R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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THAt is NOT what I wanted to hear. A 32 GB version costs $350 (the other model is not an option because I don't plan on getting Wii U until christmas, and by then the 8 GB model will likely have been fully phased-out by Nintendo).

I was looking forward to getting one after christmas to support Nintendo as a slap in the face to MS and their evil DRM-Box. But if the Wii U is only $50 less than a PS4, then i'm not sure if I can afford both. I'm definitely getting a P...

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Any open world portion would likely be co-op. By MGO, I think of the traditional smaller map-based team-on-team battles.

I would love to see open-world for Team Sneaking (or any sneaking modes in general) and map-based close-quarter maps for traditional modes like TDM.

Open world for TDM would be odd. But open world for team sneaking would be epic. Hopefully they have both (like think of Battlefield: It has large maps, which makes it easier to infiltrate the ...

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I hope the traditional modes are not open world (like TDM). But I can see Team Sneaking mode working in open world since it would be similar to the campaign.

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No it's still not all good. Even if they dumped the drm, anti-used games, etc. I still wouldn't trust them. I'll never trust a company that would even attempt to commit the evil things M$ tries to do with xbone.

The money we give them today, is they same money they'll use to implement DRM, anti-used games, and paying of 3rd parties for frivolous dlc exclusives (instead of spending it making 1st party exclusives) in a FUTURE xbox.

Don't be ...

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It's within launch window time. Meaning within 2-3 months.

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Drive Club, DC Universe (ps4 version with all dlc from pc version), AND Planetside 2 all FREE if u have ps plus. Which is good for me since I wont have enough money to buy a launch title (im saving up for gta 5 and Beyond). So now I get gta 5, beyond, and a ps4 pre-loaded with games already

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Is it ALSO coming to next gen consoles?

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Whoa those graphics are pretty tight.

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I said this a while ago, but I think it's more appropriate here:

This is what happens when a major American company who never cared about games (MS), joins the console wars. They just throw money around, but never actual do anything FOR gaming as a whole. If Apple or Google join the console wars, kiss hardcore gaming goodbye, and say hello to DRM and bro-dude, NFL, casual excercise games, and padded (or even sabotaged) game coverage and game reviews (look at Polygons trol...

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I cannot believe that individuals are still actually gonna buy this trash system. What is the appeal of M$? Even if all u ever had was a 360, just dump M$ and get a PS4.

Trust me: it's not like most of your friends on 360 are getting a xbone. Plus who cares about achievements when it's not backwards compatible. Just start over with ps4. I convinced my 360 friends to get it, especially since they can trade and sell used games on it, AND it's $100 less.

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Me likey. Very sexy!

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This game has become such a joke. The E3 interview hey did was pathetic. GTA 5 is gonna kill it.

Superpowers, Aliens, and a gangster/president of united states all in one? Sounds like this game's idea's were brainstormed by an ADHD-ridden 11 year old addicted to sniffing pressurized spray paint that he stole from a local mechanic shop.

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Being multiplatform is not as bad as with the ps3/360. Because now both next-gen consoles are at least using the same disc medium (Blu Ray). So it should hopefully be less condensed and linear.

And even though Xbone is less powerful, nothing is to stop S.E. from making the ps4 look better.

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Batman Arkham series went open world and that worked just fine. Oh, but i'm sure n4g users make for better game designers than seasoned veterans like DICE, huh?

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Forbes is always trying to put M$ in a positive light. Now they see that's impossible, so they attempt to fool people into thinking that M$ is at least on the same level as Sony. Forbes loves that M$ money.

Ah, but maybe i'm wrong. it's not like M$ spends a whole lot on expensive and EXCLUSIVE ads with Forbes magazine...


^ Good point. I want it on my 3DS, dammit.

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U mean that crazy scene when they cut open that lady's intestines? Man, that was gut-wrenching (pun intended).

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But that draw distance!!!

See, there's GREAT graphics (which MGS 4 & 5 share), but then there's TECHNICAL prowess. How in the world did Kojipro get that kind of draw distance??

Insanity if it's true. Whoa :O

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@ Poprocks:

You said:
"If Iwata truly is the one calling all the shots then I think Nintendo needs more opinions involved, not just simply replacing the one currently in control. I'll use Brawl as part of my reasoning. Sakurai admitted he had 100% creative control over Brawl; every character, every mechanic, EVERYTHING. Evidently there were balancing issues and hardcore fans expressed frustration at the tripping and slowed down speed. Now Sakurai is taking i...

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EA and M$--a match made in hell (for gamers).

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