind half a dozen Kickstarters and the below video sums up my feelings.

That said, as soon as I saw the video for the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, I threw my money at it again. 7th time's the charm, right? #4
I saw a typo in your post. It should have said, "NFL 2K5 "IS" better" and then you can strike the "bs" part.

I have said that the Vita is my favorite overall system since the Dreamcast. A phenomenal system with a piss poor reputation. #5.1
I second your thoughts on Remote Play. I've played through nearly 70% of Far Cry 4 via remote play (mask quests, blowing things up, backtracking, etc).

Also, anyone that has "The Unholy War" as their avatar will get "agrees" from me all day long. #3.1.1
@loganbdh, I don't think SlapHappyJesus was requesting a remake of a remake, but I'll stand by his 'weak' comment.

Having picked up a GameCube Q exclusively for the Resident Evil remake, I was absolutely blown away by what Capcom did with that title. Over the past ten years, the team at Capcom managed to bump up the textures and add a new control scheme but went backwards with the text overlays, multiple load screens and removal of series hallmarks (e.g.: t... #3.1.3
So, the title that says, "We Don't Need The Last Guardian" and the description of the article that says, "Everything their design philosophy offered is now embodied by indie games" isn't what the article is about?

My mistake. #9.1.1
We don't need hockey because we have football, soccer and basketball. Hockey is just basketball and soccer and the 'ice mechanic' is just too cumbersome for people to deal with (you can't even use football cleats on it).

Anyone who likes hockey needs to get with the program because there are already other sports out there. #9
Dude, I have no idea why you are being "disagreed" with as you comment was full of nothing but upbeat positivity.

As for me, I've downloaded Duke Nukem 3D megaton but have only recently started Suikoden II so my Vita calendar is booked for the next few weeks. The last few weeks have been full of Rogue Legacy and Binding of Isaac making my Vita the most played console I currently own. #1.1
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