R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Auto-tune started in the early 80's. It's not new, it's just made a comeback.

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@Millzy102: Thanks for the info. I honestly didn't know that--and trust me, I really do try to stay as informed as possible. Why isn't anyone reporting this stuff as news?

Also, i meant Nintendo should buy some high profile indie's over too (so they get top quality indie games fast and now, while keeping them EXCLUSIVE to Wii U). But with self-publishing, I guess that it wouldn't make as much sense for the indie's to give up their independence.

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Mindless group-thinkers. It's sad to think that every month (in the United States, not the rest of the world) Xbox 360 would outsell the PS3, despite the fact that PS3 has far more exclusives and (at present time and since it's establishment of the PS3's PSN) had free online.

Yet, people would buy more Xbox's because of Microsoft's misleading advertisements--which gave the perception that you can only find top games like sports and COD games only on xbox....

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@PigPen: They might have "some" talent, but there are far better studios that are hurting right now that Nintendo should buy.

I'd love to see a partnership between TheGameCompany (Jenova Chen--Cloud, Journey, Flower, etc) and Nintendo.

And several other talented studios that just need a little publishing pick-up.

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It's about time Iwata shown some initiative. Still, I think he should ALSO currently invest in indie games now--so current Wii U owners can have something to play while they wait for all those other games (the new nintendo IP's) to come out (which could take a year or two, or even 3)

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Son of a woman! This is a crazy deal!!

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Nobody owes u anything

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Yes, there is:


OT: I can't wait for these old baby-boomer's to finally die off, so this country can stop claiming that our founding fathers were christian.

Thomas Jefferson QUOTE:
"I have examined all the known superstitions of the world and I do not find
in our particular superstition o...

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I'll just use the built in recording that is already in the new consoles. Hopefully they let us extract the raw native file so we can edit it in Sony Vegas or whatever video editing software we want.

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Meh, who cares? It's their own franchise, just let them try to do something new with it just once. Let the designers feel inspiration. Why do people oppose a little bit of change? It's a new generation so they wanted to try something different. If it fails, then they'll change it back.

It's not like it's a gameplay-changing difference.

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I meant *Perfectly. Damn cheap keyboard lol

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Someone, somewhere is always always being an unwelcome downer. Nothing new.

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The Donna Burke song was epic! It captured that 80's feel erfectly. When I first heard it, I actually thought it was an old 80's song that actually existed in that timeline. Perfect for MGS V's 1984 setting.

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@Gamertk421: ^ THIS

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Couldn't they just have the online without access to mic's (or turn mic's off) and chat off for online games? Or use macro's for basic communication (like Metal Gear Online allows (meaning that there are preset commands that can be chosen by the user instead of having a mic while playing)?

I mean, the Wii U uses a touch screen, so it can have easy access to macro's that u press to say things like "follow me" and "help me", etc.

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Your blog said "I've seen a lot of complaining and whining about the WiiU lately. A lot of gamers--a lot of WiiU owners and Nintendo fans--all seem to be under the false impression that the WiiU is a failure"

So you can see how it would certainly look somewhat like invalidation.

But if u say it's not, then I'll just eave it at that.

Either way, my fear is not for the console itself, but the one in charge of it. I think I...

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Yeah you were right about Monolith. Thanks for that.

Also, I was why is this article at only 60 degree's of heat? My original comment was 17 hours ago, and I see a whole lot more comments added to the discussion, yet the heat on the article has barely risen. We have over 24 comments here on n4g about this article, and yet no one is actually reading it. All of these so-called fans just think they have it all together and know what is best.

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It's better because we don't have to beg Sony for Months just to get an evil policy reversed. However, with MS, we have to beg, plead, and embarrass them on national television shows before they reverse the evil policies that were never even gamer-friendly/considerate to begin with.

I feel more secure and less nervous about some odd policy popping up with the PS4, as opposed to any product Microsoft makes (including Xbox One and Windows 8)

PS4 > Be...

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I'm not worried about it. It'll likely be in late October or through November.

I'd be more concerned with getting it pre-ordered. THAT is the thing to worry about incase they run out.

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