R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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My family collects game consoles and games (but we don't keep them in mint--we have to actually want to own and play them b4 we get them), so even though i'm not a huge fan of the current Iwata administration, the lower price would make this an easy way to get the Wii U.

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Thanks man

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Will a Canadian Wii U work in North America? Because I know their region locked, unless Canada and N/A count as being the same region.

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Hey were u an MGO fan?

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Just play the mp, or a harder difficulty, or another game altogether. DLC takes time to make (assuming it's not already locked in the disc)

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Most clever title I've ever seen on an article

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lololol, have a funny bubble!

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Isn't the Wii U discontinuing one of it's models? Isn't the 32gb going to be the main model? If that is true, then yeah, it makes the Wii U only $50 less than ps4. That's why i'm still waiting for a price drop. Because 32gb isn't gonna cut it, so if I get a Wii U, i'll have to spend even more on an extra harddrive. And there's no way i'm getting it at the expense of getting a ps4 (Which I already pre-ordered. And My credit card is hurting right about now). ...

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God I hope GungHo does buy Atlus. Just as long az it's anyone who will let Atlus continue as-is. Just don't want anyone to buy them who might censor them or force them to make their games more mainstream (as opposed to edgy). Plus it can stay multiplatform, which is good for everybody.

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People don't care about what Beer did. They care more about Fish's reaction, since Fish is notorious for doing to others, what Beer did to him. YET, Fish throws a tantrum, and cancels his game (for what?), and cancels his twitter (which is akin to destroying all the mirrors in the house because he can't face his own demons). Fish is getting a dose of his own medicine, and he's now afraid to take his punches. THAT is why people are getting on Fish's case. So what if it'...

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I want Advance Wars with online battles and the ability to share custom-made maps like how u can share levels in LBP. That would be my perfect A.W. sequel.

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This game is great. Glad I got the cross-buy deal.

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@Godlovesgamers: Read before you post. It's not hard.

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Just a rumor.

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I have a vita, and still wouldn't use this option. The time it takes to look away from the screen and back, would not only get me killed, but render the info from that 2nd screen map useless, because the long amount of time it takes to look back-and-forth between the two screens would cause the info that I see on the vita to no longer be aplicable because by the time I look back up on tv, the situation might have changed. It's pointless for a map in a game THIS fast and reflex-based, ...

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But...wouldn't the monitor block your view of the map?

Anyway, I think MS showed off something like that with some kind of projector, but they scrapped it (obviously due to costs).

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Good order, mine's similar. It would be:

-Majora's Mask (Incredibly Innovative idea's)
-Ocarina of Time
-Link to the Past
-Seasons and Ages
-Twilight Princess
-Link's Awakening DX (GBC)
-Zelda 1
-Skyward Sword
-Wind Waker (it was fun, but I never saw a game over screen until the last boss--kinda was too easy (and i was a kid when i played it))
-Zelda II
-Don't own those non-can...

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Sweet! One of my favorite missions in Pay Day 1 was that one where they crash that corporate party and u could use stealth. Me and friends would just keep restarting it if any of us got caught--until we finally won. Definitely more interested in the sequel now that there is an option to go stealthy too.

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I only seen her when she hosted E3 for Ubi. It was awkward at first but she loosened up after a few strange jokes. Why do u say it's a good thong to hire someone if your not even gonna let them do their job. What's the point?

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Yeah I think it was great too. The only thing troubling about it's present, is the cost of producing the game vs it's ability to make a profit. Other than that, the actual game itself is very very good.

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