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I'm about to say something semi-insane/blasphemous at the dawn of this years' football season. The NFL's exclusivity agreement with EA's Madden has squeezed any enjoyment I could have extracted for this sport in the offseason.

To earn my interest (and consumer dollar), the NFL has to either bring back competition (like NFL 2K15) or it's going to be NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball for me.

Heck, even e-sports are looking like a better... #5
Metaphorically speaking, MS has essentially cut out their eyes because they had a stomach ache.

To your point, I don't think Microsoft can afford to sit on their hands, but they have just told loyal Kinect developers, like Harmonix, that "we don't see the work you're doing as vital to our future". So now they have angered early adopters, Kinect loyalists AND their own developers with this impromptu announcement.

As much as I didn&... #36.1.2
Oh man, am I the only one that thinks this is a mistake?

Let me clarify, I don't own an Xbox One yet (still have my 360) and I'm not a Kinect owner but Microsoft was so hard lined on this issue at last year's Q1 presser, E3 event and holiday that this announcement essentially tells early adopters that this $100 add-on is now a feature we may not be supporting in the future.

I think, at this point, Microsoft should have doubled down and said, &quo... #36
Having tried the Oculus VR headset at E3, PAX and most recently at SXSW, I concur with this man. Every time I put it one of these on, it gets harder to take it off. If you haven't tried one of these, you'd be amazed what it adds to the gaming experience.

(Played Game of Thrones, Eve Online & various tech demos) #6
I think there is a very strong possibility that may still happen. Might be limited to select retailers but it makes sense to add that SKU to the lineup to cement the fact that it's an XBoxOne thang (like the old MGS4 PS3 bundle). #3.1
Fire Emblem is definitely in there (in the Best Handheld Game of the Year category). Always have loved that series. #1.1
Well, seeing that both Dustforce and TxK hit the first week of February, let me just say I'm happy that it is next week and not the week after. I've been looking forward to both of those titles since mid-2013. #3
After the whole Dragon's Crown review I vowed never to return to that site and have stayed try to that for more than six months. #18.1
Oh good LORD, yes! Nintendo's been going with Golin Harris for the past decade and that relationship is toxic for any future market growth for their company.

Nintendo needs to do what Sony (as painful as it was) and fire their backward thinking PR team and bring in some fresh ideas like those that were seen in the 90's (which, admittedly, many of those ideas were crap too). #6.1
I'm loving that this post has the same temperature as the article about new Madden footage for the PS4. It's a split right down the middle of people who want more information on Madden and people who want more information about having Madden change (see below). #10
I like how we post a link with additional information on the interview and someone opted to 'disagree'. It's like there are ostriches on N4G who choose to shove their heads in the sand rather than recognize new information.

Knowledge is power, people. #6.1
Ryan Moody (aka @shutdownsaftey) has a supplemental interview with Johnny Rutledge that talks about more about his NFL credentials and the original twitter controversy (see below). #6
Johnny mentions that EA showers NFL players with games, perks and other items so that they quell any resistance. #2.1
I whole heartedly agree with you that Madden hasn't been doing anything to improve because they have zero competition in the space. All Johnny is asking for is an even playing field so that gamers can get an improved football/NFL product. #1.2
Thank you so much for your feedback, Bowski! Greatly appreciated.

Casey Loe has been a valuable addition to the show and his input is apparent in this episode. #1.1
Iceman06, I think you are dead on with this.

He mentioned on the show he was in the top 300 of team deathmatch players in CoD which is no small feat. It takes almost a fanatical level of dedication and intensity in order to compete against those players and that's exactly what you'd think an athlete would do if he had no other outlet (because of an injury).

There's a lot more at play here, but we wanted to help him clear the air that he didn'... #2.1
To everyone that commented here, I'll pass along your comments to Michael as I'm sure he'd love hearing how well his game was/is remembered.

Additionally, definitely tell your friends, family and random passers by about this kickstarter and we'll be sure to promote the ever-lovin-crap out of this on our show.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback and I'll let you know what he says. #3
Swiftfox, you do realize that the game is also empowering women by making them kick ass in the game. Both the Amazon and Sorceress (and Elf for that matter) all are powerful representations of women.

Additionally, as a college educated man...a fat, college educated man...a fat, college educated man who is balding (read: bald) I have to say that the shirtless, tiny-headed men in the game are a gross mis-representation of men.

As for the comments of insults... #3.2.1
I hadn't ever heard that one before, Wynams. Adding that to the ol' quote notebook*

* For full disclosure, it's actually it's a Word doc, not a notebook. #3.1
Well said, HakatoX! #2.1
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