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""Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D"


The lies Ubisoft fed me on AC3 oh man such a disappointing game for me. I expected things they actually marketed an then... lies.

Obviously AC4 was made by a different team for years probably cross generational. They are milking it but should anyone be surprised Ubisoft said they will make a AC every year as long as they keep the quality up.

As a fan of the franchise since the first I will want to play it. I'm almost sure of that, but Ubisoft will have to... #6
The game looks absolutely stunning. Just wow to the people saying it looks only slightly better then PS3 on the internet (not in here).

I mean I still can't believe this is a launch title I mean damn. Looking to the future 2-3 years holy shit.

We still don't even know what kind of gameplay innovations we will see either eg. AI, destruction, interactivity ect... To only name a few, exciting times ahead indeed. #11
This a mock up from neogaf. #2
If BF4 is running 64 players with FULL destruction of the environment an insane graphics. I believe it might just be possible. #3
lol What was the name of that conference again? Oh yeah



... #4
Oh my god! #15
Bingo! If Nomura shows up besides to attend then it's going to get interesting real quick though. #9.1
PlayStation 4.

I mean does anyone really see Sony calling it Orbis, or any other imo dumb code name? Yes there's the whole Vita's Latin meaning being life, and Orbis Latin meaning circle. Yay Circle of Life ect... Then there's the whole Japanese number 4 superstition but I think people look to much into that.

The thing is PlayStation is a brand a massive brand known worldwide period. So if a Company is going jeopardize there brand recognition cau... #2
Suicide if true. Seriously they can't be this dumb. If they do this an Sony doesn't... The so called console war people love will be over before it starts. #5
I'm not ready. #2
Stole the words out of my mouth. #6.1
Pretty much Ubisoft fails, the DLC left another cliff hanger as well which was nice >:/

Not mention it sold 2.2 million in one year. Yup great job Ubisoft you sure know what your doing... /s #4.1
lol... Not making a sequel to POP 2008 was so stupid. All they had to do was give it challenging gameplay. I mean the art, cast, world, story, and music were all ace imo. I have seen many people ask for it including myself, but no AC here we come again. #5
I want it. #1
"As part of the announcement, the company confirmed that Deep Silver will lead "all further development and marketing" on the Saints Row and Metro franchises. As a fan of those franchises, this worries me -- especially on the heels of the recent Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait debacle which saw a bloodied, limbless female torso as a collectible bonus. I can only imagine -- and shudder -- with an idea of what they might have in store for Saints Row 4."

&quo... #3
This guy! #6.1
Already signed up for it. Can't wait, both Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers were very fun. #2
It is The Witcher 3 and it's going to be freaking awesome. Not to forget they also reveal it is open world like Cyberpunk 2077 in that text.

I can't wait to see The Witcher 3 demoed on Next Gen hardware at E3 I'm not ready. #2
Amazing I love everything about that trailer glorious CG.

OMG Witcher 3 reveal Feb 5th completely open world! :D

description of the video. The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member.

The Psycho Squad specializes in combating "psychos" -- individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise... #9
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