R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Xbox One is STILL 50% less powerful. Oh, and that crap about it getting better with time via cloud computation is something that Yoshida of Sony has said that Gaikai can also do for PS4.

Did I also mention the extra $100 cost for a 50% weaker console that won't even work in most of the world?

I see no advantage to getting an Xbone.

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I won't be buying an Xbone either, but just to be fair, they are eliminating the always-online (DRM). Let's tell the truth.

I Still hate MS with a passion and think they are corporate devils.

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I had that same problem, but when I looked online, I found out via a speed and ping test, that I had an unstable ping. See, a dedicated server will give most, if not all players a similar experience. If most people are not having the same issues as you, it could be your ping.

My speed test grade was "A" but my ping was a "D", meaning that my high speed connection was also unstable. The cable co came and repeaired the internet box (or whatever it's cal...

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I don't have to "hate" any game in order to hate the fact that this company has more than enough for dedicated servers. COD still outsells BF series, yet no dedicated servers? Even though BF DOES have dedicated servers?

Also only a blind fanboy would overlook the increasingly depressing and unbalanced level design and spawns that get worse with each COD too. And the fact that the NEXT GEN version STILL uses the same quake engine from 8 years ago.

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GAME is always making the wrong bet. They wanna go out of business, like what almost happened last year? How stupid can they be, to dedicate themselves to a product that cannot allow the sale of used games? Even Gamestop is siding with Sony by warning people about the inability to trade used games and the DRM from the Xbox One.

Not a wise business move.

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I don't think so. Check out this report about MS's precious "dedicated" servers.


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Mics? u mean like the turtle beaches?

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"New" scopes, same old engine and lack of dedicated servers though. Even same engine on next gen consoles. Wow that's cheap.

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Can we use ps3 wheels on ps4? They should, since it is usually connected via usb. But will Sony allow it?

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Ps4 is future proof too, via the same cloud computation technique. MS got their own card pulled by Sony's Yoshida when they tried to pretend that only they could it. Gaikai is the LEADER in cloud gaming technology.

Xbox one has ZERO advantages. Somebody please name just one. Bet u can't. Even that lie about the 300,000 de...

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I'm now worried about whether we will get a proper MGO now. I'm all for co-op too, and open world shenanigans with friends, but what he said has me concerned about if he will also continue the tradition team vs team (on condensed smaller maps) that MGO fans have been yearning for ever since he shut down mgo servers last year. He said:

"Yes, I’m including online elements, but we would like to have a broader range of cooperation beyond gameplay, even if I receive m...

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Sure? Based on what? False optimism? C'mon, I hate when people say their pretty sure about something, when they have no evidence.

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Can u find info on the ps4 camera? Sony never went into detail about what exactly it was capable of. I hope it can do head tracking, many people use headtracking on pc and it's an amazing gamechanger for the fps genre.

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Smart idea.

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1.3 million subs = 1.3 million ps4 customers right out of the gate.

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Thanks for clearing that up man.

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Lol yeah i just saw it. Btw I was not the one who hit disagree on your above comment.

OT: Yeah, I think the AC3 deal is at least to garner excitement for AC4 by people who never got into the series or abandoned it before AC3 came out.

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If they are still doing launch day pre-orders. Some retailers have run out of those. So ask them if it will be a launch day order. Other order's are more like a backlog for those who want one when the next wave of PS4's come out, some time after the launch (could be weeks or months after).

Dude, matter of fact: Go there NOW. Stop hanging on n4g and go get your PS4 pre-order before someone else does! Got mine already.

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That's why the Kinect has a fan built in (it's true, it needs a fan since it will be on all day and night, spying on you so long as the power cord is plugged into the Xbone).

Look at the back of it in this video:


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So what if it does? Coming out first doesn't mean squat when your this unpopular, AND cost $100 more. And have a LOT LESS pre-orders.

Even still, PS4 should be fine so long as it comes out before Christmas.


Why would I trust Amazon's information pertaining to the Xbox, when they removed the xbox vs PS4 poll at the direct request of MS? Obviously MS told them to say so, because Sony wouldn't have authorized Amazon to say some...

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