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"Something... something waiting for Next Gen :D"


lol wow got to play the blame game. They always pick the games it's pathetic honestly. #3
Geralt of Rivia found a man after he tried... He's dead. #1
If it doesn't square is retarded. Oh wait where's versus? Dammit. #1.2
We all know that sadly, but it's Kingdom Hearts so I really don't care. I'm just glad were getting them in HD.

Now how about that NA release date square? #2.1
Dat Grass!

Dat Bow!

Dat Alien AI!

Game looks amazing! #2
Honestly this looks really rough, sweet cape tech though. #18
lol YES! #1.1.1
How about a North American release date? They better have a date at Jump Festa Saturday. #1
I did it sounds awesome. I was speaking about the mp btw. #1.1.1
146 days! #1
Looks like gears, with maybe a bit less skill considering the new way grenades work an the new sniper. Shotty and a shield really? lol I like gears though and this looks really fun. #1
Go here hope you get Trojan return on 12/17/12 Beta early. #1.2
Power stone, but yes it does look very unique #5.1
Vote, I choose 6 and either that or #4 should have been boxart imo. #4
It's so far away ahhh! #1.1
Can't wait to play this tomorrow. It looks really fun, it doesn't hurt that I've been a GOW fan for a very long time. #2
Oh my... Yup I pooped. #10
Me too, lets believe together. Maybe we can will this to become a reality. #2.1
EPIC! So awesome, I want more Uncharted now. PS4 get here already. I need to hear Drake's voice close E3 next year. #1 Kind of a obvious conclusion anyway, even if nothing was ever said about it. Given it's huge commercial and critical success. #1
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