R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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MGS V: Phantom Pain trailer was BOSS! Even the music is an original score! Really captures the sound and feel of 80's ballads (since the story of game takes place in 1984).

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Lolol. Man I can tolerate sci fi, or even supernatural--but both in the same game? I guess I'll just wait b4 forming an opinion lol

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Why did he show current gen trailer for the Xbone conference? Perhaps he meant that the PS4 version will look better than the xbone version?

Just a guess. And of course, both versions will look better than the current gen. But I have a hard time believing that that trailer was current gen. The draw distance of the mountains, the particle effects, lighting, graphics in general--just NO way that is current gen.

The current gen version will likely not look as ...

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Do they mean an actual ghost? So this game has ghosts and aliens? What??

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Iwata. The only major difference since the Gamecube up until now (which means he was responsible for much of the state of Nintendo [post n64 era] ever since he became prez).

I shutter at the thought of Nintendo finally becoming a super power again. Man, Nintendo has so much potential. But then you have Iwata. I just can't understand what he's doing.

But I still will buy a wii u, just to add to my console collection.

@ Poprocks (below...

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Persona 3 and 4 are modern, do turnbased--and are still amazing for it.

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^ This.

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Nyxus I love you! Thank u for reporting this!!!

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Yeah thats why i didnt mention x, bayonetta or smash bros either. Very solid titles. But yeah, Nintendo did play it too safe. I think it's time they at least took some CALCULATED risks though. Sony has taken risk after risk, and have gone from least liked of last gen, to most respected (and 2nd in sales...theres just no beating the casual appeal of wii 1).

They should invest in indies like Valve and Sony do. It's the quickest way to get unique, cheap, already finished...

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The money MS gets from Live allows them to pay-off 3rd parties to screw Sony from getting timely dlc, or gives ms the advantage to buy whole games exclusively from 3rd parties.

Also we will need better servers, as downloads will be much bigger, more data transfering over the net (due to f2p games and mmo's announced for the ps4).

If Sony is gonna compete, they need to make more money. MS is greedy and lazy. They pay off others instead of making their own...

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I wanted to see a new metroid or hopefully a new starfox especially from Retro studios.

Also i knew they would show the wind waker hd remake, but a new zelda woulda been nice too.

I dunno man...that Iwata-_-. The company that I loved the most throughout my entire childhood needs to be more aggressive.

On another note: I really liked the gravity stuff from Mario Kart 8, and the new Super Mario 3D for Wii. But I can't help but feel like the...

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Maybe they changed design at the last second?

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I will gladly pay. Sony needs money to run the servers. This isn't a charity service. Wan't to play on free servers? Stick to pc.

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You only now just noticed? It's been like this for years--exclusive 1st and 3rd party games. Sony is pimpin' hard.

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I KNOW what they claim the game is supposed to have--but the PRESENTATION didn't deliver. It looked like a basic point and shoot FPS to me. They shoulda showed off all the things that make it unique, instead of just claiming it.

But that's just how I personally felt. I don't care enough to even argue about it.

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Really? Graphically yes. But gameplay didn't seem unique. The hype totally left me feeling ultimately underwhelmed by what was presented. The impression was that it was just another FPS. I expected them to bring something more intriguing to the already stale genre.

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Xbox One WILL have Region lock. Let your minds marinate on all of the restrictions of that horrible machine...

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I know some people want Metroid Prime 4--but I wanna see what they can do with StarFox (a true flight version--no on-foot garbage)

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Wow lololol. Nice find! Funny bubble for you!

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Sony did it for the REAL gamers. Not because Microsoft was gonna do it. Microsoft's plans were outright evil and controlling.

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