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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


Funny, A friend of mine had this same theory when he saw the second trailer. He asked me if I saw it. To me it came off as very playful and child like, and still does. That being said it's possible.

I'm completely okay if that's the case I just don't see it, yet anyway. #6
Hmmm... How about

No, no, and hell no

People can say what they want but for me a huge fan of uncharted since it's beginning.

Nathan Drake is Uncharted.

"A small percentage of Uncharted fans believe that Uncharted 4, or whatever Naughty Dog names the next title in the franchise needs to get rid of Nathan Drake along with Elena, Sully and also Chloe"

These people are not Uncharted fans. #4
Wait and see... Won't be long now, Skyrim released in 2011. I would be extremely happy for either. If I had my way though, they would give obsidian the rights to make another Fallout game.

While Todd Howard an company reveal the next ES. That way we get both in a relatively short amount of time. #2
lol my bad Grim, I didn't know about the beta testing joke. Disregard my reply. I thought you were being a sarcastic douche #2.4
lol omg thats amazing. Thats seriously real? #1.1.2
? What the hell does that even mean? Please answer #1.1.1
You kidding me lol. I almost don't want to respond to this idiocy. Definition for you.


Now that you know your actions let me explain why. I own a PS4 I have barely played it, the only games I own for it are third party. BF4 and AC4 to be exact I had COD and KZ but I sold them.

I'm not a fanboy of anything but Uncharted lol :)
End of Feb not bad, still lame though. Now I don't have to pick up an Xbox One until the 25th. #1
Nathan Drake

Elena Fisher

Victor "Sully" Sullivan

Chloe Frazer

and I couldn't be more excited.

I will leave it to naughty dog to decide where the game goes from the design side.

As far as Uncharted mp goes... It should absolutely stay it's one of a kind in a lot of ways and there is nothing like it on the market. Besides Tomb raider and we all know how that went. Not to ment... #3
Still no damn release date... #1
Too good to be true. I can dream though. #3.1
The plot thickens #2
I think we hear the antagonist in the trailer. Is Uncharted, Uncharted with out Drake? #20
Nope, if your buying a PS4 for it's launch games... You shouldn't be buying a PS4.

By the same merit, if you follow the mainstream gaming media reviewers every word... That must be a horrible life. Considering it's the same game media who almost always has no idea what they're talking about. #5
Please don't say that... R* was an isolated incident right. I hope -_- #2.1
lol #18
All speculation at this point. Just wait the truth will come out soon enough. Sessler is not giving any details yet, I guess.

A lot of people believe it is youtube related though. #3
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