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Its more "complete" compared to other consoles. #12.2
Ive done that with my classic 80 gig ipod. looked great after it was done. #13.2
Thats exactly what i thought when i saw the video. LOL #3.2.1
@ foxtrot

It says "the demo is a teaser and doesnt have any relation to the main title."

I see where you could think that. but that can also be taken as the story behind what was going on in the trailer has no relation to the main title.

Seriously have you not noticed that some of the best most recent horror games are in first person?

released games
Among the sleep
F.E... #6.2.2

"The old Silent Hill games were frightening at the time, same goes for Resident Evil. I never saw anyone go back then

"Gee this isn't scary at all, this is a crap horror game, this needs to be in first person"

Thats because when these games were new and scary, FPP wasn't really a solid perspective back then. It is much more polished now.

I bet if you actually played P.T. You would be agreeing... #6.1.3
Yeah that's not an issue with psn. that's just a case of the beta bugs. :) #7.2
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The full game will still not be on MS servers. Thats only something that XBOX exclusive games get to use. Every 3rd party game will use their own servers.

edit. Nope im wrong. MS made their azure servers open to every developer but its their choice to use them. But i doubt a developer sitting behind a publisher like activision will have the need to use them. I wouldnt be suprised if MS charges each developer to use their servers. #4.2.1
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getting kicked out of "games" meaning matches on destiny? Or do you mean your ps4 is kicking you out of your games? If you are getting kicked from lobbies on destiny, that is not PSN's fault #7.1
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To be fair, its not like PSN just straight up broke for a whole month. They shut down psn due to the privacy intrusion it had from the hackers. Im glad they shut it down to fix the problem so it never happens again. It would be a different story if we were paying for mandatory online play back then but it was still free at that point. You know the saying, "you get what you pay for" #4.1.1
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Its called being open sourced. Look it up, its really a much better benefit than locking everything down. PC gaming is gonna get much more annoying if Nvidia keeps blocking all this crap from amd users. Nvidia just wants to kick AMD out of the GPU scene so they can charge us double the price that they are charging now. #6.3.1
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No but your character will carry over. #1.1
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Japan studios developed it. Knack was just his idea. #1.3
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in before someone calls you out on Plants Vs zombies... #13.1
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Only thing to me i think is familiar is the double jump boosters. nothing else. #1.2.1
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This will be COD 11 #1.1.2
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Thats what i like to call a CAB (Cheap ass bastard) :P

@ lukas
maybe he means 19.99 and he's just too lazy to type ".99" #1.4.6
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hate to burst your bubble, but AMD powers pc's and laptops as well.....

What was the point you were trying to make in your comment?? #5.3.1
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yes, but also understand that there aren't as many players on these maps like on BF4. only a total of 32 players. #11.1
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yeah i cant even login to psn anymore. sounds like they got cocky and didnt prep for the overload! such bs #6
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Only differences i saw was some parts the AA seemed hardly better on the ps4 and the XB1 version had screen tearing. #7
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