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When killer instinct came out the model was said to be shit, gamers said it was watered down, now that it's street fighter they all of a sudden love it and the model pay now add later is great....smh, or maybe it was just because it was Microsoft releasing it....I'm just saying

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Amen to you Good Sir, have a bubble!!!!

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I find it funny how when diablo 3 was announced and was believed to be a ps exclusive no website said it was gonna fail and the ps fanboys were ecstatic... now its xbox wnd tomb raider and its all doom and gloom. Its not gonna fail, its gonna be great in 1080p 60 fps, if you dont like what either buy a xbox or go play something else. Stop crying when cant have your way

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Stop whining butthurt lil kid....

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So what crybaby lol

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Im here laughing my ass off at the sony faithfull, lets get this is the devil for getting this exclusive instead of making a new ip, but when diablo 3 was announced as and the sony guys thought it was exclusive that was great, they even made fun of xbox players because they thought xbox wouldnt get it. Just for thst reason alone I hope you never get to play it and I dont care who doesnt like it.

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omg anybody and i mean anybody that say sony wont that ....are the biggest ass eaing ....i dont even have words for it....that was the worst confernce by sont i EVER saw....EVER!!!!!!! kids are crazy....

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your a idiot.....lamooooooooo

1411d ago 0 agree2 disagreeView comment funny dude.....I know what your really saying inside, while your mouth spouts that nonsense........

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lmaooooooo your still waiting i see, im waiting to see what summons or simmons or whatever his name is come back with something....i know he wont....idiot

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i have comcast, no data caps and my down load speeds are 114 mps, thats on my xbox one. so you get what you pay for

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i upgraded my comcast last week to 100 i just need the x1 upgrade to 1080p...and yes the xbox one is awesome!!!

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wow the kinect must remind him more and more of himself, he is a joke, i have never seen anything like him ever....he needs to retire and stop making bullshit games. i have never seen a (MAN) crave so much attention. go create something worthwhile (been awhile since FABLE) the we might listen to you.

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man this is old...i had this update 3 days ago, where are these people getting their news....pathetic!!!!

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There are no issues with the adapter on my new xo fours, crystally clear

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Only if you go bac to knack lmao.....too funny

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lol....there are no problems downloading....tell those people with those slow ass internet connections to get there speed up downloads are lightning fast ...had no problems whatsoever.... and ryse was ready to play in 5 minutes or so

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F*uck Jonathan Hoe....crybaby, I would never buy one of his games...turd muncher

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you do get rewarded for unlocking the challenges....ill say this much, if microsoft is on to something here giving away awards with wont be long before sony adopts it like an unwanted child...GUARANTEED!!!!!,

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you must care you opened your F*uckin mouth...close your pie hole if you dont care idiot

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