R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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I dunno why people are disagreeing. You shared your opinion, and it was a smart one--even if people don't want another parallel perspective via multiple character uses like MGS 2's Raiden.

I think we'll definitely be using more then just snake. This story seems to be in a massive scope, and Snake can't be everywhere at one time.

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What MS was planning is not the eventual "future". It was just a greedy power grab. And a dumb one, at that.

Never again.

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I'm now worried about Nintendo again. I stopped judging negatively to see what they would show at E3. Their show was par, but not mindblowing.

NOW, with Xbone reversing it's evil policies, it puts the Wii U in a strange predicament. It seemed like Wii U would kinda have a leg up on Xbone, but now it seems like PS4 and Xbox One are prepaired for total war.

And where does that leave Wii u?

I'm NOT going to ever bash them again. But...

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Then by that logic, how much MORE irrelevent is this article? Do you have millions of people watching you/reading your articles?

See what I did just there?

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Cliff is worse than Patchert. His predictions don't even make sense.

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Lol no you won't. Without a pre-order, your gonna be standing in line in vain. Unless u know a mom & pop store that likes u enough to hold it down for you--then even still, that would qualify as a pre-order.

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They should never force any of it on us, at any point. Not even 100 years from now. I wanna be an old man, kicking back with some 100 year old aged wine, and watch my great, great, great grand-kids play my old game collection without restrictions of DRM, anti-used games crap or family plan crap. I just wanna put the game in their hands, and let them play.

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WTF is Sessler talking about? His entire video made no sense. Even if Sony or MS is lying about the policies of their consoles (which Sessler is saying is a possibility), it still doesn't matter because we can cancel our pre-orders at any time.

Don't listen to him, because if u cancel your pre-order, or don't get one at all, then you'll miss out on the first wave of consoles. All because you THINK their policy might change. Even if it does change, u can simply...

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What's with all these pro DRM articles? Why support a block on used games?

Are these articles being written by MS to slowly get us used to the idea of DRM and used game-blockage when the next Xbox comes out (the one after Xbox One)?

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What system doesn't need at least one time setup to get online? It's called logging-in a username. How is this newsworthy?

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Man, i'm over it. Either he's secretly in it (as a young Solid) or he's totally gone.

I moved on. Just wanna play the game, not get hung-up on who's voicing it.

Also: R.I.P. Today, to James Galdofini. You were the greatest actor alive, and a great humanitarian.

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@dedicated: You were right bro, about MS having brought these evil policies to the fore-front in the first place. I wanna be happy for gaming too, but I still can't help but be afraid that MS is just bidding for time. Who's to say the next Xbox won't bring back these policies?

Also, when you said "Also, the dark side of this announcement is that Microsoft now needs to make alterations to the Xbox One, a system that is coming out in less than half a year"...

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MS have us fooled? How would that work to their advantage? What a foolish claim. MS caved because of the embarrassment on national TV thanks to jimmy fallon.

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PS4 is more powerful. Also, we know that we don't have to beg for months just for Sony to change unfair and evil policies.

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Yep exactly, MS could no longer rely on the ignorance of the casual audience, now that they were informed by Fallon of all the dangers of buying an Xbox One.

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Actually, SONY proved it. MS just caved because Jimmy Fallon exposed the Xbone on national TV, thus ruining M$'s chances of trying to get the ignorant casual bro-dude 360 fan from upgrading to Xbone (due to the fact that many of those guys and gals never did any research about the Xbone and it's evil policies prior to pre-ordering).

Why did we have to beg and boycott for months, and even still MS said they wouldn't budge on their evil policy just 2 days ago. NOW t...

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No way. We had to BEG for so long--and they only NOW changed it? Once Jimmy Fallon embarrased MS on his show last night, THAT is when MS finally folds?

Oh please. MS only caved in because now the average ignorant 14 year old who would have bought the new Xbox, is now informed about it's evils (due to Fallon's exposure of Xbox One via his national television show which is viewed by millions of casuals and other people who stay ignorant instead of researching the Xbone ...

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I don't care if it is or isn't an exclusive--I don't game on pc, so as far as consoles go--it might be a console exclusive.

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If it wasn't for Fallon bringing this to national attention, the Xbox One would probably still be a DRM machine. The only reason MS caved is because of NATIONAL embarrassment and exposure of their evil policies on national television.

Fallon should be thanked. PLUS, at the time of the recording of his program, te XBox One WAS still a DRM machine. The next day it's not anymore. Coincidence? No. Especially since just 2 days ago MS was saying they would not budge on thei...

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I still don't trust MS and never ever will. Sony cares about gaming. MS folds under pressure. I don't need a game company that requires begging and boycotting everytime we want them to fold and do what is ultimately the right thing.

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