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I'm glad I picked up an Xbone to go with my PS4 last year. I'll get the xbox version. Both games should run without problems on both systems. I have the remaster of the first one on my laptop but no mater what I try I can't get v-sink working. The console versions should solve this.

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I've got this on my PS4 and I love the game. It does need a patch to improve the PS4 controls though. I used a you tube vid to configure the controller settings so it so it's not as bad as the default setup, but it still needs improvement. The best controller setup for a racing game so far has to be GT Sport. I love the way the steering wheel moves realistically while using the controller. I hate it when I'm going round a corner in PJ2 or Forza for that mater and you can only...

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I love a bit of Space Invaders. I have since 1978. Space Invaders Infinity Gene was a great update to a great game. This update looks good too. At least I hope it is.

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I would love to get a wheel to play gt sport/ forza and PGC2 but as far as I'm aware I can't use whatever one I buy on both Xbone and PS4 and when the next consoles come out it'll probably be incompatible. It's a bit of a costly gamble for me.

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I've had the new Thief game since I first got my PS4. I've still not tried it. I love the original PC games though. Thief 1 & 3 are great but the best one is the 2nd one. I loved that one. I think I'll give the game a go this week. I don't think it'll be as good as 2 but it's a thief game. It can't be all that bad.

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My kids watch people playing games on youtube. I don't get that. I always hated sitting watching people playing games. It bored the hell out of me. My Kids watch people playing Minecraft online and they have the game on 4 different systems. I've asked them but I can't get a definite answer from them. They will watch a video of a game they want, which I can understand, but I don't understand Minecraft. I will watch a trailer or a review of a game but I'm not going to...

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It wouldn't surprise me. It seems to be selling faster than the original WII did. It's got quite a way to go though. Sony are doing really well with the PS4.

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@RauLeCreuset. I totally agree with you on all points buddy. I am however glad that we have Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo making consoles. Can you imagine what it would be like if it was only Microsoft or Sony with no competition? They would have a monopoly and it would probably cost us a small fortune for our hobby. I've got both xbone and ps4 consoles. I use the PS4 mostly but I do use my Xbone too (I got it at a pretty penny). Mind you I have a PS3, PS4, Wii and Xbone under my TV...

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Game of the year for me has got to be Hellblade. It's brilliantly different and I love the way they portrayed psychosis. It was a big risk for Ninja Theory and it paid off. As regards the new Zelda. I've not tried it. The last Zelda game I truly enjoyed was A Link To The Past. I've never really got into the 3D Zelda's. I've tried all of them but never finished any of them. I might love the new one. I won't know until I try it. Horizon Zero Dawn is bloody brill...

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I like games that are a bit different. I get sick of playing the same old formula's. Up until this week my game of the year was Rime. I bought Hellblade and played through it this week. Now that one is my fav of the year. You have to play it with earphones on or surround sound to get the benefit of the game though. They really did well with the voices surrounding you. Also the hallucinations in the game (they reminded me of when I used to drink mushy tea when I was in my teens).

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What these publishers don't mention (ever) is the fact that their games make money over time too. Take skyrim for example. It was still making Bethesda loads of money (even before the special editions). Even games like Quake 4 are still making money (I just bought it) and games even older than that. These publishers always have a steam of money coming in from all of their games (the same as movie publishers always have a stream of money coming in from all of their movies they have rel...

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For some weird reason, this game started downloading automatically on my base xbox one. Weird. Not complaining though

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Does anyone remember when EA was actually a good gaming company? Most probably don't. I remember them being good, before Trip Hawkins left for 3DO in 1994. EA has never been the same since. He founded EA. I wander what he thinks of the company (he created) now.

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I agree with that up to a point. I'm very strict with my kids regarding what films and games they watch and play. I don't let them anywhere near an 18 movie or video game. I have even educated them the best I can regarding them. But kids are kids. No matter what a parent can do, children will always want to see for themselves. Take my Daughter for instance. She was round at a friends house and her friend was playing Resident Evil 7. My Daughter came home spooked and had nightm...

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There are age ratings for movies. Over here in the UK extreme movies get an 18 rating making it illegal for anyone under that age to buy the movie or go to see it in the Cinema. The UK government will do the same for video games if EA etc don't get rid of gambling in their games. I can see the UK expanding the BBFC to include games as a whole (including the gambling commission) if they don't wise up. PEGI won't be needed after that. If the Video Game Industry wants to keep th...

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The thing is ravinash, it's the loot boxes themselves that are the gambling aspect. As I've posted once before, the definition of gambling is to play a game of chance(with money/in-game credits). At least that's Oxfords Dictionary's definition of it. These publishers can keep their microtransactions for all I care (I don't use them). What I don't like (especially as a parent) is the gambling aspect. I welcome any law's that will help protect my children from t...

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@freshslicepizza (You somehow think it's easy to survive in this industry as long as they make games you want them to make.).
LOL. You obviously didn't think before saying that LOL. They won't survive unless they the actually make games that people want them to make. Who would buy a kind of game that they don't like? I know I wouldn't. You probably wouldn't either. Wipe the sleep out of your eye's and wake-up. That comment made me laugh though. T...

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Oxford dictionary defines gambling as "Play games of chance". For money or anything else really.

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We already have. ME A runs like crap.

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