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OMG!!! PS4 is the best. Xbox One sucks ass. Another marvelous exclusive by Sony. I have lost count on the AAA exclusives Sony has released so far. Why does Micro$oft even try to compete with the ultimate gaming machine. It's also funny to see the master race cry about the game when in reality the PC couldn't even run this at 720p like the bone. #1.8
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Every reviewer that gives a game lower than a 9 on the ps4 is a joke. God blessed consoles like the ps4 can't have opinions ruin their reputation. As always metacritic proves us right about nitpicking Xbox One games and lowering their average by choosing trust worthy sites.Compare Ori to Bloodborne the game has the same score on N4G and much lower on Metacritic.Shows the complete bias against Microsoft on Metacritic. #1.7
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Are you that delusional sony fanboys? Ori has nothing to do with Bloodborne how can you compare the two? #3.1.1
Capcom again shitting on Microsoft. #4
Excited for anything Xbox One on N4G is a sure way to lose your bubbles. Well as I can see they have taken yours so no prob. #8.2
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If we want horror games to have the perfect balance between horror and action then the Evil Within is a great game. If some people want survival horror back to the not balanced side where horror elements trumped the action ones then it can improve by reducing the action portions of the game. #13
What if they're doing a Gears remake instead of a remaster?Just imagine Gears 1,2,3 with improved graphics on a new engine. #1.9
It's funny how some people wish Kojima to join Sony. Sony is not in a financial state to grab such talent. #1.1.5
Wait you hope the PS4 version will get there but you also hope the Xone stays the same so that you and your ps fanbase can troll? #1.1.8
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Why do you think this would make any sense or it would help in anyway?The first Xbox destroyed the ps2 graphics wise and still lost by a mile.What would change now? #21.2
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Yet metacritic once again nitpicks the worse to lower the score of the game? How can every game have a higher average score on N4G from more sites than metacritic. #1.2
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Why does the game have a 89 on metacritic? Why do they always do that with Xbox One and Nintendo exclusives? Why don't they feature the perfect scores the game has gotten that we have seen on N4G? #1.10
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"At this point, it's important to mention that when talking about console wars most people focus on comparing Microsoft with Sony. Nintendo does not enter into the discussion because the Wii / Wii U are seen as consoles aimed at kids. An adult trying to decide which gaming console to purchase will most likely have narrowed his choices down to either a PS4 or an Xbox One and so that is why this article will focus exclusively on these two consoles". A serious gamer adult or not wo... #1.7
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Why didn't you ask this when the ps2 held back the original Xbox.The thing is we as gamers have fallen to such a low standard that we complain about even the slightest of graphical details between to platforms. Where have you all been when the original Xbox and Gamecube destroyed the multiplats graphics wise.
As if your avatar wouldn't scream your intentions. #2.3
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What?Nintendo is not Sony. They have made the game 720p so that it runs seemingless they wouldn't want you to play at full HD with subpar frame rates. #4.2
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It does not require nothing. It has a high end cpu and gpu plus a hpu for holographic processing.And is priced with consumers in mind. Microsoft has won the war it's that simple. #1.2.1
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Game over. Microsoft has won this gen if this glasses work for the Xbox One. Hahaha the disagrees are hilarious. #13
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If this applies to the Xbox One I expect a huge amount of ps fanboys melting down. #3
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This is big. Quite big if you think of it. #1
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