"Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D


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Yeah... no.

Worth mentioning... there entire conference was focused on the gamer. Not apps or social connectivity. Yes social stuff was in there but what did it revolve around? Yup games.

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GOTY contenders imo, having only played one of these. But also having the utmost trust in the other two to be masterpieces.

Bioshock: Infinite

The Last of Us (Naughty Gods)

GTA V (Never doubt R* North)

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WOW! At both the environment, and the music!

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Sony is literally doing everything right. I mean Knack, The Witness, and in talks with Dean Hall for DAYZ. This is the kind of diversity that I think could possibly propel to Sony to PS2 greatness once again. It sounds nuts but every move they seem to make is catering to all gamers.

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We can only hope.

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It's real, but if R* wants to blow up the internet like they did for the reveal of the game. We all want that April fools not September but June release joke. Dreams...

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Spies vs Mercs that is all.

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No Michael Ironside. They want chaos theory style game back.

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Yes please!

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I still really want to see what Microsoft is doing and get more details on all of this.

As a gamer though, I am firmly in the PS4 camp right now. I do not like anything I'm reading tbh.

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There is no way they will do him justice. Please prove me wrong.

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This is a huge missed opportunity.

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"Exactly....it's basically a new IP with AC shoehorned in their "

" It's supposed to be about Templars vs Assassins...not Pirates"

Yeah your an idiot, and again I'm immature after I call you an idiot because you make idiotic statements with no proof to back them okay...

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Your an idiot. The trailer clearly shows a ton of what AC is. They will always have Templars vs Assassins. AC has also always been about going back to a era of historical significance. Walking around being immersed in all it has to offer from the Architecture, people, to the look ect...

If you really wan't to go to the bare bones though AC is about
Social Stealth/Free Running/Assassinations.

If you payed attention at all Edward is a pirate turned ...

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That Assassin looks badass.

Let me sail the sea free roam style jumping to other ships ect... In a open world an I'll gladly drink this milk in about 2 seconds.

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If that's all you think GTA provides you don't deserve to play those games honestly, your an imbecile.

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Oh man Watch_Dogs is shaping up to be amazing, but you don't stand a chance against GTA V. I mean do I really need to list everything GTA V is doing? This not a fanboy thing I'm about to say it's a fact, come back here in September.

I mean Watch_Dogs has some amazing things going for it with the single/multiplayer merging into one. Hacking the city, the immersion/graphics are Next Gen. It also shows crazy unscripted AI.

With all that said, if R* n...

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