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The PS+ version will be released in just a few days. Sony is holding on to it's reveal till the E3 press event. #2.1
Did they forego the exclusivity contract with the NFL so that we could have more than one crappy option? No? Then they still are an awful company*.

* agreed that they are not the worst in America (I'm looking at you Comcast and AT&T). #9
Your avatar pic and your comment work so incredibly well together. #6.1
I whole heartedly agree with you on DriveClub and its a downright shame. That game has some of the most beautiful environments and some unbelievable gameplay but it it won't get it's due because of how it launched. #2
I have put my money behind half a dozen Kickstarters and the below video sums up my feelings.

That said, as soon as I saw the video for the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, I threw my money at it again. 7th time's the charm, right? #4
I saw a typo in your post. It should have said, "NFL 2K5 "IS" better" and then you can strike the "bs" part.

I have said that the Vita is my favorite overall system since the Dreamcast. A phenomenal system with a piss poor reputation. #5.1
I second your thoughts on Remote Play. I've played through nearly 70% of Far Cry 4 via remote play (mask quests, blowing things up, backtracking, etc).

Also, anyone that has "The Unholy War" as their avatar will get "agrees" from me all day long. #3.1.1
@loganbdh, I don't think SlapHappyJesus was requesting a remake of a remake, but I'll stand by his 'weak' comment.

Having picked up a GameCube Q exclusively for the Resident Evil remake, I was absolutely blown away by what Capcom did with that title. Over the past ten years, the team at Capcom managed to bump up the textures and add a new control scheme but went backwards with the text overlays, multiple load screens and removal of series hallmarks (e.g.: t... #3.1.3
So, the title that says, "We Don't Need The Last Guardian" and the description of the article that says, "Everything their design philosophy offered is now embodied by indie games" isn't what the article is about?

My mistake. #9.1.1
We don't need hockey because we have football, soccer and basketball. Hockey is just basketball and soccer and the 'ice mechanic' is just too cumbersome for people to deal with (you can't even use football cleats on it).

Anyone who likes hockey needs to get with the program because there are already other sports out there. #9
Dude, I have no idea why you are being "disagreed" with as you comment was full of nothing but upbeat positivity.

As for me, I've downloaded Duke Nukem 3D megaton but have only recently started Suikoden II so my Vita calendar is booked for the next few weeks. The last few weeks have been full of Rogue Legacy and Binding of Isaac making my Vita the most played console I currently own. #1.1
I think Nintendo's biggest mistake this holiday was not reducing the console to a sub $200 price point. Had they pulled that off and touted the "remote play" capabilities, they could have easily doubled their holiday sales. #4
I have to admit that I was one of the people saying we wouldn't see another major console but that was because, after six years, Sony and Microsoft were twiddling their thumbs while Steam, Amazon and even Kickstarters like Ouya were starting to steal mindshare.

So happy to see I was wrong as my living room has never felt more alive. It's like 2001 up in this house! #9.1
Very happy to see some of the games on this list. Extraordinarily elated not to find Madden on this list. #1
I'd take a port of XII over a remake of VII. Not that I wouldn't want a remaster of VII, but I simply don't trust Square with the source material anymore. #5.2
As a PS4 owner, I went to three Best Buy stores to try and take advantage of the $150 console trade in offer but no stores had the Sunset Overdrive bundle. If any store I went to had the black and white XboxOne in stock, I would have taken the plunge.

It's now a battle between Wii U and XboxOne. If Wii U drops below $199, I'm in. If XboxOne gets more of those sweet Sunset Overdrive bundles out this holiday, color me a multi-console owner again. #27
I can't wait for that as well, Orbilator. This game is only looking to get better once they get everything put in place. #11.1
Great to hear, Bennibop! Something that I didn't even go into in the article is that I've been remote playing the drift events on my Vita AND that I've been sitting about 2 feet away from my 60" television to get my level of immersion up.

Seriously, this game is one of the best racing experiences to be had and makes me look forward to VR racing. Imagine how crazy THAT'S going to be. #1.3
Wow, why is every opinion here getting disagreed with? I agree with you Rooted_Dust and feel that the only people you can trust with giving you an honest review are PEOPLE. Talk to your friends or create your own group to share in the best pastime in the past 40 years. #6.1
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