R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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If Xbox is the future, then the future is a dystopia. Luckily, Pope Kaz Hirai and his disciples (Jeck Trenton, Andrew House, 1st party devs like Santa Monica and Naughty Dog) will come to rescue us before it is too late.

They shall maketh a righteous covenant with us all. Gaming shall be restored and peace shall return to the land of HARDCORE gaming.

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Literally "Buy".

Now Sony can kill them in their own homeland. BTW, how is MS gonna try to impress the Japanese, when even their TV services won't work outside of U.S. and Europe?

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BlazBlue is already free on ps plus right now sir. I have it.

Also: What ever happened to us getting Saints Row The Third this month?

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Bye. U won't be missed.

Play some COD. Real gamers like a real challenge, and Dark Souls is famous for being that. If it stops being hard, then it's just another third person game.

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Man, now EA is just being childish. FINE, if they don't wanna develop for it, then whatever. Even if they really do believe that Wii U isn't "viable", it would be better for EA to shut up about it. Why are they purposefully forcing their negativity on us? Who asked them?

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series!!!!

The best JRPG's of our modern times.

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They should release a FULL collection on 1 disc so people can play all the games to catch up with the story.

It worked for the Metal gear Collection. Now people can be prepared for MGS 5.

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Thanks for explaining it too.

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Thanks man, that makes more sense. I don't wanna get a used one because I want the sale to count towards Nintendo. Hopefully some retailers will have the 8gb by christmas. I have an external HDD already that I use to make music and store it, so I can empty that onto a cloud service like drop-box and use the external HDD for my Wii U.

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How is it that you would assume that it is the bad A.I. and sloppy combat that inspired Aonuma. What a small-minded, foolish thing to say. I think he more than likely is influenced by the positives, and would dump the negatives.

Use your imagination (assuming u even have one)

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Yeah I guess that's a good point. But I had my hopes high for Christmas :(

I guess the best time for a price drop (like u said) is when the big games come out. The same thing worked on black friday with the Vita (the price dropped drastically--even for a black friday sale) and I got one because of it.

Man, maybe i'll get it for xmas anyway since it has Monster Hunter. Because I won't likely have enough on black friday for a wii u since i'll be...

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I was hoping for a price drop this xmas season :(. Something in the avenue of $250 and up. Too low?

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True (I suppose)...but what does one have to do with the other?

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There's a best buy in the city, I might check it out. Also, did u hear? They won't be doing a price drop >_<

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Yeah, i'm all for innovation and change, but that may be a line that goes too far. Still, if Aonuma wanted to do it, then i'm convinced he has a secret plan to make it work out. Luckily he doesn't wanna do it anyway.

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Why not? He didn't say it will be purely Skyrim, just a little influence. Why don't you guys ever want things to evolve? I love Nintendo, and would see how they took chances back in the SNES and N64. They would mix the old with the new. Now it's all about conformity. Just let them try some new idea's. How else are they gonna grow?

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Iwata needs to drop the price >_< (I'm mad cuz today they said they're not dropping it--which is a bad move since the 32GB wii u is only $50 less than a PS4). Also the Wii U 8GB is getting phased-out so by the time I get one for Xmas, I'll be forced to pay $350 -_-. Most of the hottest games they showed at E3 won't even be out by xmas. Maybe I should wait for the price drop and the games to release instead--IF I even still get it. Damn, i'm mad!

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Man, I'm just mad because I was gonna buy a Wii U for Christmas, after getting ps4 on launch. But believe me I always see articles of him apologizing. I don't have the time or the care to collect the huge amount of articles were he's apologized or admitted he screwed up. Look on google. It's all there. (Google: Iwata, apologize, admit).

Ah! I couldn't resist, here are a handful I found on google:

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Humble? Where does that get u in this cutthroat industry? Sometimes one seems humble, but in actually they are just meek due to the fact that they have been [humbled] by their enemies. I want Nintendo to be more aggressive. More games, More indie devs, lower price, etc...NOW. Bring back the days of the former glory of the NES, SNES, and N64!

I decided to stop putting all the blame iwata alone, as I don't know if it's him or his cabinet that sucks--but one thing's ...

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He's always admitting mistakes. Time to learn from them. (BTW, i'm not dissing him, i'm just stating the facts--he always apologizes and it's annoying, because he never presents a long-term plan of attack to be more agressive for Nintendo).

Also, i'm P!ssed off because Nintendo said there won't be a price drop any time soon. My budget is tight this holiday season.

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