R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Namco saw DriveClub, and realized that ridge racer wouldn't stand a chance.

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How does white equate to being the good guy? I prefer a white ps4 myself over the bland black version (aesthetically...especially since ps2 and 3 were already black), but still, I wouldn't equate white with "goodness".

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"(I chose 21k over 24k gold because I don't want to be greedy)"


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Yeah i kinda wish ps4 was grey like the ps1. Too many consoles are the same color (black or white...mostly black).

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Microsoft PAID for the 3rd party games to be presented at E3--however, most were multiplatform. Also, games like the new Halo were obviously CG. Also, every 1st party game MS showed at E3 was running on PC that didn't even run on similar hardware to xbone's.

So MS "won" E3? Lololololol.

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The emphasis on headshots is what set it apart from other games like Uncharted online, or COD.

Most of the MGO community liked it that way, and kojima would be alienating them entirely if that changed. Besides, he made it balanced by adding a high amount of realistic recoil, so the whole emphasis on headshots was balanced and fair. And unique. If he gets rid of it, then it's just gonna feel like every other game. If u don't like headshot emphasis, feel free to play s...

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Oh yeah, I watched the entire Nintendo direct. X was very impressive, as well as the new Smash Bros. I love Japanese games like SMT x Fire Emblem which they announced a long while back. I look forward to all of those, as well as getting the Monster Hunter that had already released. :)

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Hey I played Mario Kart 8, it was a lot of fun. The gravity trick pretty much as a whole lot of strategy to the game. Holding the Wii U pad was very comfy too. Unfortunately it was wired so it would slope down as i tried stretching it.

Also tried Mario 3D world, and yeah it does feel like a cross between New Super Mario Bros and the 3ds version of Mario 3d. Still fun, but it really probably is just a place-holder while they work on a Mario game that allows for FULL 3d explor...

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Why does the writer of this article keep indicating that this game will be the final one? Kojima never once said that (not even in this interview). The author just keeps assuming that, simply because kojima once said that mgs 4 would be his last one.

But I get the feeling that Kojima is re-inspired again about mgs now that his vision of an open, free world is possible. This engine of his can give many opportunities to expand the story-line and it's past, while giving him ...

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Who cares? Besides it probably is 1080p, it's just that dice probably assumed we knew and didnt mention it.

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Also Planetside 2 will be free to play on ps4...that game is brilliant.

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Getting it with my ps4. Hell yeah 64 players and 60 fps confirmed for next gen consoles. 1080p not yet confirmed but so far i'm just glad it's got 64 players and 60fps.

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Hahaha. I'll put u on my track list just to see if there really will be another reason to say it again lol. Xbone is SO screwed!


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So getting the answer straight from the horses mouth (MS) is a bad idea to you?

Just...go away.

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Maybe Sony should learn from this and do more video's/ad's that ACTIVELY assault MS (but simply with the facts--so it doesnt look like mere mud-slinging). Why not inform people on tv that Xbone will have Always Online, anti-used games, region lock, half as powerful, and a slew of undesirable issues.

If they wanna beat MS for sure, then they need to dispell MS's evil, lying ad campaigns. MS has been lying to potential customers for years (or misleading them) into t...

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No not a troll. I was angry that they wouldnt lower the price. Especially because im gonna buy both a ps4 and wii u. I'm sick of having to tip-toe just to keep from offending people like u. I'm not happy, so I expressed. Got a problem with free speech, then go to Afghanistan or something. I speak my mind, and even still i'm hoping for a price drop b4 xmas because I can't afford both consoles, and i'm not about to drop my ps4 pre-order either.

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It was confirmed.

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That might actually be a really effective idea!

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Saints Row 2 was the best.

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Next week for Zero escape

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