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That was craaaazy!

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Well deserved.

Can't wait to see what they do next

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I don't understand why PopCap would be mad?

If anyone has played both this level AND bought PvZ like myself, you would know that the LBP2 version is so good that it can pretty much be considered a demo.

This saves the dev money on promoting the game and having to pay for the demo bandwidth on PSN.

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Love this! Thanks to everyone who approved this!

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Can't wait this game! This is going to be some good fun!

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Not surprised here.

This is Capcom's signature.

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I'm betting its Star Wars: Battlefront 3

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Damn thats looks amazingly accurate to being mouse-like.

My problem is the turning as it looks like it turns to slow. Is there a way you can adjust that?

EDIT: Holy crap. I just YouTube'd it and found my answer:

In the hands of a good Move player this looks like you can have an advantage.

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This could be a really good thing

The use of classes in R2 is some of the best coop experience i've had this gen.

NOBODY CONSIDER THIS OFFICIAL because the source is just an Amazon listing -__-

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Yeah that sucks.

That better not be the case with the PSP2, I have so many PS1 games I am waiting to transfer over.

EDIT: Yeah I just realized why this is the case. Android wants their cut of the money. Thats millions and millions of dollars they would be losing out on if people just buy stuff on PSN and transfer it over.

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Mobile gaming done right, this is looking very tempting coming from an iPhone owner.

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I'm talking about ALL games in general (and I said that). I don't see why you need to bring up the 360 in general since many big game leaks from all 4 systems have been "advertised" on this site.

With high profile games like Crysis and Killzone just over one weekend, these kind of articles just need to stop being broadcasted.

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Yeah. LOL

Where the f*ck are the mods on this site?
This kind of stuff should not be broadcast on the front page or submitted in any article for that matter. Whomever is running this site will be burning the very bridge they would want to keep standing. Publishers wouldn't want to pay for ad space if you are showcasing its available for pirates right next to it.

Games are leaked ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, the big difference now is "legitimate sites...

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Ahhhhh damn. I was hoping for we would get to see some kind of gameplay footage soon, but it looks like we will have to wait until E3 probably.

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LMAO! Those are not concept art! Have you guys not been following the game and watching the trailers?


The game looks even better in motion.

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Day One.

I <3 tgc

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