R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Then go away.

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GAME UK promised to stock a few. No one else did. Maybe Amazon, but with no advertising, how will casuals even find Ouya on Amazon, among the billions of other items (whether gaming or not) that are already vying for their attention on Amazon?

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Wtf u ranting about?

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You said:
"Not everyone is obsessed with exclusives, I bought my ps3 for the exclusives, but another gamer might not care, and that's ok."

That is the lamest thing I ever heard. If it were not for exclusives, then why pick one system over the other? Absolutely absurd. Your one of those people who likes to put everything on equal footing, just for the sake of peace. Sorry but no. MS didnt have exclusives, because they stopped caring once they already sold...

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If their moving THIS fast, they should approach ThatGameCompany. I've been following Jenova Chen since I was in High School, back when he made Cloud. Miyamoto even congratulated Chen, which was a highlight in Chen's life.

Imagine ThatGameCompany as a Nintendo 2nd or even 1st party studio! That would be epic! Their style of family friendly yet hardcore artistsic games is right up Nintendo's alley.

But the window of opportunity is small, if they wan...

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Wow, Miyamoto wasn't kidding when he said they were making moves to increase development of games. But I didn't think Nintendo was reacting THIS fast. Nice!

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what? did u just call him pretty? *steps away slowly*

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God of War needs a break. Santa Monica could have been working on something else instead.

Hell, they could even make a game of a similar genre to GOW, just to tide fans over while they wait for a real GoW. But other people are tired of it atm.

Maybe they could work on another beat-em-up, like a Heavenly Sword sequel. That way it still takes care of those beat-em-up junkies (GoW fans), while also providing a sequel for HS fans (while being refreshing since it...

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@Swadian: That $400 hardware is more powerful than the Xbone. Don't be stupid enough to think that more money = more quality. PS4 is 50% more powerful.

Why pay more for copper, when you can have gold at a discount?

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Ecco the Dolphin did it even before Mario 64. That means that COD's "next gen" feature was capable on a 16 bit Genesis. LOL.


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Once again you amaze me by not reading the post. Your the 2nd person to do this. READ it again. I said INDIE companies could benefit from it. If they are indie, then it is an amazing engine, even if old.

Man are you feeling okay?

Here's a song for you. Ask yourself the same question that the chorus is asking:


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That's why I said the OLD obsolete engines. they already made editing tools for it, yet stopped using it. So let others lease it. It's obsolete, old, and won't be able to contend with the newest Frostbite. But at least indie devs can use it, and EA could collect royalties off of the sale of each game's purchases.

Read the whole comment before posting. Even if u disagree, that's cool, but don't act like I didn't already cover my bases in my OP, bec...

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Your response has nothing to do with what I said. Of course they are using their own engine. What's that got to do with the older iterations of that engine and the money that could be made from leasing it to smaller companies (like my original comment states)?

No offense, but please stay on topic, as it's a waste of my time to respond back to off-topic replies.

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Don't say any spoilers. Whats the matter with some people, sheesh!

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Wow that's exceedingly far fetched.

No, imo his name is Eli because it's a play on David and Eli of the bible. It represents a similar fate for Solid and Liquid to those of mythical characters from the bible.

This video (below) has been very viral. I think it kinda explains what their names might mean.

It starts at 9:50 in the video

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Okay u do that. I'll be on ps4 and ps3, so yay for me!

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PS4 will also have a mic in the box. Just saying.

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Lol at the clowns who disagreed with you. Can't these people see sarcasm when it's in front of them? Damn, some people are slow.

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My goodness, you've even managed to bore yourself! Astounding!

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