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im happy with at&t, now you know one

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none of which COD does

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i hope bf3 has cross platform online, that would be so damn sick

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uh battlefield 2, CS:S, half life 2, portal, much better than halo

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i still think killzone has some of the best A.I. I have played against in a while

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i havent been on sense like a year haha wonder how much it has changed

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dammmmn i love BF2 now i cant wait to play this one

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go giants

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move is amazing, i played with it as much as i could. would be playing killzone 3 with it but my retard friend sold my move controller with his ps3

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i have no problem killing the camping cloak jamming pricks, i just shoot at anyone i see

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no it hasnt done anything for this industry, they made a game where newbies can stride at, making it such a hit. the game was great when MW came out but then world at war brought zombies. sense then its been crap rehashed with the same bad bugs, crap servers. A game like this doesnt deserve sales like this, i rather see other games get sales like COD

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NFL 2k wasnt even that great, cheap just like the game, had nice presentation but it was still shit

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i went 56-35 one game in warzone, man this game makes me wet my pants

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guess no one saw it as a joke oh well,
santa already skips my house so its nothing new to me

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hey lets respect T9X69 he like to look at look at all the details, love you icon pic by the way, but hes just mad cause the real racing sim, called gt5 wouldnt let him go any farther than the start menu cause they knew he was retard, its alright forza where all retards can drive there cars.

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mags awsome, one you get use to playing it instead of a crap game like cod where you can shoot everywhere and get a kill(i know i use to do it all the time

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wow this is my exact point made, there is no stopping point, HOW THE HELL IS GT 5 a flop its been out for less than a week and its that bad of a game, if its that bad then i would of thrown it out already. this gen is crap filled with retards from the new generation filled little punks who think there hot shit, wearing skinny tight pants

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pc will never die, so gaming will always live on the pc thats simple.

Sony has had nothing but greatness sense jumping into the gaming market.

Nintendo damn they know how to grab a casual market and own the handheld market

Microsoft, drop dead and get out of gaming your bs has destroy video gaming and what it use to be

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ps3 needs a rest, 5 diffrent games in a matter of 24 hours, ps3 will kill its self with that much awesomeness

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