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""Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D"



You can mark enemies.
Listen mode will allow you to "see" enemies by listening. The range for this is short, and you are physically handicapped when in this mode. Hold R2 for Listen mode.
There will be a radar.
You can get more info from the booster descriptions below:

The Last of Us Multiplayer Boosters:

Group Mark - When you add a marker, all surrounding enemies are marked as well.
Move... #5.2
Was literally just about to say the same thing lol. Oh and I also think GTA V has a very high chance of GOTY status imo. #2.1
Glad ND was on the same page as me. Can't wait to finally see it in action. #2
Yup. #1.1.1
Journalists are going to see it next week. #3.1
28 days Hnnngggg! #2
More game surprises, reveals, and details?
Yeah I'm game. #1
Right now... Uncharted, all three of them. Not counting Vita because I haven't played it. #23
So close... Hnnngggg. #7
Makes me sad looking at how they use to be.
I'm buying the HD remix's day one that have taken way to long to happen.

My favorite series ever is Kingdom Hearts and I want KH3 already it's only been oh... 7 years!

On the topic of long times Versus better be the PS4 FF game square is showing at E3, or I'm giving up. #1.1
Coming from someone who got bored of SR3 very fast.
That actually looks really fun. #1
KH1- Sephiroth #1
Indeed, thats why I'm not trying to come off complaining per say just
making gameplay at the fore front always. I absolutely love indies btw I buy a lot of them. #1.1.1
Yup, my PS3 June 14. #5.1.1
I agree with pretty much everything you said. Except you missed what I was trying to say. I don't want new ways to play in a physical sense.

I mean innovation as in a new experience during gameplay. because too many developers just follow the damn FPS, third person action game, insert any other genre here guidelines. Then they wonder why there game didn't sell amazing just because it looked great.

Do you see what I'm trying to say? If people don&#... #6.1
My guess is this is from a flash back to the 1500's. During Uncharted 4 for some plot reason involving Sir Francis Drake. Here's hoping :D

Can't wait to see what ever Naughty Dog has been working on at E3. While frantically rocking back and forth knowing The Last of Us is only 4 days away. #5
Finally... we get a damn article that hits the nail on the head.

Look I love graphics as much as the next guy. They add to the game in a ton of ways. At the end of the day though you're just looking at it.

Now I won't get into how important animation, sound ect... Complement the graphics in huge ways.

The point is all we have been hearing is how much better everything will look. Not how much more fun these games will be to play.
I liked the first one, so I will play this for sure. #2
Are you freaking kidding me?

The words you're looking for are... You like Watch_Dogs art style better.

From a graphical fidelity/effects point, no Watch_Dogs does't look better. #6.2
As long as Naughty Dog takes all the core values/mechanics of The Last of Us. Then uses them as a foundation for mp everything should be okay.

No health regen
Power struggle mechanic
Brutal melee combat
Interesting modes that reflect The Last of Us not TDM

Just a few examples of a good way to start imo. #5
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