R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Yeah but Valve is trustworthy. But imagine if MS brought back all of it's evil Xbox One policies for the NEXT Xbox. Could you imagine the evil things that greedy companies like EA (who advocates for micro-extortions in their already $60 games), Activision (the notorious penny-pinching IP milker), Capcom (remember on-disc dlc?), etc.

You so sure that they can be trusted to do what's right? Valve is trustworthy, but if EVERYTHING becomes digital (every console) then gre...

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Hmmm. So I guess Index is keeping Atlus. Business as usual. Guess the rumor fell flat about them selling.

On topic: I know phones are popular in Japan, but c'mon-- can't they put this on 3ds and on PS Mobile (so it works on Vita as well as their target phone/Android audience). Both Of them use Flash. Playing games without buttons just plain sucks.

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They announced Breath of Fire 6 for phones-_-. I know portables are popular in their native Japan, but couldn't they have just put it on DS/3DS/PSP download/Vita? That's a total of 4 portables, 2 of which are backwards compatible with their predecessors (not to mention that they have Buttons--unlike cellphones). Which would = a lot of sales. What the hell is Capcom doing? I sure hope it's not pay-to-win.

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I can't wait for them to localize it for the west. I wanna learn more about this game.

This looks like it's heavily influenced by Persona 3. GungHo is the one publishing this for Acquire (the developer). I hope GungHo buys Atlus too. Multiplatform, no censoring, lots of financial support (GungHo's filthy rich). The perfect parent company (so Atlus can still make films, music, and do some of their own publishing/oversea's localization while still bringing in pr...

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I check almost daily for any news abiut the next MGO for MGS5, but nothing. I think Kojima made MGS 4 fans wait years after he announced it and showed gameplay, before actually releasing it. I hope that's not the case here. If we have to wait 2-3 more years, I would have prefered it if he hadn't shown it to us so early. The wait is excrutiating, especially since I don't know if MGO 3 will be any good since he gave it to Wetserners to develop.

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All he did was question the restrictions. How does that make him any less of a Nintendo fan/supporter? U don't get to dictate the conditions by which one IS or ISN'T a fan. If he was a troll or something, than he'd hurl insults. Instead he suggests that Nintendo try a different route. Whether he's right or wrong, is debatable. But don't try to paint him as less of a fan because he chose to apply critical thinking skills (whether right or wrong) as opposed to being a mindle...

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Psp isn't dead in Japan, where portables are king. Psp has a massive install base. Not so much in the West though.

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Huh? What game doesn't consist of unevenly matched players? If u suck at the game, then practice more. Skilled players win. That's how things work.

Anyway I'm not interested in the mp of this game, would have preferred co-op if anything. But will still give it a try before I knock it. Oh, and it being outsourced is a good thing...at least the main game is getting 100% focus bh the campaign devs.

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Meh, i'm more excited about what the extra RAM can do for gameplay and how it expands the possibilites of what is capable of being done in a game. The best graphics of today will be obsolete in 10 years (as is the case with every console generation that came before) so getting too hung-up on graphics [alone] is pointless. The games that become classics are the one's with depth and quality, causing them to stand the test of time despite the fact that their once beautiful graphics have ...

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Good review, Nate!

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Goto is a far more admirable man than Fish. Well played Goto. Just smile, be nice and keep improving. A life well lived is the best revenge. I like how he even tried to encourage Fish. If Fish still acts like an idiot after this, than he is beyond reach.

Edit: Also Fish has the opportunity to see the forgiveness that Goto showed, and apply the same forgiveness towards Beer. Yeah Beer is a total jerk, but considering that Fish did to others what Beer did to him, he should just...

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At mystic: I was exaggerating. But yeah it's at least about as bad looking as the best possible looking ps2 game.

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The current gen version is the ugliest game I seen for this gen. It looks worse than ps2. Looks like n64 graphics. Muddy textures, barely hd, extremely low poly count. I'm not one to get hung-up on graphics, but look at GTA 5 on current gen, then this. Truly horrible looking.

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^ This lolol

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Where was Levine when Fish verbally slapped the Japanese game development community right to their faces (publicly too) for no good reason? How was THAT good for the industry? And yeah, it's screwed up that Fez 2 is [supposedly] cancelled, but Beer's rant has nothing to do with making Fez 2. Fish just cancelled it due to him throwing a tantrum. What the hell does your battle with Beer have to do with your need to extend yourself creatively and finish your game? What a lame excuse for ...

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On a related topic:

One thing that I don't understand is when people give money to companies who already have millions. For example, SMOSH is asking their fans to give them money to make a videogame. Ican't fault Smosh, because if people are stupid enough to give away money to millionaires for a mere game (an untested, new IP at that), then why shouldn't SMOSH make an attempt at siphoning the hard earned money of some foolish individuals. However, my beef is not w...

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160k. What the hell?! This sucks for a company that used to be on top of the world. I wish Nintendo could go back to how it was when Yamouchi was president (NES, snes, N64). Nintendo needs new management. Even if I buy the Wii U (It'll be only $200 in Canada for a short time so that's a good price), I still need to know it won't just sit there collecting dust. Can't believe that Iwata underestimated the cost and time consumption it takes to make HD games-_-. Does he ever look ...

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Well they Curve studios confirmed that they will be including the ability to share custom made levels online, and this update will be free. So that will definately help. Plus the already 80 levels and the race to reach the top of the leaderboards is keeping me happy for now. Truly brilliant level design. Seriously I can't remember puzzles this clever. At least not since Portal and Quantum Conundrum.

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Better late than never. Wish it was PS4 instead of PS3, so we can use cross-game chat.

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Dude don't start. Just stay on topic.

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