R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Ok it won't make games look better, but what can 8 GB's of RAM do for gameplay? More npc's? Better draw distance? What exactly? (I'm serious).

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Maybe it's too much to ask for: But I would have liked a level editor and an event maker for this game (As DLC). That way we can make levels, and present enemy scenarios/challenges and share it with each other online to make the game last longer (like LittlBigPlanet, Sound Shapes, and other games do). It was a short game, after all. Especially from a $60 stand point.

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They'd be crazy to pay for an expensive E3 event, only to present some lame mobile games. I think this one is gonna be big, especially since that guy teased it from Squeenix--I don't think it will disappointing. Also, remember on twitter they hinted at another kingdom hearts (I think it was May 9th).

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Great game. It was my niece's first Zelda game (Seasons) and I was stunned that she actually beat it (she was probably 8 at the time!). The game is brutally hard (at least it seemed that way to me back in the day).

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So, please--Old wise one: Please inform us ignorant peasants on the reality of RAM. Pretty please?

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They were crazy for even considering anyone other than Conroy.

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Yes sir. Brilliant franchise!

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DriveClub will be arcadey? I was under the impression that it would be a sim. A sim with the new "team racing" angle...

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Sony did fine before him, and his adverts didn't sell any more systems. It was just hardcore fans (the types to get on forums or make n4g accounts--like us) who cared about Butler. Sony doesn't need him.

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Why would u complain if even EA (one of the greediest game companies ever) is even willing to drop them? It's not like many of the developers who work on the game get paid on commission anyway, so used games don't effect how developers get paid, only publishers. And if even the publisher doesn't care, why should I? I don't think any real gamer would be begging EA to bring back Online Passes if their willing to stop putting it in our games.

Game publishers make...

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Well it is PS4 game after all, so of course it has the opportunity to edge-out GT6 graphically.

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After ps4 comes out, I hope ps3 games are capped at $40 tops. I dont wanna pay $60 for games on ps3, as that would only give greedy companies the idea that they should be able to charge even more for ps4 games.

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Solid Snake, Big Boss and all Bosses clones. Even as old men, the Snakes have been unstopable.

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How did this "article" get passed? It's a rumor they made up, claiming a source (that only they know) told them of this rumor. PLUS, the whole article is only a paragraph long. What a joke.

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I want an MGS 5 release date, knowledge of it being on next gen, and MGO 3!!!!

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Also just type "call of duty ghosts new engine" in the search engine for n4g, and you'll get dozens of other articles on it.

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^ Exactly this. If they don't tax hollywood, then they can't tax the gaming industry. Especially when the gaming industry has a similar age rating system to that of movies. Heck, at least we put our rating on the front of the box, with an even more detailed description on the back. Movies only put their rating/description on the back.

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Well, according to the picture above, the persistent detectives aren't the only "pair" of things featured in this game :D

OT: I hope this comes yo the West, we need more JRPG's desperately.

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This guy sounds like a jerk. Apparently his ego was so big, that his hairline had to make room so that his head could have room for it.

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