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No they can't use DX12, but they do have something similar in Vulcan. Mantle was for AMD ( only GPU). PS4 first party games will still look awesome though. #3.3
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I keep hearing this I don't think Devs will ignore 20 million consoles. Do you have any idea how many PC's are in the world? I'm not even bring up PC's little Brother (Xbox1). It's about Microsoft Eco System with their console and PC's. You guys are not thinking big enough.. #11
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Yeah but TitanFall has dedicated servers. When TitanFAll 2 hits I can guarantee you they will be running better than the PSN network. #1.8.1
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Oh you guys still haven't learned. 2yrs later and still talking about the same crap. #2.1.8
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It's called denial. It takes a few days or months before realization sets in that X1 is just as good and someways probably even better. #5.1
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You are a consumer. You can enjoy whatever DX12 has to offer to our community. Mosty these guys on here just want you guys to reconized that the Xbox did have some built in things to make it reach it capabilities. I'm sure ICE team will do the same with the PS4. The problem is people been calling the Xbox Trash for the past year.

People forget the PS3 was the most powerful also and in some games it did prove itself. It didn't mean the 360 was some kind of slouch... #4.4.10
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Look here Dude if the industry standard is 1080P 60FPS for these consoles and the XB1 can do it with easy with DX12. Well that's enough improvement right there. I'm pretty sure with further optimization the PS4 will be reaching it to.

Also from what I'm hearing the new SDK 11.3 with the ESRAM tools they already starting to reach those numbers without DX12. Anything else is gravy. #6.3
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1nsomniac Yeah that's thing none of these Tech heads have not even looked at the conference. The power point presentation was all about the XBOX1 and Direct3D and how the XBox1 one benefits with it's 8 cores. It getting the same boost. Cutting the workload down on the CPU and making Huge Benefits. #5.1.1
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Hmm only one true next Gen game (Forza5) that runs at 1080P 60FPS is on the weaker system. Hmmm Wii U games run at 1080P 60fps another weaker system. The strongest system struggles with 1080P 30FPS games. #3.3.1
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No this is the update they have been talking about since September. Xbox1 Tools simply were not ready when the system launched. They just finally pushed out the SDK. #8.3
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Don't you think it's kind of funny that yesterday ESRAM got praised in the SDK. Now another articles comes out and try to take swipes at the Xbox. Do you see a ton of 1080P 60fps running on either one?

"The power difference between the PS4 and Xbox One, although narrowing down, is pretty apparent at the moment and Warhorse Studios’ upcoming role playing game Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be a pretty resource intensive game. Having said that, will the develo... #4.1
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It's doesn't matter, but it's good to know they are making improvements to the machine. Is that a bad thing? #2.2.3
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Good for You Microsoft keep up the good work.. #34
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It's some kind of Pony Denial going on here. #42.1
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You all are worried about this movie being seen? Give me a break! You should be worried about Sony hacks and security breaches that they don't address.

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You do know that one territory equals about 60 million in sales over the life span of a consoles. Competition is good and it pushes the other company to compete. #2.1.1
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Yup I'm hoping Sony answers the call and make it $350, so I can finally buy one. I love playing the Show. #2.2
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Why does it worry you? It doesn't make your choice of consoles any less of a value. #1.4
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What! Microsoft still own stock in Bungie. I think people forget this tidbit right here. StreetFighter is not coming until 2018 and the game is really not relevant anymore. Unless your playing hardcore circuit for cash. Also let me add Xbox has a Flagship Fighter it called Killer Instinct.

Hmmm.. them early rumors of Resident Evil 7 being Xbox exclusive is looking very clearly now. #16
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We will see. You do know they didn't develope a next generation engine for Uncharted 4. #1.14
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