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I wonder if this includes loot boxes in games? Child gambling has skyrocketed here in the UK in the last two years (since the beginning of loot boxes being included in popular full price games).

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Oh, come on. The only reason Bethesda is still using this engine is that it costs money to write a new one. There is nothing stopping them from making a new one that is mod friendly, If they keep updating and use this one it'll be more buggy. There's more bug's in the new fallout than there was in Morrowind.

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For over here in the UK? Yeah. 66.02 million population over here mate.

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@UCForce I totally agree with you. Last get Sony had to change because of how well Microsoft did. This gen
it's the other way around. Microsoft had to change on their Xbox front. It's amazing how something like that can turn things around.

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They really need to write a new game engine. If they keep updating and using this one, the bugs will only get worse. Other open world RPG's have bugs on release but not on the scale of that Bethesda engine (not even close)

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I'm hoping for a new IP. They have bought quite a few studios, so many of them can do a new Fable. Horizon Zero Dawn is a new IP and one hell of an open world RPG. The story so ace. I hope Playground offer something just as good.

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WTF? This can't be real. Can it? Most people find sex amusing and enjoyable. I know I do. Thank goodness I stay in Scotland. Sex is free over here. Well kind of :)

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@PhoenixUp I'm not too sure about that mate. I bought an X1 last year (to go alongside my PS4) for the Forza Horizon series. I knew how good they pretty much were (I have the first one on the 360) and I wanted to play them without resorting to buying an expensive PC (which I can't afford).

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Bloody hell. This looks brilliant. It'll get shut down really quick though.

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Not me. I've already got all of the games I want off the list of 20 (included with the PS Classic) that I want. The others don't interest me.

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Yeah he was really cool.

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I always thought Kain was a really good villain. Sephiroth is at the top of my list though. I remember when FF7 first came out. Gaming mag's at the time thought he was even better than Vader. That was one hell of a complement for Squaresoft.

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@blawren4 Microtransactions are not what keeps games at $60 (£55 here). Microtransactions are pure greed. You just need to look at the profits these publishers make to see this. EA/ Activision and Ubisoft all made billions off microtransactions this year. 1.73 billion euros for Ubisoft alone. Assassins Creed games have always made loads of money (without the microtransactions). Game publishers have pleaded poverty for years. Right now they use that as an excuse to put free to play...

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Oh yeah. Really good though. I know its in the Metriodvania genre, but it reminds me more of Metroid than SOTN. I'm totally hooked on the game. The game also takes some inspiration from the Souls games. I never got into them. I don't have that problem with this one. It could be nostalgia talking. Mind you I'm getting the new Castlevania release on the PS4 next week so it probably is nostalgia. I love both Metroid and Castlevania. School folks. Old School :)

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I have to admit. This game deserves as much players as possible. I have all 4 of them and this is the best one. I'd love Sony to do a spin-off of the GT franchize like MS has done with Forza. Perhaps a bit more sim based though. Imagine being able to race around an open map with GT7's car handling. It would be amazing.

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Also, there was pretty much just as much violence around in the 70's (if not more) as there is today. Back in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, there was violence all over the world on an unprecedented scale. We didn't have much in the way of violent Movies and TV back then and No Video Games of any form.

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Of course there's a link. Game's, TV, Movies and music all play a part in this. So does outside influence (other kids at school, work (forces) etc. I'm not a violent person myself and I've been a gamer since the 70's. As regard's kids though. Don't let them play games that have an 18 cert on them. They are there for a reason. When I was young movies were the only thing to have 18 certs on them. Video Games didn't need them back then.

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Hell yeah. I loved Descent back in the day.

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Bloody fanboy's. Grow the hell up, folks.

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Yeah there is. Forza Horizon 3. But yeah it's the best racing series out there. I bought an xbone just for the Horizon games. Nothing Sony have comes close (so far)

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