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Yes very well said. Sony lost people information and didn't say nothing about it for a week. I didn't hear a public out cry about this. It very self evident Sony is more trusted don't know why? Microsoft just presented a policy to you and you guys were ready to crucify them. #2.4
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You all do know the more we head into the Christmas season sales pick-up. Black Friday all the games will be on sale and it's allot of games coming out so I'm waiting it out for Black Friday. #33
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Yall Mofo spin everything. Christmas is coming up my son has it on his list of games he want. Relax those sales numbers are pretty good for the second place system. #1.8
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Totally totally different game. Tons and tons of NPC open world game. #13.1.4
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Yes but RYSE won a best graphic award to prove it.

Infamous did not have as many NPC running around it than last generation on the PS3. It did have nice particle effects though. #6.4.1
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They already complacent. People sucking up the hype machine. Not one big exclusive have not came out yet. I'm waiting on God of War, Uncharted 4, but these may not come to fruition for another 2 years. I can wait. Meantime I will keep playing my box because I'm enjoying it allot. #1.10.4
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The article was just so misleading. They have not showed us shit in years. They were on the right track with the earlier games Kameo Banjo but have failed big time to bring us any games. #28
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No I don't. The 900P looks darker, which actually could have been adjusted on my TV screen from the jump. #9
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Yeah me to still lots and lots of people looking for a reason to buy a PS4. Have not seen any game play from uncharted 4. Have not seen a new God of War. I do enjoy the MLB game. I know something will come that I'm going to break my neck on the PS4, but it's yet to happen.

Plenty to be excited for on the XB1 though. #1.1.8
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Sniff..Sniff.. I smell a great deal. It's called competition I love it. They can stay in second place this whole generation it lets me know they are fighting back and my gaming experience has been great on the X1 so far. #1.1.2
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Voted you up and I agree. Man these dudes are not playing games they are playing numbers. #1.5.6
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Just stop it the game is great. Quit trying to find and excuse to bring this game down. It's dope as hell. #66
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If we go on console sales the Wii whipped everybody ass. N4G should be named NAG for posting hot garbage. #37
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Right everything is a conspiracy. Last generation most games ran at 480 or 720p. 900p or 1080p are our options right now in the first generations of games. Just stop it another year or two when these DEVs learn both of these system it want be a problem. #1.20
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Well when you spreading the power over all the cores instead letting one core do the work is something. No more struggling to get to 1080P. Which would lead to better graphic fidelity for game engines. Such as Unreal engine 4 and a few others. #14.3
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Like a true General. Your never show your hand until it's time to attack. I think Sony is doing the same thing also. Why you think you haven't seen Uncharted yet or God of War.

Let's just wait and see. Nice for us gamers with Multi-Consoles. #11.2.1
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Well they have already came out and say it was a CPU issue, so if that be the case the PS4 has the weaker CPU. Just go sit down some where. You enjoyed Watch Dogs and your going to enjoy this game also...

Just stop #1.1.78
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I love these things had one for my PS2 and OG xbox. Got to have for my one. Perfect for shooters and sports. #24
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Dude your trying to use rational on a PS4 forum. Everytime you show an example your just going to get voted down. It obvious some Devs are still haven programing issues and it's Microsoft fault. Allot of these games have to stay on schedule, so they are not putting the extra effort into XB1 version. Allot of these kats have not seen how FH2 looks in person. Youtube videos don't even serve it justice the game looks amazing. PS4 power upfront get all the juice now is very true.... #26.7
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Big difference

Microsoft invest in those third party games when they are in developement. When a game say Microsoft Studios on them that mean the helpded with the developement.

I'm going to say this again Microsofot still owns tons of Stock in Bungie it does not hurt Microsoft when Sony paid for advertisment money to Activision. #11
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