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PS4 is rockin it, no doubt. In the end I don't think it will be able to match the PS2's success but the fact that it could even come close is a great positive for Sony. #1
I highly doubt Sony would go lower than $399 for some time. Sony as a company needs to be profitable. They can't do that by taking a bigger hit on hardware. #8.1
I find that really hard to believe. As soon as they shipped Xbox 360 they had to start thinking a bit about the next-gen a few years down the line. #1
Haha. Yeah "hot" may not be the best word to use when it comes to Xbox hardware! #4.1
I wonder how different/similar it will be from PS4. I think with the open, developer focused approach Sony is taking, Microsoft may have to open up. Indies do not like MS... #2
Damage control... #1
Cliffy's a smart man. #1
PS3 didn't launch at $299 though (it should have!) and we're likely to see PS3 price drop very soon anyway. #1.1
@darth, it's already been well established that the event is about PS4. Even Wall Street Journal reported that, so a price cut if announced would only be a small tidbit at the event. #1.1.2
That's a horrible attach rate. And didn't Nintendo say they were expecting something like 4 games per Wii U? #1
Wow, wacky, but always entertaining! #1
This can't be good news for the long term prospects of Wii U. Nintendo is trying to go after the hardcore, but the hardcore is more than satisfied with Xbox 360. #11
Not really. Nintendo doesn't consider itself in competition with iPads and whatnot. #3.1
Great numbers for a game on one platform. Black Ops 2 will easily surpass it, but that's on multiple SKUs of course. #5
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NPD needs to get its shit together and start releasing monthly or even weekly digital reports. #2
Great stuff and I completely agree. The industry needs to mature and open up to more genres than violence. #1
This guy talks a lot of shit, but you do have to admit that Xbox has had a pretty incredible run this console generation. #2
It's hard for it to be the future when it costs so much for developers to make. Most can't sustain that sort of risk. The big budget games will always exist, but there will be fewer and fewer I think. #2
darthv72, what's funny is that this is the exact same message that Sony had for PS3 six years ago. Always talking up its potential. Seems a bit strange to message that to consumers now at this stage in PS3's life. #1.1.6
The industry seems to think that PS4 will be out next year at holiday. Similar to PS2, though, Sony wants to continue to sell and generate revenue from PS3 after PS4 launches. #12.1
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