R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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^ This lololol

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Sony officially set the price for ps4 games to be $60. WTH u talking about?

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So what? U act like the MP has an impact on the SP. The SP is the main focus of all the games I mentioned (except MAYBE Killzone).

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Lol @ XbOne. I'm gonna use that from now one hahaha

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Great so if they wanna do $70, then it's all good, huh? -_-

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Not on PS4. Exclusive single player games it's getting:

Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
The Witness

and more that I can't even remember

ALso for multiplats:
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Watch Dogs
The Evil Within
Diablo III (no DRM)
Destiny (will have campaign)
Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Ubisoft just announced it's...

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I seen fish moving out of the way in 3d games ever since n64 and ps1 days -_-. Remember the water maps when mario swam in mario 64? The fish would run away when too close. BIG freaking deal! Activision is a joke. COD is done. BF4 and Bungie's "Destiny" will finish it off for good.

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I don't care what lies Activision makes--that engine is NOT a new one. It looks exactly the same, with higher res textures. What a joke. What happened to that other new next-gen engine Activision made? Why not use that? SMH -_-

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handles look too small.

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not interested.

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LMAO @ the bucket of sweat/red ring thing u said!

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You said:
"Read every article today and try and find me 1 article on N4G where there's more positivity about the Xbox One than negativity?? "

I say: Why the hell should people allot anything positive to MS's conference if they didn't find a single positive thing there to like? Respect/admiration is EARNED, not given/easily distributed. And people did not find anything about MS's conference that was worth their re...

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If he likes it enough, Bill should pay us. He's got plenty of cash to go around :P

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"Helpful" bubble for you.

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Makes sense considering that if it is going to lock out data from the disc, it will likely require u to be online first. After extracting game onto HDD--THEN u can play offline. However the entire infrastructure seems like it will revolve around being online. Especially all this talk about "enhancing" future games via cloud.

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But if Microsoft isn't going for core gamers (and instead wants to be a cable company) then how does Micorsofts fall effect CORE gaming? That's like saying Sony will monoploize because Time Warner/Road Runner Cable goes out of business or falls away from Cable business.

Sony is the ONLY core gaming company left. I don't want to see a monopoly either--but MS isn't filling the shoes of adequate competition when it comes to hardcore gaming anyway. I wish Valve co...

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It's ok, you don't have to have anything malicious/personal against MS to see that they screwed up. They are providing a product that just doesn't appeal to most CORE gamers. You don't owe them anything. Don't like it? Well, neither do I. And so I wish MS all the luck in the world with their new audience *chuckle*.

I'll be getting a PS4.

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Genius title for the article BTW.

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Okay I wasn't very happy with MS today (especially for not eliminating Live fee's), BUT THIS is pretty damn cool! Still, not quite game-changing for me. I still feel like I prefer a PS4. However, this news could be game-changing for game developers. Especially indie-devs.


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So...why are they requiring people to install it to HDD? Is THAT even true, or is the HDD install made up too? If we DO have to install to HDD, then what is the point of a disc? And will the disc still work on friends's Xbox's too? If not, then that brings me back full circle to the original problem--how will we let friends play if the game's disc locks-up due to that game already being installed on another (my) Xbox's HDD?

MS needs to be more clear. Now.

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