R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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I personally am not happy with Iwata as president either, but Miyamoto isn't a CEO type of person. Miyamoto is an artist and not trained for the CEO position.

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i'm not doing all of that. But if someone wants to, then that's on them.

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"Online gameplay is also region locked via IP, so unless you live in Japan, you’re stuck in offline mode."

So what's the point if we don't live in Japan?

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That's a pity, because they could make a whole lotta money if they allowed other's to lease it.

Why keep it all to yourself, when the engine gets obsolete anyway every few years when DICE upgrades it. At least let smaller companies lease the older versions. Even the older Frostbite engine from bad Company 2 is still an impressive engine today.

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At least in Next gen (particularly racing and fps games which are affected the most by Frame rate)

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Damn, that was FAST!

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Yeah There's still some things that GTA can learn from SR series--like how to be less serious, having co-op, and letting you customize the color of your clothing.

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It sold alot because of the anticipation it had AFTER the popularity of SR2. IF SR2 was popular, then of course SR3 would sell more due to the hype. But IMO SR3 sucked. It was weird, short, and had lost much of the customization that SR2 had. Also, SR2 had a fun story, but SR3's wasn't fun--it was just all over the place. I don't mind that it was wacky, but it was just a poorly written version of a wacky story. Plus the dialog was terribly uninspired and generic.

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GTA 5 is coming out in like 3 weeks after this game. SR 4 is gonna get massacred.

Dubstep gun? Unbelievable.

R.I.P. Saints Row.

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Edit: I wrote a response, but I saw some flaws in what I wrote in it, so I'll have to respond again later (I erased it for now). Just too tired to go into the depths of this story-line. It's just to deep of a story that Kojima has weaved.

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I don't know, they just do. They don't NEED to, but are often convinced to. At the very least, they definitely do that with their I-phones, to get the latest version. The same for the TABLET's to (the Apple I-Tablets).

Apple has a knack for getting ignorant people to keep rebuying slightly "improved" versions of their phones and tablets every year or 2. And these things are highly expensive for products that are so restrictive.

I been us...

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No offence, but Hell no. I like Platinum games, but my first Star Fox was Starfox 64. That game actually had compelling characters and a deep, sad story (if u get the full ending).

Platinum games makes good action games, but they seriously need to get a story writer. Also, I don;t wanna see Star Fox get all goofy. Platinum made MG Rising (a series that should have been more serious) a bit goofy. They call it "style", but that style is persistent across all of their ...

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Dude please don't promote that new Army of Two game, just because Fuse sucks. Lets just agree that they both suck. Man, am I glad I rented that P.O.S. Army of Two Devil's Cartel game before I purchased it :O

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I dunno man, the handles for the pS4 dual shock 4 are more curved, rounded out, and seem longer. To me, it looks like it will be even more comfy than the dual shock 3 (which I already found to be pretty comfy). The bottom looks like it has a nice groove to grip the contours of my hands (damn I sound like an infomercial atm lol). And my hands are kinda large, so it looks like it will fit pretty snuggly.

I also like the slightly concave grooves in the analog sticks--it's no...

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Without the ability to play discs and have used games, most stores won't carry it. So it has no chance, just based on that point alone.

Also, it is just an android on the TV. The games are mostly free, not many are premium games, so quality is not guaranteed. MANY are micro-transaction games, meaning it is P2W = "Pay-To-Win". Difficulty in those games are not challenging--they are outright unfair and unbeatable/unplayable due to the fact that u must pay microtra...

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The Miller Clone thing sounds far-fetched...but then again, I always wondered why Liquid looks like Miller, and why his hair is naturally blonde.

Plus, without a doubt, Liquid is FAR more intelligent than his father or brother. He single-handedly revived the patriot system and ran it himself, controlling the world for a brief moment. That is something that Miller would have done (if he were evil). He has Big Boss's facial features, and battle prowess; but also looks a bit...

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Give StarFox to Retro. I bet they'll give the series the comeback it needs.

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PS4 is more than worth $399. Especially with all the F2P games it's coming with out of the gate, and the free PS Plus games we get with PS Plus (if u already have it, then it's a steal).

Just because you may not have the money for it (understandably, in this global economy) doesn't mean that it's too expensive.

People spend 2.5 times that amount on Tablets which they will need to replace in 2 years and are easily breakable. The next gen conso...

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What I meant was that even if people somehow like EA's sports games, I'm sure that if the liscence was open to other developers (and not just exclusively to EA) then we could get better games.

What's wrong with that? If u wanna buy EA's lazy, crappy games, then by all means, go ahead and waste your money. But my idea would allow for other games to be made using these same sports licences by OTHER developers TOO. So, for people like you who like to waste money-...

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Who are you talking to?

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