"Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D


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What lol there is no defense, everyone is entitled to a opinion but 4/10? Okay lets look at this logically for a second shall we? We live in a time where idiot's will buy games based on bs reviews like this so I have no doubt ND probably lost some sales here.

Now onto this supposed game review defense nonsense. Hey guess what he's a "reviewer" who is suppose to give an unbiased opinion of the game he plays an critique it fairly on flaws,story,gameplay ect.. ...

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Great score, I can't wait to play Skyrim. Only question is how should I play it? Make it up as I go I guess, I mean that's what ES is all about exploring another world. So close!

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My guess is insane animations, I mean Jim Jagger is lead animator(worked on eight days). Probably going to have a completely revamped shooting system, and melee system. Then the obvious a extremely immersive world. I mean just look at the pedestrians AI interacting with environment and each other truly amazing. Lastly the game is just vibrant an beautiful, and seeing jets,bmx,gyms,jet skis ect... All a very big plus.

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The rumor of multiple protagonists seems to be coming true. Heavy emphasis on old guy possibly mid 50s Vercetti, so I agree there. Cue Hispanic guy in red convertible looks young, now more varied gameplay seems better fit. Like fighter jet, and bmx riding as seen at for sale sign shot in the trailer. Just guesses really hopefully it comes out in may would be so epic.

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By far my favorite shooter, and it's tactical don't see that much anymore. Can't wait.

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Rob lol, skyrim sucks lol jk. This title reminded me of Peter Molyneux talking about new fable lol.

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A friend of my who works in the industry, he seen the game running would not show me an told me everything he saw. First thing he said animation was insane to the point where during a gunfight in the living room the characters hands where shaking because he was scared you play as an Italian guy he had a slick suit on him and a partner where in a home looking for something. Two cars pull up partner screams there here oh shit get down stairs character takes cover behind wall gun shaking animati...

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Yeah he does lol.

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Interesting, I hope ME3 is way more RPG then ME2 still loved ME2 though.

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Yeah umm... it's R* North an GTA we need it. Besides I have friend who has seen GTA V and believe me you might not believe it but GTA V is going to shock a lot of people. Way different from past GTA's in gameplay mechanics, animations basically everything trust me you won't see this one coming.

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Yes, I think this would be awesome!

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unbelievable! Uncharted 3 my most anticipated all year, even with the ridiculous amount of great games coming up.

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Well said, reviews are opinions play the game an judge for yourselves. I for one think we need games like Alice: Madness Returns it shows games can be something unique instead of the norm an imo I think Alice: Madness Returns is awesome. Perfect example I'm getting El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron when it launches because it's unique an new, not to mention the games demo was a surprise that blew my mind because I was not expecting anything crazy. So do yourselves a favor an play ...

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This looks very unique, count me very interested.

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The Last Guardian and SLY 4 many to be announced i'm sure. Your also sure but mad, because microsoft completely screwed there core gamers an your trying to defend them lol. You think i'm the only one who thinks so? Ask some gamers on 360 not blind fanboys who will buy disney land adventurers because it's exclusive.

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Yeah right, who watched there conference? Thats why I sold my 360 awhile ago microsoft forgot about and alienated there true fanbase. They seem to forget theres a lot more people with 360s then kinect, and lets be honest kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronics device. Sure but how many of the crowd that bought kinect, casuals or fanboys are going to buy or even anticipate the garbage showcased on stage at E3? Not many, so microsoft is walking a thin line alienating there fanbase. N...

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It's 100% real an sh*t just got real http://www.youtube.com/watc... look at trademark at the end sony is coming with a vengeance Syphon filter, GETAWAY, uncharted 3, twisted metal, resistance 3, last guardian ,NGP ect... CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Its a prequel an this is awesome can't have too much sully

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lol nice

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