R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Don't be mad because u probably paid full price for it when it came out. U had your fun, now it's time for those who were not interested in these series to be given a chance to become new fans. It's helpful, because if these new customers like AC3 (for example), then maybe they'll buy AC4 when it comes out.

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This 2 games a month thing stops in November. This is NOT gonna be like PS Plus.

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I hope we can change color of close to whatever we want, manually...like in Saints Row part 2 (other than that one feature, GTA kills SR in every other way).

Also hope that we can really do heists in the multiplayer (heard that we can, but not sure). And free-mode for MP.

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Excellent news for real core gaming. PS4 and Wii U will compete for the hardcore. Let Cable-Box One keep doing whatever the heck it is that it does...

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And unlike the PS3, the 360 doesn't ave any exclusives this year that are worth a damn. Also, the 360 hasn't had many exclusives at all for years. Why should I think things will change with the new Cable Box One? Also, yeah they had a lot of core games at E3, but most were 3rd party (paid to be displayed at MS's e3 conference) while Ryse was a QTE fest because the dev wants the game to be "easily accessible" -_- (blending casual experience under the guise of being a hard...

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Why no dedicated servers? BF 4 is gonna do it, so why not? COD is dead to me.

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Not buying an xbox One and Sold my 360 for a mere downpayment on a PS4 (for good measure).

That's MY personal title.

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@SilentNegotiator: VERY well said

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Yeah what a vague, nonsensical explanation. Made zero sense. Don't care anyway, Insomniac is lame now. Must be that crucial members must have left the studio anyway.

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It's only $50 less than a PS4 (for the 32 GB Wii U--the 8 GB is getting fazed out), at a time when Wii U is already struggling to compete with PS3 and 360. GTA 5, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Pupeteer, Beyond: two Souls, PS4, Xbox One, a cheaper 360 model, Next gen version of COD Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 etc are coming out all before Christmas. There are a lot of options for people to be spending their money on. With more aggressive advertising to entice them.

Also, a...

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At least use other Nintendo characters as DLC. That way it's only optional. It will still be PRIMARILY a Mario (not just Nintendo) themed racer. It just would appen to have a few payable DLC cross-overs.

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Time for a release window for mgs 5

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The vita has it, so yes it could be able to also. We all once thought MS had some kind of lock on that, but if Vita can legally do it, then Sony found a way around it, and it can now be on PS4.

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Gran Turismo 6
The Last of Us
and so many more that i can't remember (sleepy, it's 5am atm and I can't sleep)

PS3 has some dope games coming up!

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Did U ever upgrade the HDD? You might wanna--because once u get PS Plus for PS4, you'll also be getting a FLOOD of free PS3 games, and your gonna wish u had the HDD memory in your PS3 for it :D

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Reggie isn't hated. The article writer probably just threw him in there because he couldn't think of any executives that were popular enough to write about.

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All that sexy cash Kojima's made...use a tiny little minuscule fraction of that money to turn MGO 2 servers back on so we can play it while we wait for you to finish up MGO 3!!!


Yeah i'm MGO-obsessed!

But seriously though, On Topic:

I'm happy for Kojima. He deserves it. This is by far my favorite series. Absolutely can't get enough.

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Already has lost. Even if they reversed alot of the problems, many will never trust MS with their money again. Why would I feed a company that will only use my money to eventually start up that DRM crap again in a future xbox?

Already sold my 360 to pre-order a PS4.

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Amazon has just stopped taking PS4 orders this morning--at least launch day PS4's. Anyone else might have to wait a while.

Hopefully they get the green light from Sony to allow more pre-orders.

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@Sidar: If I was determined not to like it, then why did I pay $120 for it (and an additional copy for my GF to play on her brother's Xbox) and pay for the season pass? Is that the best excuse your mind could conjure up?

Try re-reading my original statement--it provides more than enough ample reasons for why it sucked.

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