Have Fun, Will Travel


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Yep, GT Sport made me feel sad...

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Thanks for the advice, mate! Will give it a shot...

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Have a G25. Not buying any racing games this gen due to PS4 not supporting it. No way I'm forking another 200+ € on a new wheel each time we move into a new gen console.

It would be great if anyone knew of some kind of workaround to make the G25 work in the PS4. I'd appreciate if you let me know...

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Do unicorns exist?

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I'd much rather it was a CD Project Red game, in the style of the witcher 3...

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No witcher 3 in the!

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I only buy digital in Steam because I know I will have my games for many many many years to come and they will be compatible with my future PCs.

Console stores need to do this and assure the games you buy will be there and will be playable in the future if they want to ever come close to the business model of Steam.

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If it supports Logitech G25 wheels (hopefully the rumors are true) I'll get it, else...

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If I need to play it twice to understand it, then that's bad story telling...

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The images are not that impressive, but it looks way better in movement. The trailer looks real good.

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To me, remasters/remakes should at least skip one generation...the original bioshock games still look good to my eyes.

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Looks like an "Undead Nightmare" type DLC. Only reason is not horrible is because they rehashed all the gameplay and assets from The Phantom Pain, and we all know who they should thank for it...

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Playing it right now. Gameplay mechanics are the best of the series, but the story feels diluted in this mission driven style. My main concern with this game is that is not that story tight as the other MGS installments.

Actually, I think the mission divided gameplay hurts the game. It might be suitable for a PSP game like Peace Walker but not for a home console MGS.

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I'm not buying any racing game that doesn't support my Logitech G25.

Those things are expensive peripherals for companies to drop support the way they did...

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I'm not paying 250€ again for a nextgen handheld just to play 8bit games...They would have to prove they will support it properly and leave all the memory cards crap out.

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Just use an emulator...

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I'm not buying anything car race related, be it games and even less wheels, until they bring back support to the G25...

Their loss, not mine.

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Nice one!

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I guess they could add a "coward" mode with easier difficulty, with trophies disabled and throwing a lot of puns to the "coward" gamer...while keeping the original difficulty for the rest.

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The final game might be good or not, but releasing such a dull demo doesn't make any service to a game that has been in development for 10 years now. The demo was really disappointing IMO.

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