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I'm saving for a new, state of the art PC for next year and this is the primary reason why. It represents nothing less than the return of space combat simulation to the AAA tier. Expect one of the big names of the industry to try to buy it out, and if they can't, they'll all shit their drawers. Or do you think someone like Chris Roberts will do anything less with $10 million (and counting) in money that he is free to spend as he pleases?

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Not to be a complete dick, but "principal" refers to the first or most important thing in a group. "Principle" indicates a moral belief of some kind.

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While I did enjoy the ME3's conversations, I honestly prefer to hear the same gags and interplay in the elevator, which seemed more natural, than to go up to the same person in the same office or workspace or what have you again and again and get some variation on "Sorry, come back later."

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I am in no way a console person, I play both when the opportunity presents and really don't get the argument. However, I can definitely see that with the next gen, Microsoft just can't seem to find out how not to fuck up.

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Sim City: because the traffic is so fundamentally screwed, we're just going to make 'em fly to work and call it good. After you pay us more money, of course.

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I'd recommend you edit your overview of the story to indicate how much we're talking about here in US Dollars. To save you a little bit of time, 1,799 rupees is $30.00, 1,499 rupees is $24.90, and 3,299 rupees is $54.81.

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Nothing wrong with a short and to the point news blurb, particularly one like this that focuses on the key elements of Wii U's success for Holiday 2013... those being a price drop and some competitive, exclusive content bundles. Ubi knows their shit, don't get me wrong, but simply because of novelty people will buy MS and Sony over Nintendo as things are.

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As an XBLA game, it's sharp enough, but the textures on the fighters and the damage that's being done to the models doesn't look nearly as realistic or permanent as in the show. Some of the sound effects also echoed fairly generic.

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Good information, but the transitions between all of these various quotes, such as they are, need a little work. You shouldn't quote somebody expressing three separate thoughts and block em together like this. It might technically be okay, but it's hard for the reader to follow.

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Without a doubt, this is one of the most politically beneficial articles that may be written about the games industry. I've seen it's like before, but this one carries the theme of complaining "more in sadness, than in anger," through while also just making some spectacular points. I never really wondered before why IEDs aren't generally in these games.

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The Kinect camera in place of HAL 9000 is still an automatic gag reel, even if the overall concept is overdone

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Everyone wants a piece of the pie -- it's just not everyday that the pie train collides right into the mountainside. Something like this happening to some fresh outfit, like Ouya, is to be expected. But NVIDIA?

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For myself, TitanFall's success is irrelevant until it arrives on PC.

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I can't fault the overall idea. It is taking old content, "enhancing" it only one generation, and then selling it/using it to artificially provide an incentive for pre-ordering that might be said to be regressive business practice. By itself, there is nothing wrong with making a proper tribute edition to a popular map of games past.

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Fair point, but isn't part of the pre-order controversy concern that DLC is pressuring consumers into a pre-order when they wouldn't otherwise go that way... reflecting the inflation of the whole pre-order scheme in the first place?

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Either way, with the character's name being "Ellie," I wonder how much of this Naughty Dog really saw coming in at least some respect, even if they didn't set out to copy the face.

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I wasn't intending to complain; it's a fine article. If you believe it is necessary to frame your point, then I won't question your style.

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There's nothing wrong with treating your readers as fairly uninformed, but I think you waste time by discussing the history of MMOs and subscription fees. It stands to reason that anyone who reads this article will know what's going on, there.

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Yeah, it is fairly uncanny. However, the photo I have seen of the voiceover actress also resembles the character, so Naughty Dog does have some cover there.

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I really think she was just trying to be funny on Reddit.

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