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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


Next Gen #3
Can't wait, nothing else to really say. Give me moar! #1
"We haven't detailed the features of Grand Theft Auto V's online mode as yet" (stay tuned for first info soon)

I'm not ready for dogfights in Los Santos. Only to be shot down ending up in the ocean only to be bitten by a shark.

Wait... yes I am! #1
Beautiful #2
There's this... Full demo of Pittsburgh level #1.2
Here you go, 30 minutes of new gameplay.

Your welcome :) #6
May 31st #8.1

You can mark enemies.
Listen mode will allow you to "see" enemies by listening. The range for this is short, and you are physically handicapped when in this mode. Hold R2 for Listen mode.
There will be a radar.
You can get more info from the booster descriptions below:

The Last of Us Multiplayer Boosters:

Group Mark - When you add a marker, all surrounding enemies are marked as well.
Move... #5.2
Was literally just about to say the same thing lol. Oh and I also think GTA V has a very high chance of GOTY status imo. #2.1
Glad ND was on the same page as me. Can't wait to finally see it in action. #2
Yup. #1.1.1
Journalists are going to see it next week. #3.1
28 days Hnnngggg! #2
More game surprises, reveals, and details?
Yeah I'm game. #1
Right now... Uncharted, all three of them. Not counting Vita because I haven't played it. #23
So close... Hnnngggg. #7
Makes me sad looking at how they use to be.
I'm buying the HD remix's day one that have taken way to long to happen.

My favorite series ever is Kingdom Hearts and I want KH3 already it's only been oh... 7 years!

On the topic of long times Versus better be the PS4 FF game square is showing at E3, or I'm giving up. #1.1
Coming from someone who got bored of SR3 very fast.
That actually looks really fun. #1
KH1- Sephiroth #1
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