R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Every stealth junkie needs to play Stealth Inc. They should make a demo so people can try it out and see how good it is.

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Yeah but the PS4 can charge it even while the PS4 is off. The PS3 had to be turned on to charge it. As long as PS4 is plugged in wall, it can still charge controller while console is on off/standby mode.

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That controller-charging dock is useless because Sony already confirmed that we can charge our dual shock 4 controllers via usb port, even WHILE the PS4 is turned OFF/standby (unlike the PS3)

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It's a perfect scenario for unrestricted murder and challenges like survival, hunting, etc. Plus it makes for an extreme situation that makes people/characters less pretentious (due to the lack of comforts of everyday life), thus making them feel more "real". It's a good scenario for action, drama, and hunting/gathering.

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In what dystopian world is it the "future" for us to willingly give up our ownership rights? Just because MS called it the future, people eat that up like it was a fact. Before MS lied to you all, nobody was imagining such an evil future. I'm just fine with discs--from now until i'm an old man. MS can take it's falacy of a "future" and go sell it to the mindless drones who believe whatever lie they are told. I'll be going with whoever supports a medium (whe...

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I wouldn't get my hopes up. Silent Hill's been kind of mismanaged at Konami for some time. I'm anticipating "The Evil Within" a lot more.

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@Abriael: Yeah it was "Aniplex" (a Sony SCE company)who did it. Man, am i glad that it might be Kadokawa! If Enterbrain is a part of them, then that's very good! Especially since they are the makers of games like RPG Maker. It doesn't get more Niche than that!

I was worried about the publishing wing of Atlus, Atlus USA, their translation/import/export teams, films, movies, etc but if Kadokawa gets them than it's all going to remain as business as usual....

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YES!! Hopefully this means Kadokawa is going to be their majority share holder!!! Yipee!!! Now all of Atlus's divisions can continue as before: Games, Publishing, Movies, Manga, and Music. Kadokawa would work like a Holding company, so that means they would give Atlus tons of room to do as they please, and they would support them financially without too much interference. It's the ultimate scenario for a company like Atlus who loves their freedom and still wants to continue publishing...

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One Winged Angel. I also like "New World Fool" from Persona 4 Golden too. There were so many great one's. I can't remember them all!

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I tried to like the touch controls--I really did try. But it just wasn't something I was excited about. Hopefully they don't force that on us with "A Link Between Worlds".

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Praying for Gung Ho or Kadokawa Group Holdings to buy them. Holding group relationships are how Atlus has been allowed to work fairly independently (Index was their Holding company--meaning they don't get overly involved in Atlus's projects, they just support them), as opposed to a traditional publisher. It would be even better than the traditional 3rd party publisher (and especially better than how 1st parties work) way of doing things. That way it can stay as a Parent company-to-sub...

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Okay your entitled to your opinion, but I think the kind of "fun" that Platinum Games offers, and the kind found in star Fox games are two totally different kinds. It's like the difference between the kind of fun you get from COD (fast paced) and Zelda (slower, a feeling of accomplishment when completing a dungeon, etc). I just really love Star Fox, and think Platinum doing it is a bad idea. Oh, and yeah, the story in S.F. is quite intriguing, because ...

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Here me out fully before getting upset:

I'm being serious here; Why would ANYONE who is a Star Fox fan want Platinum to make it? What has Platinum ever made in the past that would make you think that they would make a Star Fox game any better than anyone else (aside from that one game they made called "Infinite Space")? Seriously, Star Fox 64 (for example) was the best one, and it had a fairly serious story, good dialog, and was an on-rails (with occasional free...

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Lol yeah I immediate lost interest when I saw the iPhone tag. Getting scared off of a game on my cell phone while sitting in my school's library is not my idea of atmospheric. Neither is struggling to play properly due to the lack of buttons.

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How the heck could it be next gen, when next-gen only ADDS more systems to buy it on? If someone isn't getting a PS4, Wii U or Xbox One, they can still get the game for PS3, 360 and (I think) Wii 1.

I can't believe the idiotic logic of Activision. If they really can't see how stale this franchise is, and the fact that it's STILL using the same Quake engine from 7 years ago, then i'm sorry--The people at Activision have absolutely no common sense.

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Evolution Studios is VERY fortunate to have it's own publisher (SCEE) ask them to make a NEW IP. Most game companies from this gen don't even bother to want to make new IP's. They take the "safe" but uninspired route. But Evolution was actually ASKED to make a new one. Man, that is what it's all about! When I enter the industry, I hope to be as fortunate to have a publisher who allows my team to be creative, instead of relying on rehashes and sequels.

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Lets pray it's GungHo or Marvelous AQL. I mean, literally pray :O

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I hope it was a misquote (especially sin e it said "company" that makes Persona and Catherine, as opposed to saying "development team"). I hope they meant for ALL of Atlus. To buy only the Persona team would be bad since they all help each other out. In fact, some smt guys helped with persona 4 while some persona guys helped with SMT 4. Plus what will happen to their film and music divisions?

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Why do they only mention SEGA? Who are the other bidders?

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Hell NO not SEGA! They don't even publish Valkyria Chronicles 3 in the west. SEGA is a total mess right now. Would prefer Gung Ho!

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