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How in the world did poppinslops comment got marked for trolling?I mean I knew this site was ps fanboy heaven but the moderators seem to cater to sony too. #5.4
Damn right couldn't agree more. Kudos to Sony for stealing Nintendo in order to create the ps1.Kudos to Sony for making Sega drop the Dreamcast(due to the bleemcast fiasco). Kudos to Sony for spreading FUD and lies all over this gen. Kudos to them for taking a console with literaly no games and making it a 3 to 1 ratio against it's competitors. Also a big thank you to Sony who has made developers forget that the core mechanics of a game are GAMEPLAY and not resolutions and frame rates... #1.2.1
Whatever it is I'm expecting the usual hypocrisy.Microsoft got timed exclusivity about Tomb Raider and you all cried to your deaths. Now that Sony buys a full fledged exclusive you will praise them to high heavens. #1.22
Can I ask a legitimate question?Why is the world wide lead that big?I mean could you name me some reasons that the PS4 has double the sales of X1. Does it have much better games?Does it have more games?Does it something that the other console doesn't? #1.6
Why do I have a feeling that if this was on PS4 it would get better scores from some sites?I mean feels last gen at times is a stupid remark.It's like commenting on a 3DS game and calling it last gen compared to a PS4 title. All this does is lower the metacritic score of a stellar Nintendo game. #4
Everyone is forgetting the keyword here. Current potential. What that means is that the Xbox One has not reached it's maximized potential yet and the power gap will shorten. #7.2
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Just stop it. Uncharted ripped Tomb Raider ti begin with. Max Payne didn't rip anyone and was at the time on of the most revolutionary games. #18.1.2
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The original Forza is miles better than Driveclub. #2.2.1
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How do we know that the other version could go? Please give me a legitimate answer? Are you that blind ps fanatics? #1.1.66
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Can I ask something. Isn't there any chance that the ps4 cannot play the game at a higher res without dropping under 30? I don't know but is sounds stupid for Ubisoft to gimp the ps4 version since Xbox One fans do not care about resolution and stuff(if they did they would get the ps4 from your logic). I mean the ps4 was hyped as a super computer how is that possible? #66
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And also the gb requirment is not 100% absolute. I had 128mb when Halo:Combat Evolved required 32 and I couldn't get past 20 fps at the lowest settings. #5.1.1
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I'm sorry but ps fanboys are the only people who think Destiny is great because it's marketing campaing was built around the moto that the ps4 is superior to the Xbox One and Destiny is superior to Titanfall.At first Titanfall trumps Destiny with ease and at second Xbox gamers wait for the GOTY for 2015 Halo 5.Not to mention the laughable comments by the same people who attacked Bungie for ages and now that they released for the PS4 they became developers of the year to them. #1.2.6
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I have a feeling that if Phil Spencer was the head of Xbox from the start Microsft would have never choosen the inferior hardware. Remember when the first Xbox was 250% more powerful than the ps2?And now you hear ps fanboys crying about having 50% more power. #14
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Troll review is a troll review. Destiny is going to be the pinnacle of first person shooters and considering the exclusive deal with Sony I'm expecting Yosida to secure Destiny 2 exclusive to PS4. This is not another shitty fps like Titanfall this releases on ps4 and will score better as such. #1.1.21
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This isnn't mocking. This them reminding the world that Sony pays to too for advertisment.Here in Greece pretty much every multiplatform game is being advertised as a ps exclusive. And cut the slow news day and grinding teeth hypocrisy because if it was Sony you would scream about the greedy Microsoft paying for getting advertisment. #1.1.27
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I'm sorry but this is not a solution.He has legimate worries. #2.2.3
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Shut your mouth.You probably didn't even try Windows 8.I have them and I find a single fault. #13.1
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Shut your mouth.EA sells to the masses and those who have voted are delusional hardcore ps fanboys not the masses who get their gaqmes on pc , ps and xbox and just want to play Fifa and Sims. #1.1.4
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Well I can't remember the last time I have commented on N4G but I can see that the moto goes strong. We are talking about the biggest publisher of all times.The one that casuals sctream to their name. The one that releases the most profitable games except COD in consoles.And they don't represent great value to ps customers.Why do I have a feeling that if this was ps exclusive everyone would type the nails in the coffin for the Xbox One and scream victory for Sony?Why is it that you fe... #1.24
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Wait wtf you like the fact that a console is underpowered. All you care is your Ps4 to be powerful?Shouldn't all consoles be equal so that multiplats won't suffer; #1.3
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