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And you have know idea what they may offer when you buy the X ;)

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You all have to understand the Xbox 1 has been out muscled for the last 4yrs. Don't be surprised that this thing out sells most consoles for the next 3 or 4yrs. It want catch up to the orignal PS4 but I do see it selling 20-30 million in it's life time.

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Holmie Sucks!

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I stopped playing it because the X is coming out. It's going to have 4k enhancements.

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Yeah just like Sony say they have sold over 60 million consoles. Think about it.

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Very Beastly!!!!! The Hardcore are buying them. Plus the people that sat on the fence the last few years. Also the people that switch and bought PS4, but they back now.

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More Hate.. This is about Native 4k ....Hate..Hate. Just stop.

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LMAO...Battlefield COD Native 4k...Madden native 4k 2k18 native The hate is real.

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Well there you have it the Devs telling you which one looks best. MS built a Monster.

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Sure I will point some stuff out to you guys.
The Pro version looks washed out and less detailed. The draw distance looks blurry.
The X and The Pro have richer looking graphics and allot more detail.

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61 down votes of denial. The X looks excellent in this game DX12 features shinning through.

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Uhmmm why are we still talking about this crap in 2017? The X is about to drop (criickets) Why because people still like to B8**.

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Nah they not forgetting they just trying to throw shade on the 1X. It's the most powerful now they need to just get over it and play games.

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Are you kidding me... Do you know how many people are about to Trade in their X1 for the X alone.

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It's not aimed at casuals but the Hardcore. They betting on word of mouth from the hardcore to tell the casuals whats better. It's called the trinkle down effect. When you see the COD and BATTLE Fields running on the X looking tens times better than the Pro than you will know.

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With over 80 enhanced games with 4k textures was good enough for me.

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BOOM!! AGAIN!! No matter what you play on I think all true gamers will and should buy this console.

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I want it now period. It's the most powerful machine and everything is being 4k enhanced for it. We get reports everyday and the library of for 4k games is growing everyday.

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Is it a good idea Bloodborne is a exclusive
Is it a good idea Spiderman is a exclusive
Is it a good idea Nioh is a exclusive.

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Why all the down votes for you giving you options to play your games FREE. Something wrong with people today. Are they down voting you because it's a good thing and the competing company is not make that available to their customers. People on here are really cultist fanboys.

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