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I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I picked this up instead of Spiderman (I'm getting that for my sons birthday). I' hoping that the 8th one gets a remaster. I didn't get to play as much of that one (I was a PC gamer back then).

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It's my Son's 11th Birthday on the 9th of next month and I'm getting him this game. He loves Spiderman. I'm not really into Spiderman (I was when I was a kid back in the 70's and 80's) so it's not really a game I'd buy for myself. I get the feeling though I'll probably like this game as much as my Son.

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Did they not say last year that people will be able to change their usernames with an update at some point (that was last year I think)? It would be ace if they would allow that. I created usernames for my kids back when I first got a PS3. Those names are a little childish though so they would love to change them.

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I was hoping for Japan too. I'm happy they are doing the UK though (not just England). Perhaps Japan next time.

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It's exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

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Tomb Raider Revelations from the original developer Core Design started the game with a younger version of Lara. To be honest with you. The Uncharted games are all inspired by the Core Design and the first three Crystal Dynamic Tomb Raiders. The new trilogy of Tomb Raider games takes some Inspiration from Uncharted and Mixes it up a bit. In fact, Uncharted is more like the Original Tomb Raider games than the new Tomb Raider trilogy it. Which is why i love the series. I love the new Tomb...

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Superior? Bullshite. It's the same as live and PC. It's just about money. Why don't they just officially say that? I hate it
when companies lie to their customers. Mind you I'm not into online multiplayer so it doesn't affect me. Fit a load of shite they talk.

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Doom Eternal looks amazing. I've been in love with the Doom series since 93 and this one looks the best yet. EA (Dice) and Activision, stick your copy and paste yearly releases up your arses. This is how a great FPS sequel is done. I'm so glad ID rebooted Doom.

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It runs at a very stable 60fps though. I'll take that over graphics any day.

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It's a great update. I loved the game before. It's much better now. The ps4 update is a bit rough though. There are quite a few bugs. Hopefully, they get fixed soon.

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I really love Tempest. I'll be getting this one tonight. I don't care what the reviews say. It's Tempest. Did they expect it to be something else? I feel bloody old though. I was 10 when the original came out in the Arcades. It was a brilliant game then and it still a brilliant game now (the original). I can't wait to get into this update.

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I hope not. I'd love to be able to afford to get VR. It's something I wanted to try since gaming first started in the 70's

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That would depend on where you grew up. I grew up on the edge of Ellon in Scotland. I had the countryside 1 min away. I was forever out in the woods and fields etc.

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I can understand this. There's loads and loads of kids getting addicted to this game. To be honest I feel that it's this game in particular that has made the WHO come up with this. Gaming addiction has been around for many years but Fortnight has brought it into the limelight. It's free and it's available on most platforms, so our kids have access to it whenev...

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LOL Again at all the fanboy's. Sony, like Microsoft and every other business, are only out to get as much of your money as possible. Everything these companies do is to that end. I don't get why fanboy's feel they owe allegiance to these companies. It'll happen when Sony feel that it will benefit them financially (probably why Microsoft and Nintendo are doing it). They didn't add PS1 back compatibility to the PS4 (like they did with the PS3) because of this. Even thou...

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I hope Ninja Theory make another one like Hellblade. My Mother suffered really badly with Psychosis and Depression before she died from a brain hemorrhage when I was 11. That was back in 82 and I'm now 46. They really did hit the mark on how bad it can be for a person from what I remember my mother going through. Ninja Theory was just another development studio (from a long list) to me before they started that project. Not anymore. I really admire them for tackling such a difficult ...

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I love it when controversial articles like this pop up on this site. Especially the ones about Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo being better or worse than anyone else. Fanboy's always fall for the bait and argue like hell. It's always a good laugh. :)

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I love this game. It was a labor of love for Ninja Theory. It's my favorite game that released last year (and that's going up against the mighty Horizon Zero Dawn).

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Yes, they are. Microsoft got cocky last Gen and into the beginning of this gen. That cost them dearly. Mind you Sony was cocky at the beginning of last gen and they paid for it for a good while. These companies never learn. If you do something that is anti-consumer then people will buy from the competitors. It make's me laugh when people say 'why should a company make or do something their customers want'? If they don't do or make something that customers want, then the...

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LOL. Your not wrong there mate. I don't understand it at all. I wonder if you get Shell and BP fanboys?

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