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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


It's real but not being made yet. The kick starter for it is aimed for July. #3
Subsidize... think before writing. #8.2
indeed, just a guess but either way if they subsidize with a subscription there looking at a lot more buyers. #2.1
This is very good news. Sony is literally hitting every note of a perfect launch. So people saying $499 are definitely wrong or maybe...

Sony may price it high, but take a note from MS and subsidize the cost with a subscription to plus. Thinking like $150 to $200 (random guess) if you subscribe to the psplus service for x amount of years.

If done right PS4 would sell a ridiculous amount. It will anyway I'm sure but if they subsidize the cost... Glad I&#... #1
Best of luck to you. #3.1
Looked really fun. : ( #2
This for better or worse depending on which side you fall. For me Call of Duty 4 was amazing but I wish it never existed. #3.1
Don't think so, but I freaking love Uncharted. Not just Uncharted 2 either. 1,2,and 3 I love them all.

There my favorite games this gen. Just because I love the characters and the experience of Uncharted overall.

Only fitting I guess considering Crash Bandicoot 1,2, and 3 were my favorite PSX games. Unfortunately Jak was not my favorite on PS2 while I loved it that honor goes to Kingdom Hearts 1 an 2.

The Last of Us... just DAMN! #2
Yeah... no.

Worth mentioning... there entire conference was focused on the gamer. Not apps or social connectivity. Yes social stuff was in there but what did it revolve around? Yup games. #3
GOTY contenders imo, having only played one of these. But also having the utmost trust in the other two to be masterpieces.

Bioshock: Infinite

The Last of Us (Naughty Gods)

GTA V (Never doubt R* North) #3
WOW! At both the environment, and the music! #4
Sony is literally doing everything right. I mean Knack, The Witness, and in talks with Dean Hall for DAYZ. This is the kind of diversity that I think could possibly propel to Sony to PS2 greatness once again. It sounds nuts but every move they seem to make is catering to all gamers. #3
We can only hope. #3.1
It's real, but if R* wants to blow up the internet like they did for the reveal of the game. We all want that April fools not September but June release joke. Dreams... #11
Spies vs Mercs that is all. #2
No Michael Ironside. They want chaos theory style game back. #1.1
Yes please! #5
4 DAYS! #2
I still really want to see what Microsoft is doing and get more details on all of this.

As a gamer though, I am firmly in the PS4 camp right now. I do not like anything I'm reading tbh. #3
There is no way they will do him justice. Please prove me wrong. #13
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