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""Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D"


Nathan Drake

Elena Fisher

Victor "Sully" Sullivan

Chloe Frazer

and I couldn't be more excited.

I will leave it to naughty dog to decide where the game goes from the design side.

As far as Uncharted mp goes... It should absolutely stay it's one of a kind in a lot of ways and there is nothing like it on the market. Besides Tomb raider and we all know how that went. Not to ment... #3
Still no damn release date... #1
Too good to be true. I can dream though. #3.1
The plot thickens #2
I think we hear the antagonist in the trailer. Is Uncharted, Uncharted with out Drake? #20
Nope, if your buying a PS4 for it's launch games... You shouldn't be buying a PS4.

By the same merit, if you follow the mainstream gaming media reviewers every word... That must be a horrible life. Considering it's the same game media who almost always has no idea what they're talking about. #5
Please don't say that... R* was an isolated incident right. I hope -_- #2.1
lol #18
All speculation at this point. Just wait the truth will come out soon enough. Sessler is not giving any details yet, I guess.

A lot of people believe it is youtube related though. #3
2016? lol... Probably true ;_; #6
The feels #16
:) #1
lol... So true :( #2.1
Spin off title on PS4 wouldn't be crazy. #1.1.1
Epic shot... Can't wait to see what there teasing. #2
Amazing... Even with the terrible camera. #4
I really liked these.

*SPOILERS* None are story related btw, except maybe the last one.

Funny a... #2
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