"Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D


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The game we were hyped for since 2006 Versus is obviously not completely XV. All the stuff I said is confirmed by Tabata himself.

Just pray with me... If all this bs is still true by the time we play the demo. That Square takes feedback seriously and makes the right changes.

After all this time it can't end like this.

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I'm so conflicted on this game. I'm still really excited, but here is what makes me worry/mad.

- The weapon system in the game is treated like a deck. You set weapons on the deck in the menu, and during combat the most appropriate weapon in the deck will be used based on the situation.

- The evasion in the game is executed by "defensive movement" which is a stance the player goes into when holding down the defense button. This allows the pla...

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Ding, ding, ding

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Got mine Umbasa!!! Best of luck to you all.
Don't know if trophy data matters but I have a plat in both Demon's and Dark Souls.

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I would say TLG but the this holiday throws that out the window imo. I think... I really can't even guess. If the quote is meant to be taking literally we are talking about a high profile title for it to move PS4 units.

This should be very interesting. What could be announced at TGS but release holdiay thats like barely a marketing campaign lol.

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Everything about that image is just awesome. New image here... http://bbs.a9vg.com/thread-...
An yup just as awesome.

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Interesting... My bet is on Beyond PS4.

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Well said sir. I'm honestly not sure how you could play Rainbow Six: Siege with out working with your team though. Even if you did so on purpose, you would just hurt the entire team. Making things much more difficult or really in Siege considering the way it plays, borderline impossible.

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I agree. Sony bringing back SOCOM is just a smart move all around. They just need to go back to what made SOCOM great in the first place an update those ideas for the PS4.

A great example of this is Rainbow Six: Siege. Lets be honest as well. How many tactical shooters are on the market anyway? Now makes perfect sense.

You know, some of us out there prefer skill/team based gameplay... Over an xp bar filling for the next rank or weapon upgrade while words flas...

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Lets will it to happen together.

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Thanks for such a meaningful and insightful comment.

When did you play BBS on PS2? I want that PS2.

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Can't wait. I hope it has some kind of tease for KH3, like the sly collection did.

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I'm so ready to see it already.

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So insanely excited for this. Rumor is, it is slated for release this year as well. Would be too amazing to be true probably but I can dream.

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No shit right? This game is pure quality and far from f2p imo. Yeah it doesn't reinvent the wheel but like I said pure quality if you don't like it don't sub.

People obviously do like though as the games numbers are rising not falling.

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Now is that a bad thing? Nope.

Game looks great btw. Time will tell if it's as good or worthy of being compared to the franchise it is drawing comparisons from.

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Of course they will the game has been in development for a very long time. One would think it's close to being shown.

Now to clarify
yes things are happening at ND. As to what no one knows. Yet you get nothing but speculation an nonsense theories with no tangible evidence to support them. Which is actually ND & Sony's fault for not clarifying this situation. Which is in the end there choice of course.

Nobody is a bigger fan of the Uncharte...

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Big words, now prove it. Guess we will find out soon. So freaking excited for this game.

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Mecha Spider FTW!

@bjshepp: I am pretty positive they will. Both the animation lead an Creative lead have both hinted at this. After being asked so many questions about, welcome to Chicago trailer.

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It was in the welcome to Chicago trailer, hidden in like one frame. I do see your point though. We are still missing one crucial thing though... Context of this scene and the mecha spider purpose in the game.

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