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Ice isn't even cold. I've become very familiar with carrying ice cubes for the past 7 years and even though I know the ice is cold, I'd like to debate that, in fact, it isn't cold.

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What's this? Bullet hell hack n slash? Looks nice. I don't know anything about this.

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Stop it.

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The quality of the game-play in all the current fighters is at an all time high right now though.

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I like to struggle alone and then help others down the line. Easy mode equals summons me, or any of the other people who like to help. Also, get Good.

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We need to acknowledge these people who are offended by their own sensitivities without following their orders. They deserve to be heard but they shouldn't be given power over things they don't own.

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Gotta stay away from N4G for a while now. I hate to comment on an article I didn't read, but I don't want to know anything more about this game. There will be headlines with spoilers very soon, and this article serves as my fair warning... to stay away.

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I've learned so much about patience in the past decade.

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The Nintendo bell, when rung, is an excellent way to earn money for eager journalists. I know this much is true.

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They wouldn't make a controller with no buttons...right?

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No more patches that subtract items from the game and maybe we can just start from there. These people need help, but they really created something great here. Combining the old with the new.

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How is anyone supposed to read those tweets from her and take her seriously? Her tweets are more offensive than anything in the article.

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I was going to comment something, but then I saw this one and I lost my train of thought.

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If you march to the beat of your own drum and make quality stuff, people really have a problem with it, for some reason.

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Tuesday: Game Launches.
Friday: Pretend we just found out about this glitch and apologize.
Monday: Items in store for sale
Thursday: Release patch that addresses low priority bugs and makes the game unstable
Friday: Apologize and go on vacation, Good luck devs, lololol

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Woops, I messed up, better load that save and do it a different way. Cool, it finally loaded, and now I'm disconnected from the server. Time to re-connect and reload that save. Yea, but reloading the save is going to take forever and then it might just disconnect again. I don't want to go to bed angry, I think I'll just quit for the night.

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Wow, I had no idea that Dragon Quest X was getting cross-play between Sony and Nintendo.

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The only thing that makes me love Resident Evil 5 is the fact that Resident Evil 6 exists as what it is.

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If they added this feature to Dark Souls 3 about a year after it releases, I'd be so happy. So many games could get new life after they have started to fade away with cross-play. Seems like everyone would have a chance to make more money, die-hards would get more time with their favorite games and there would be substantially more time to attract new comers into buying the games.

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