R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Sony has a ps store on the web now. If u can log in at school, college, library, etc, maybe u can add it to your download list for later. But watch out for anyone watching u as u put in your information.

Hope this helps.

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Takes years to make a game. They cant just keep handing them out like hotcakes. I'm amazed already by how many Sony already DOES give away every month!

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A friend pm'd me that video too. It just looks like an hd version of the current eye, with some dual shock 4 gimmicks. Thats fine and all, for only $60 camera, but i wonder if it improved upon the laggy and unresponsive head tracking they attempted with gran turismo 5 on ps3.

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Japanese are too smart to trust greedy American Microsoft.

The Japanese sell u a product WORTH buying, and expect to get their riches via customer demand.

American's use capitalism to crush all competition, then add restrictions to force you to have no choice but to buy only their own products.

I love my country, but I don't love it's business practices. THAT is why most of the wolrd doesn't import our goods. And that's al...

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Yeah Kaz and Mark Cerny were not there. Kinda odd.

Just wanted to hear him say: "Riiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaaaacer" again.

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Good point. If anything good comes from Kojima's collaboration with westerner's, hopefully it is to learn how to make a much more secure, stable, and relatively lag-free network environment.

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Yeah I hear TLOU plays like the Team Sneaking mode of MGO.

But we don't really know if the new MGO will be better, as he's trying to make it appeal to westerners (I fear the possibility of it become like COD--just how Uncharted 3 multiplayer became COD-like after the release of the excellent Uncharted 2 multiplayer)

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I know these don't seem like big deals to most other gamer's, but for me personally it was:

My biggest disappointment was that Kojima didn't give us a release window as to when MGS 5 might possibly come out. Also disappointed that his game showed up at MS's conference and not Sony's too.

Also, was hoping that Sony would elaborate on what exactly it is that the PS4 eye camera is capable of. I'm not big on motion games, but still interes...

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Yeah, I know (and thanks for mentioning it)--but I want a release window. Even if it's a long time away, I just wanna know when it's coming. Tired of waiting so long. I hate hype. I want results. And for all we know, they may not even continue the parts of MGO that made it unique (like tournaments, custom characters, clan support, SOP link, etc). Man I hope they don't turn it into another westernized COD clone.

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We need more hardcore games like this series. I still enjoy playing my sisters old SNES games. You guys had it a lot harder then us younger guys. PLUS, the games were more fun. Imagine that kind of challenge again plus some added multiplayer. That is what the D-Soul's series means to me.

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Ummm...What kind of image is that, and what is that dude holding in his hands?

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Yeah, but paying $350 for a 32 GB Wii U is not an easy task for us gamers when the PS4 is only $50 more, and has a 500 GB harddrive.

I don't know what to tell Iwata. I know Nintendo would be hurting if they lowered it, but consider my point above. Iwata better think of something--and no, more apologies is not enough.

We need a reason to want to spend $350 on it in light of the fact that many of us are also saving up for Next-Gen hardware too and games for...

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Yeah I guess your right. I dunno. Did you used to play MGO too? It was the one of the greatest tactical team based games ever, right? I just can't get the same satisfaction from COD or even BF3. I loved MGO :(

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Maybe Iwata should start looking for a suitable replacement for his presidential spot. I think he should retire. He blames "Nintendo", but that's just a name. He needs to blame himself.

Bring back the Nintendo of old. The original champion of HARDCORE gamer's. Not the stuff Iwata's been doing with the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U. Before Iwata came along, Nintendo was king. Now the only one's who still think that are delusional.

I want t...

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I'm sick of all this talking. Give us a release date. Until then, I stopped caring especially ever since he shut down MGO. I'm mad as hell.

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Welcome to n4g. Where the users judge based on the title, their personal ignorance, and the article's brief description.

Just try not to let it get to you...I know it sucks, but most people are just slow.

Good article btw.

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How does keeping used games and not having DRM mean that this generation will be stale and the same?

Did u somehow assume that an anti-used policy and DRM would magically cause games to suddenly be more interesting? Did u think it would have any effect on the types of games we would play?

Was it meant to innovate, somehow?

Please help me understand this baseless logic.

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You make some strong points too. And yeah I know he was my favorite celebrity.

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I know man. I want to attend the funeral if they allow the public to go.

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The Sonic racing game was above alright. Better than LBP Karting, not quite Mario Kart good.

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