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I love it. When my son is on the X1 playing his games. I just log into my PC with my account and still play my games.

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They said 2 years.

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I like it. The Zombies are like World War Z the movie.

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Good to see people are still excited about a game. 35 down likes just proves that if it was on their prefered console they will be get you 35 likes instead.

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Even though Sony has the mindset of the General Public Xbox does have a chance of turning it around based on how well the 360 sold. PS2 sold well because it played DVD's out the box. I personally bought 3 PS2 over the years. The new generation of gamers are very Tech savy these days, so power does mean allot.

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Where have you been the last year or so. Microsoft showed off crackdown last summer.

Cloud Power total destruction

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I'm going to enjoy the hell out of QB on my Xbox 1 that's what I'm going to do.

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How come Uncharted is a no brainer? Is it something new and innovative going on with Uncharted 4 that we don't now about? What can Uncharted show us that Rise of the Tomb Raider didn't show us? Now Horizon might be a different story. Heck we haven't even seen what Recore looks like.

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What's interesting they all look good. Don't know what you are talking about poor performance.

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Looks good like we care if they used dynamic scaling same results. IT LOOKS GOOD.

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Why do you all care so much about these numbers enjoy gaming. We are not making any money of this shzzz!

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LOL!! QB looks way better than Uncharted 4. I love Uncharted, but come on man.

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I advise you to look at on your on TV. The Xbox version is 1080P and it looks beautiful. Whomever uploaded those images it doesn't the the Xbox in justice.

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The game is incredible. I don't want to give away any spoilers. I can guarantee you she has more animations than Drake will ever have. Gorgeous game PS4 owners are going to be in denial when it comes out next Christmas.

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Don't know why all the disagrees. I quiet as a church mouse. Runs beautifully.. It's not about the aesthetics with XB1, but the contents.

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Game came out over 2 years ago. Still trying to bash this game.


Shouldn't we be looking forward to the next one...smh

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Dude you can't speak logic on this board.

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You didn't mention Cup Head, which is looking dope as hell.

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A new slim is coming. Phil Spencer has to put his stamp on the X1, so expect to see one very soon.

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Must be a Ponie if grading the game on Sales. Sometimes the game is just not good. Evolve was just not good Need for Speed felt crumy to me. The Order was short as hell and wasn't worth the buy. Even if the Graphics looked hot. The game play was miserable I didn't like it.

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