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That's how people in the UK pronounce schedules. You should also hear how they pronounce Aluminum.

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Yeah but i've seen some posts with peoples configs and they had my cpu but had a 980 ti and other related cards, and they ran terribly.

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Ive played this with everything on max besides textures being on high. I play at a smooth 50-80 fps. Im running a FX-8350 and a R9 290 4GB model with 8 gigs of ram. i was running around 30 fps before this dx12 update. So im calling this a win for some users. Im pretty sure that even in the update notes they said that the results with this update will all depend on your hardware setup.

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How can you say that the game is missing global illumination when the guy in the video was clearly talking about how nice the global illumination is? He actually thinks it looks better than the original reveal.

Where did this rumor of no global illumination come from anyway??

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Siege plays and runs great for me. Sorry to hear its not good on your end.

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@ roxette

Or instead of them wasting time remastering them for ps4, They could just make a new one of each so people stop asking for these stupid remasters. But to each their own i guess. I have all but bully on my PC so it doesn't really matter for me.

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Don't get your hopes up with that logic kaiser.

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Its actually both AMD and Nvidia. if you go onto steams discussions, you can see tons of people with nvidias as well complaining that their 980ti cant get it past 20 fps.

For me though, i think i got lucky with my rig setup cause im running it maxed with fps between 45-60 fps.

I have a amd fx8350, radeon r9 290 4gb, and 8 gigs of ram on windows 10.

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So a few things aren't balanced to your liking and you call it broken? I think calling it broken is a bit overzealous.

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would be great if i actually got my PC beta code instead of 2 PS4 codes..... That right there made me not want this game anymore. took 3 days into the beta to get them and still not the one i actually requested for....

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I doubt that they will be developing a new engine. Don't forget that a lot of Sony's ICE team members are working at Naughty Dog. So I'm sure they have engineered the hell out of their current engine to take full advantage of the PS4, as shown by U4.

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Because everybody but you could care less.

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ive been in the alpha testing since the alpha started, also go invited to play it at a event that epic games hosted. Got a shirt and a fortnite gaming mousepad.

Its loads of fun!

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Master Chief wasn't in Reach, so why put the game in the MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION?

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So am I the only one who got a notification on my ps4 saying you wont be able to re-download and play P.T. if you delete it? One guy posts licensing issues and blames a demo and its news worthy....lmao!

ive had an issue like this last year, it fixed itself.

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You need to put more effort into that one bubble you have. That comment literally made me LOL.

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You can obviously see that nobody is messing with the ps4 menu. if you press options, it brings up the menu on the right side, which NEVER shows up. Good hustle though.

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wait a minute.... the XBO cant play music in the background?

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you can chain ps3's together to get a multi screen setup too.

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still waiting for a proper PC patch.

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