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Spyro was in its prime during the PS1 days. Spyro: Year of the dragon was the last good spyro game released since that was the last one Insomniac had developed before moving on to R&C. I remember having a bug in Enter the dragonfly which caused me to actually completely restart the entire came cause for some reason it wouldn't let me progress into the last level i had to finish in a certain section.

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Welp, better get to suing them for false advertisement! But by the time anything progressed with that you'd probably be able to afford to upgrade your PC to play the game you already own.

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I don't understand how a UNFINISHED GAME already has DLC!!!

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No. just no. You are basing your point off of one opening cut-scene vs all the other cut-scenes showing clearly a Caucasian daughter in every game that they show her. Even the opening live action scene from GOW ascension shows Kratos before the ashes and he is white in that. The only thing related to Kratos being black is the Voice actor. I am leaving my response to this one and i hope everyone else does too so this troll stops being fed.

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Thats the lighting that the cutscene was creating. If anything he looks really tan. And you seem to forget that his daughter is white. Shes not mixed.

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"Due to the fact you need to buy digital and therefore can't buy used and sell used. In the end that makes you pay a LOT more for the same thing. You also can't borrow from friends or rent."

While i agree with you on not being able to buy used games or ever resell them. The rest isn't all too accurate. The fact that everything is digital actually helps games become cheaper faster than any digital store on the ps4 or xbox...

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Its funny because i remember when everyone was complaining how the Dualshock 3 controller is too small. Then Sony comes out with the Dualshock 4 and solves this complaint but not we need small controllers again.... LMAO
My best friends 5 year old has been playing game with us since he was 3 and he never had troubles reaching either controller buttons on my friends XB1 or my PS4. Either way, I'm sure there are plenty of 3rd party controllers that are smaller in design for this e...

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already preordered a 1700 and a asus x370 motherboard!! :) so STOKED!

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I think they mean Project cars Expansion 1............right?
This game doesnt deserve a sequel considering how disappointing the current game is

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YES! PLEASE BE A BROTHERS IN ARMS GAME!!!!!! Its been so long.

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Honestly, you didn't really have to go into detail saying you'll be playing it in native 4K. I feel his comment was quite appropriate and not a sign of saltiness. :)

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I feel like I'm the only one questioning the legitimacy of these comparison photos. Where is the proof showing that the graphics had been downgraded? Who's to say that they just dropped the video settings?? Also has screenshots but doesn't take the time to turn off the hud in one to make the comparison a bit more believable. They don't even have a source to the forums that this was discussed in for crying out loud!

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@FallenAngel1984 Correct, but with your comment you are making it seem like he went back on what he said in that article with this video.

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If you think HDR really puts you at that much of a disadvantage then how come having a lower FPS compared to another player not come into effect like you were talking about earlier in the comments section? When your game runs at a lower frame rate if you compare physical actions compared to whats on screen in slow motion you can see that there is always a form of input lag the lower the FPS the more pronounced the input lag is. soooo basically what you are sa...

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"Nobody is truly balanced!! having higher frames will not make you a better player.. just more efficient... Just like the elite controller on the Xbox One..."

You have a point. But if you don't understand how much of a difference doubling your frame rate in a multiplayer game doesn't make you better at it stop wasting your time debating about it on here. Saying higher frame rates only make you more efficient and not better is just a...

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Yeah you are correct on that but remember that while FFXV has been in development, it was doing so alongside the Luminous Engine that SE has been working on since before the next gen consoles released. That's the exact reason they switched over to the U4 engine for KH3, so the engine development wouldn't hinder the games development like it has with FFXV.

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That's how people in the UK pronounce schedules. You should also hear how they pronounce Aluminum.

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Yeah but i've seen some posts with peoples configs and they had my cpu but had a 980 ti and other related cards, and they ran terribly.

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Ive played this with everything on max besides textures being on high. I play at a smooth 50-80 fps. Im running a FX-8350 and a R9 290 4GB model with 8 gigs of ram. i was running around 30 fps before this dx12 update. So im calling this a win for some users. Im pretty sure that even in the update notes they said that the results with this update will all depend on your hardware setup.

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How can you say that the game is missing global illumination when the guy in the video was clearly talking about how nice the global illumination is? He actually thinks it looks better than the original reveal.

Where did this rumor of no global illumination come from anyway??

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