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""Something... something waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 :D"


This is very exciting for me. Can't wait to see Wolf Among Us return. #2
Not going to lie these changes sound fantastic. Especially these lines for me.
"You had to "aim" your parry in the direction it came from and you had to time it right.
You couldn't just press it and expect him to 180° and parry.
Oh and you could do a combat roll if you press A and a direction, that was handy when you get surrounded!"

This as well... "Well you die a LOT quicker than before. I think it was about 3 hits... #10
I will believe it when I see it. I would hope Uncharted 4 is at least a for sure thing. That is honestly enough for me lol.

I wonder how big it will be though new games being announced? TLG?
Should be a great watch. #5
Yeah, Versus info was pretty bad. People wanting to stone Tabata over Nomura is dumb. People getting upset over his past comments bit of a different story. #2.1.1
The presentation was very good, I am satisfied. I love how transparent Tabata and Square are being on the development of XV. He answered every question directly and detailed. I look forward to the next one on November 1st. Bringing the new combat video to show off what he was saying was a great touch as well. #2
What what? *Looks* Art looks great. I want to see Uncharted 4 in game screens or video so bad. I really hope we won't have to wait until E3 to see it. #3
I really hope so... I just think it would be a lot of fun and add a lot of combat variety. #3
I got it from an exotic engram I bought from Xur. #1.1
Gimmie... Gimmie now! When are we going to see the first gameplay? I need to see the gameplay. Can't wait to see Elena, Chloe, and Sully look like in Uncharted 4. #11
Can't wait to play this.

In Shinji Mikami, I trust. The newer videos have looked great as well. This is a playthrough of the mansion level played by Pete Hines. #2
Can't wait... I'm assuming Tabata will probably explain the battle system in depth. Considering he said they were cut short last time hence why there doing a long version now. So much conflicting information on so many aspects of this game hopefully, this presentation offers some clarity on at least some of them.

Getting to see some more Type-0 HD will also make it a great watch. #1
Not yet... I hate how Tabata is talking but still we get to play it in march. That is when you decide. Plus if you leave now you won't know if XV incorporates actual airship travel like versus promised. I remember you were really about to get mad if they didn't. #4.2
A new Dissidia on Vita would be awesome to see. #3
Maybe we have been waiting 8 years for a game. That is now no longer that game but Is a different game but was still promoted as the same game in 2013 using Nomura as a face and nothing more. We know this because Tabata took over in July 2012. Add to that a either bad or very confusing direction. With so many questions unanswered most have no idea what we are getting. That is a very short version. I could expand much more but I think you get the idea.

Also the idea that makin... #9.1
I know it won't change anything but signing anyway for switchable characters alone. So much missed gameplay variety, fun, and strategy. I know we can adjust ai kinda like XII but seriously we have seen these guys playable before. I an I assume many others would like to actually control them like we are playing a Final Fantasy game. With a variety of weapon styles, moves and tactics. An since it's not even a KH like action rpg anymore why can't this be done? No more action games h... #3
This isn't about it being an action game or a turn based game ect... It's about changing your game to be more casual to appeal to people who are not fans of FF to try and make a game for the casual audience to enjoy.

They are basically disregarding all the fans that got them this far for a more broad approach. Which is just unfathomable I just don't understand and it angers me. #13.1
I'm... I just... I don't even know what to say anymore. I swear if anyone at square has a brain in there head after the demo feedback they need to rethink what there doing here.

I mean look at this ******* bs.

"Tabata's also in pursuit of a Final Fantasy that's not as overwhelming as its predecessors, and one that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. "With Final Fantasy 15, I do want to make it more casual," he says. "Of c... #1
Why do you think there might not be an AC in 2015? #2.1.1
Shao Jun!!! Please mean a full game starring her next year.

Also I will not say for those who didn't catch it. But they pretty much just spoiled a part of the Unity story with that Dead kings description. #2
Here you go I'm not just making stuff up. I have been hyped for XV for years and want it to be great. #2.5.1
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