"Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D


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Well damn lol... I guess it's actually in the city after all, I wonder how this will be explained.

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Holy shit lol... I guess it's actually in the city after all, I wonder how this will be explained.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! One of my all time favorite games remastered on PS4!

To some this will not be that big of a deal. For me and I assume others... I seriously just can't wait. Also hooray for the mp getting a second wind. Pretty unique and very tense fun.

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Omg... Is it march yet?

How about now?

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I love my Vita.

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No, anyone who is going to buy Second Son is not going to say F that because Titanfall. Even if they own both consoles. I know people who own both an Titanfall is not stopping any of them. I highly doubt it would for any others either.

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Yeah I don't really see where Dave Cox's problem is. Even if his goal is to distance himself away from GOW. People will still always compare the two. Simply because they play so similar.

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This guy knows whats up. As a huge fan of Sly since I first met the gang in 2002. I must say Sanzaru games did a fantastic job of not only staying true to Sly and his roots but also making an awesome game.

I want to see what Sucker Punch comes up with next and I think Sanzaru games should get another Sly game. They certainly deserve it imo.

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This is a given MS will probably buy Titanfall. I just find Phil Spencer. It's ony a concept not a scrapped ip funny as hell. You know when this game became a concept? When they bought gears lol.

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Ummm... Concept lol doesn't sound like concept. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

I think they were working on new ip, and now have to work on gears. I'm sorry, here you go. I don't think any more I know.



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Indeed, lets wait and see. I'm sure both parties with comment soon.

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Funny, A friend of mine had this same theory when he saw the second trailer. He asked me if I saw it. To me it came off as very playful and child like, and still does. That being said it's possible.

I'm completely okay if that's the case I just don't see it, yet anyway.

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Hmmm... How about

No, no, and hell no

People can say what they want but for me a huge fan of uncharted since it's beginning.

Nathan Drake is Uncharted.

"A small percentage of Uncharted fans believe that Uncharted 4, or whatever Naughty Dog names the next title in the franchise needs to get rid of Nathan Drake along with Elena, Sully and also Chloe"

These people are not Uncharted fans.

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Wait and see... Won't be long now, Skyrim released in 2011. I would be extremely happy for either. If I had my way though, they would give obsidian the rights to make another Fallout game.

While Todd Howard an company reveal the next ES. That way we get both in a relatively short amount of time.

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lol my bad Grim, I didn't know about the beta testing joke. Disregard my reply. I thought you were being a sarcastic douche

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lol omg thats amazing. Thats seriously real?

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? What the hell does that even mean? Please answer

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You kidding me lol. I almost don't want to respond to this idiocy. Definition for you.


Now that you know your actions let me explain why. I own a PS4 I have barely played it, the only games I own for it are third party. BF4 and AC4 to be exact I had COD and KZ but I sold them.

I'm not a fanboy of anything but Uncharted lol :)

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End of Feb not bad, still lame though. Now I don't have to pick up an Xbox One until the 25th.

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