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"R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen. "


double post #5.2.3
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I can admit when I'm wrong
Actually, yeah I guess you were right. Aparently vg247 says that it was Paz (but it could just be their opinion).

Also the report did say FOR A FACT that kojima says that the man in the Diamond Dogs beret is not Colonel Campbell and IS in fact Master Miller.

Miller sure looks a lot different. A lot har... #2.1.3
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Edit: Yeah I just found out it was confirmed #2.2.1
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Preach it! #1.1
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How? That woman was clearly older looking, much taller (Paz is only a little bit taller than Chico), also, Paz has a roundish face and large anime-like eyes. And VERY long hair.

The woman in the clip had a narrow face, white/blondish hair, was middle aged, tall, and had a haircut reminiscent of Olga from MGS 2 (Just the same kinda hair cut that Dr. Strangelove had).

ALL of those features fit Dr. Strangelove. Even if i'm wrong about it being the Dr., there... #2.1.1
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So u think a dog, of all things, is enough to change your opinion and buy COD? A dog.

Well, okay then... #2.1
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People came to see the savior/messiah of hardcore gaming, and watch it defeat the evil malevolent being known as "The Anti-Core" gaming entity (also known as Xbox One).

And we were all very pleased to see the demise of this evil, controlling, monster who would dare to take away our gaming rights.

Viva la PlayStation. #1
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THIS Emmerich is the one who helped to create Metal Gear. This is the father of Otacon. The series tends to repeat themes over & over--as if the characters and their offspring were stuck in a simulation. But that's a whole other story... #4.2
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Hey Nyxus, I think that the woman who was getting the bomb (or whatever that is) removed from her bowels is Dr. Strangelove. It looks like her, and the amount of concern that we see in Chico's eyes as they remove it, shows that they cared about this woman.

Also, the man in the Diamond Dogs hat looks like Colonel Campbell, But younger of course. #2
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Unwarranted, delusional "optimism" devoid of facts...
The latest quotes coming straight from MS shows that your absolutely wrong 100%. There is no negotiation. Microsoft has been re-iterating it's stance even further on the issues that we all hate about the Xbox One.

and another n4g article where Microsoft recently said that they don't care what the PS4 is doi... #1
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Maybe they think the trade-ins won't have as huge a turn-out since many will keep their PS3's. I mean, the PS4 is not backwards compatable.

I for one am keeping it. But I DID trade in my Xbox 360 for store credit, and later I used it to pre-order the PS4 for $100 at Gamestop. I used the rest to get some games to tide me over until PS4 finally comes out.

Seeing how I have no use for Xbox Live anymore, I think it would be more appropriate for Gamestop t... #1
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How is it such a profound epiphany for one to consider the possibility of Sutherland and Hayter BOTH being in the same game? Many people have thrown around that theorie. It is one where we can hope for Hayter's return, in light of the slap in the face we got from Kojima's apparently abrupt and aloof severing of all ties with Hayter.

But this theory isn't new. With Solidus, a teen Solid Snake, etc, there's always the possibility. But if it's true, then Koji... #1
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U dont have to have played or even liked the first two games in order to see how stupid SR3 is. Even if somehow u can look past the horrible gimmicks of aliens and cheesy slapstick "comedy" (I never once actually laughed), anyone can still see that the poor animations, crappy city, handful of recycled npc's, lack of customization, lack of any inspirition in innovation of gameplay, uninspired rambling dialogs, and lack of customization for clothing, and you can clearly see that t... #5.2
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The order is a launch title? #6.1
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Haha I knew it would keep getting worse. U even predicted it, remember? Lol #12.1
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Microsoft paid all of those 3rd party companies to show off their games at e3. But they were multiplatform games lololol. #1.3
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Great review! The minor spoilers were not beyond what we see in previews and trailers. So thanks for not spoiling it. Man I gotta get this game now! Especially when u said it was like Metal Gear Online! Money's tight but I'll find a way! I'll have to go with TLOU over soul Sacrifice. I need an mgo-like game! Thanks for the great review!

I personally recommend this as n4g game review of June 2013. #1
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No one responded to you, and yet u wrote 3 entirely full and seperate essays/reply's about this.

No one cares.

Seriously man, get your head examined. Who the hell replies 3 times (and with such tenacity) when nobody even responded back to you not even once? #6.1.5
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Can't even play online for the coop? What the hell? Absolute stupidity-_-.

Why? #2.1
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Titanfall? I dunno man. MGS 5 seemed tightest. #6.1
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