R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Superman Returns was pretty decent too.

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U won't be disappointing. PlanetSide 2 is one of the most revered and highly rated F2P shooters on the PC. My PC is trash so it ran slow on mine, but now I can see what all the praise is about when I buy my PS4.

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Still though, if MS could have still allowed it for digital games. Instead, MS acted like a crybaby because they can't implement it on disc based games (which would be saved to HDD or cloud) so they decided to punish everybody since they didn't get their way.

There's no reason why they couldn't still use it for digital or cloud based games. If they still choose not to, then blame MS, not those who simply wanted DRM to go away. MS is just acting like a vengeful...

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Exactly what I meant to say (especially MAdden getting stale due to lack of motivation from EA to make each iteration better than the previous year's version).

Lol at the people who disagreed with me. Keep on thinking competition is bad--then one day you'll see that each year's version is the same as the last. Competition breeds variety and innovation.

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Man I love Far Cry 3. I just got it during this weeks PSN sale. Even the multiplayer is fun once you learn how to play. And the map editor is my favorite. Plus the campaign world is MASSIVE. I love it way more than FC2.

Wish I got it sooner!

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Of course Nintendo (Iwata) is just waiting to strike at any moment. We just don't have the clarity to see that (right?).

I like how you start off the blog by claiming that disgruntled customers and former Nintendo fans are "whining", then quickly brush off their complaints as invalid.

Surely Iwata is actually a genius who has the Wii u exactly where he wants it to be, and is just trying to fool the competition into thinking that he doesn't r...

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EA, please let go of the NBA and NFL licences. Nobody likes your games anymore. Let other companies develop for it so that we can have more variety in these professional sports genre's.

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Why do u want the family plan? Just hand them the disc. if your not able to hand it to them, then there's very little evidence that your actually "close" with them, thus for all MS knows u could just be giving it to a friend.

Let's just appreciate that we have things so good right now. To hell with MS's old policies. Just be glad we won a major victory.

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Then why are u here?

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Will do. The more of us who ask, the more likely it is to be answered.

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Yeah I just want confirmation of a TRUE mgo. The coop stuff is fine too, just as long as they are both seperate. Mgo in an open world doesnt make sense unless we're talking about coop and team sneaking modes. All other modes need to be in refined, closed maps for maximum playability in a team vs team setting.

I'm all for open world, as long as it isn't at the expense of us also getting smaller maps to do traditional mgo battle in also.

Let's a...

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Can u ask them for me please? U can even have the answer They give u featured on your Site as an article or something. I dont know how to contact the podcast guys. I know i might be asking for much, but we mgo guys just wanted a straight answer. After all, we waited a whole year while our beloved game went m.i.a. And we're afraid he may not bring back the traditional team vs modes.

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Peace Walker had similar looking cqc to the mgs 3 cinema sequence your speaking of. If u walk up to 2 or more unsuspecting dudes, u can flip on their butts so fast they wont even know what hit em. I usually use smoke grenades so they end up confused, then i go for the cqc on the whole group.

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Hey Nyxus the podcast won't work for me. Can u please let me know if they mentioned if there will be a traditional team vs team online mode on smaller maps too? Open world sounds great for co op, or for team sneaking versus mode. But for traditional team vs team battle, will it have smaller maps for faster action like in MGO 2?

Having BOTH styles would be nice (open world for sneaking, condensed/smaller balanced maps for team vs team multiplayer).

Also, than...

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Mgo this summer? What?!!!!!

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Can u just judge Nintendo on it's own merit? Using the problems of Sony and MS the only way to compliment nintendo isn't really helping to highlight any actual positives for Nintendo. It just looks like your desperate.

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You've said:
"I've posted simliar sentiments about nintendo needing to raise their game and push more and of course get negged to hell from the Ninty Hardcore :)"

Dude don't even bother. Some of these fans make excuses no matter what Iwata (lets be specific when we say "Nintendo") does or screws up.

They are enablers. They enable inactivity, poor excuses, and empty apologies from Iwata over & over again.

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That's when Iwata stepped in as president. I'll let u draw your own conclusions though.

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^ This!

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