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People were waiting on the New Gears of war. People were waiting on a slim version and the game. Right now Gears is more popular than Halo.

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Waste fo time The Pro is going to run better than that PC. Did they mention all the system resources in a PC? The Pro will be a dedicated gaming machine.

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Nothing special looks a like a PS3 game. Interesting it was probably cheaper to develope this game than to make a whole new game with updated graphics. In 2016 this game is considered and indi game now.

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Why I'm I thinking about a Ice Sandwhich

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It don't matter Microsoft fronted the money.

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Whole thread is funny. Albert already confirmed what the Scorpio can do. I still see people are in denial.

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I love it. When my son is on the X1 playing his games. I just log into my PC with my account and still play my games.

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They said 2 years.

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I like it. The Zombies are like World War Z the movie.

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Good to see people are still excited about a game. 35 down likes just proves that if it was on their prefered console they will be get you 35 likes instead.

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Even though Sony has the mindset of the General Public Xbox does have a chance of turning it around based on how well the 360 sold. PS2 sold well because it played DVD's out the box. I personally bought 3 PS2 over the years. The new generation of gamers are very Tech savy these days, so power does mean allot.

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Where have you been the last year or so. Microsoft showed off crackdown last summer.

Cloud Power total destruction

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I'm going to enjoy the hell out of QB on my Xbox 1 that's what I'm going to do.

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How come Uncharted is a no brainer? Is it something new and innovative going on with Uncharted 4 that we don't now about? What can Uncharted show us that Rise of the Tomb Raider didn't show us? Now Horizon might be a different story. Heck we haven't even seen what Recore looks like.

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What's interesting they all look good. Don't know what you are talking about poor performance.

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Looks good like we care if they used dynamic scaling same results. IT LOOKS GOOD.

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Why do you all care so much about these numbers enjoy gaming. We are not making any money of this shzzz!

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LOL!! QB looks way better than Uncharted 4. I love Uncharted, but come on man.

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I advise you to look at on your on TV. The Xbox version is 1080P and it looks beautiful. Whomever uploaded those images it doesn't the the Xbox in justice.

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