R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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@_FantasmA_ and WeAreLegion:

Thanks for the "off topic" (and possibly racist (?)) rants guys.

Hope you enjoy less bubbles <3

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I'm seriously going broke from all these damned sales. Steam, Atlus sales on psn every freaking month, PS plus game sales, vita game bundle sales, etc. >_<

My wallet has tapped out. Damnit, just when summer sale comes i'm out of dough.

Woe is me--too many first world problems! j/k

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Imagine if they implemented LeapMotion. That would be a cool option.

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Lol this is too funny hahaha. No wonder they wanna forget. Doesn't exactly fit their current image. But man, playing cards for the Yakuza and getting laid in whore houses? LOLOL. I love it.

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I have all 3 already, and trust me when i tell you guys that you'll be satisfied until years end. Those games are LONG. Your looking at about 400 hours of gameplay between all of them (assuming you want to complete them fully--especially Disgaea)

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I agree. But if they do it anyway, at least test out that western studios skill by delegating them to some spin-off first. We don't want some untested, foreign (western), studio messing with a series that is traditionally developed in Japan, where JRPG's flourish. Not a whole lot of western studios even dabble in making JRPG style of RPG games.

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No, it isn't funny. But Japan does have some really crazy, perverted games.

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Oh Square...wth? Well, at least it only says "Spin-off".

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Excellent blog!

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"Blown out of proportion" isn't a denial. So I hope everything will be okay. Loves me some stealth games.

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One thing is for sure. If it wasn't for that fake article about Nintendo buying Atlus, then this never would have blown up. But the internet has caught on to the lie now. Good facts u pointed out there, though.

Either way, multiplatform is still best. Plus no worries of it being censored or watered-down. Especially if whatever 3rd party buying them ACKNOWLEDGES that they won't water it down.

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@Ted (again). Yeah it was more important to put $100 down on ps4 because the store had it's last ps4 preorder. Had I not done it, I would not get chance at having a ps4.

Stores are stocked full of TLOU copies. I can get one anytime. So with the limited time I had to secure a ps4 (which is of limited quantity/availability), I made a decision to get ps4. It's called time and resource management. It's what smart, THINKING people do. And besides, what's it matter ...

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@Ted: No I borrowed it from cousin. Money was really tight. We just moved, got 3 air conditioners, and had to hire a plumber for a repair. A new 56 inch tv and put $100 down to preorder ps4. New Games are not top priority for us atm. And I can't borrow it again now that I moved away.

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MGO?! U said the magic word! :O

My heart unlocked.

OT: But seriously though, I hear TLOU multiplayer is like TSNE in MGO, minus the stealth camouflage. Sounds sweet to me.

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Generic American? Who else sounds like Kiefer? Nobody. Even if u don't want him for Snake, fine. But his voice is far from generic sounding. Is "24" your only impression of America?

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This is great news because PhyreEngine is one of those middleware engines that a decent number of Japanese studios actually are familiar with and like to use. So this means we'll see more 3d games (made faster) on next gen by Japanese devs. Very good news indeed. Hopefully this will foster an attitude towards the use of more middleware so they can push out more games in less time in Japan, instead of wasting years making new engines for each game. By the time they made their own engines f...

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Why do people even still care? Next gen is finally about to begin.

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^ Lol Kanye is a moron. Went from "Jesus Walks" to all those things you mentioned. He's like a rich and famous town drunkard/idiot.

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I know it's just an opinion piece, but this is so lame. Ask yourselves something: would this article be allowed if it wasn't a Kotaku article? I don't think so. Just lame.

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Edit: I got Animal Crossing for my GF, might have to get my own though since she won't be done with it for a while (doesn't really ever end).

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