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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


I liked the first one, so I will play this for sure. #2
Are you freaking kidding me?

The words you're looking for are... You like Watch_Dogs art style better.

From a graphical fidelity/effects point, no Watch_Dogs does't look better. #6.2
As long as Naughty Dog takes all the core values/mechanics of The Last of Us. Then uses them as a foundation for mp everything should be okay.

No health regen
Power struggle mechanic
Brutal melee combat
Interesting modes that reflect The Last of Us not TDM

Just a few examples of a good way to start imo. #5
Me too man. This E3 is going to be very crazy indeed. #1.1
Give me dat info now! #9
pretty neat. #3
I doubt that. #2
Damn they didn't deny rumors. There is some good with having a game exclusive, but also some bad for both the developer and consumer. #2
That had a very Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy vibe to it.

I like it! #3
Good motto, now stick to it. #2
Can't wait to see it. #3
Great! I just hope it's coming at all, but PS4 version all the way if true. #1
9. Trees talk, but only some people hear them
Source? Otherwise, yes please. #3
Stupid to want to predict a release date of a system that your really excited for... #5
It's real but not being made yet. The kick starter for it is aimed for July. #3
Subsidize... think before writing. #8.2
indeed, just a guess but either way if they subsidize with a subscription there looking at a lot more buyers. #2.1
This is very good news. Sony is literally hitting every note of a perfect launch. So people saying $499 are definitely wrong or maybe...

Sony may price it high, but take a note from MS and subsidize the cost with a subscription to plus. Thinking like $150 to $200 (random guess) if you subscribe to the psplus service for x amount of years.

If done right PS4 would sell a ridiculous amount. It will anyway I'm sure but if they subsidize the cost... Glad I&#... #1
Best of luck to you. #3.1
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