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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


2016? lol... Probably true ;_; #6
The feels #16
:) #1
lol... So true :( #2.1
Spin off title on PS4 wouldn't be crazy. #1.1.1
Epic shot... Can't wait to see what there teasing. #2
Amazing... Even with the terrible camera. #4
I really liked these.

*SPOILERS* None are story related btw, except maybe the last one.

Funny a... #2
Are you guys kidding... That site is so freaking fake lol.

Look at all those in depth reviews. #4
Everybody bail spoilers are going to come.

Originally Posted by BahumatLord

"Thank you. For the record I'm not a regular visitor here. I'm just trying something that may or may not work and I'm doing it here instead of my regular haunts out of respect for the original releaser of the link. Respect is a funny thing. It's earned and not by seeing who can be the biggest douchebag on the internet.

I'm going after the kli... #10
AHHHH... Only 25 days! #2
Fish AI.

If I am being completely honest there reveal of ghosts mp
didn't look worlds apart from MW3 or BO2. #2
15+ hours to beat, just charging through the main path.

The game changes every 10 to 15 minutes and nothing is reused.

"Moore said that they hope to change the gameplay every 10 to... #4
I have it and it's very good. A great deal better than the original Payday imo. #2
So Next Gen? Please? #1
Wouldn't that decrease the amazing production values, and turn the fps to unplayable though?

Maybe but I doubt it... One thing I do know is I'm hyped and I don't want MMO GTA personally. #5.1
It's own logo... really? Okay Hype! #4
EverQuest Next #6
Absolutely beautiful. #1
Gamers want KH3 and have for 7 years not just fanboys of them, like myself.

As for fans of Final Fantasy. The majority just want a another great Final Fantasy they love again. You know... because how long has it been?

A sequel to Sleeping Dogs would be amazing, I love that game. I would take waiting 10 years for Sleeping Dogs 2 though if it went getting KH3/FFXV next year. #6.1
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