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""Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D"


Bioware killed the 5 year build up in ME3 in 5 minutes. Congratz. #2
Perfect score, yeah right I give this game a 0 for killing an otherwise amazing game with the terrible no choice plot hole endings. #1
I'ts zoomed in a lot, not to mention unfinished build. Do you really think rockstar would take the time to make the logo look polished zoomed like that in the reveal trailer? I'm pretty sure the focus is elsewhere. #1.1.1
It's a beaver, rockstar changed the real life logo from a bear to a beaver in san andreas. #1
This game looks awesome, lol the gameplay is pretty crazy being an open world game. #2
This game has a lot of potential. That only goes so far, so time will tell. I'm pretty excited for it personally though. #1
Come on, get here already. #1
Same, I will probably get hate for this even though it's opinion. I think this might blow skyrim away for me and I've already put in 200+ in skyrim. #1.1.1
Disappointing if true, thanks for the comparison though. #3.1.1
I'm not the best with tech. So can somebody explain if this turns out to be real, what the comparison to the current xbox would be? Just curious. #3
That's interesting uh I really hope so. Will wait for official word on this though, because there is no need for me to get excited for nothing. #5
Amazing, this is one of the many reasons I would love to see next gen soon. #2
Lame. #3.1
Finally! #2
They need AC1 two AC2 time, and we would see greatness. #4
Very interesting we'll see, very exciting none the less. #4.1.1
You do realize treyarch is also COD dev an there well into development. This is not a promising prospect is the same ordeal over an over little mechanic here some new tweaks there wala new COD. It's sad because there fun but do you have any idea what a new engine, development time, and innovation could do for this franchise? #4.1.1
Seems odd I would love new consoles, but didn't Ubisoft announce R6P (Rainbow Six Patriots) scheduled for 2013. Gameinformer is running cover for it next month, and Crytek UK is working on homefront 2 for 2013. Guillermo Del Toro's Insane is also looking at 2013.

So why would these publishers be looking to release when this cycle is over, I know people will say PS2 sold hardware an software like crazy while PS3 was out. Granted though were in a much different generati... #4
Is anybody surprised lol. If you were publishing COD this is business 101 a year before the new one is done. Unfortunate really, because it would be nice to see what COD could really be with a little innovation an tech. Oh well COD 4 was greatness everything else after was just sameness, still fun though. #4
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