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Deleting 0% trophies was the best additio. I'm ocd with them and i accidentally loaded my gf game onto my profile but now its gone THANK YOU SONY! #9
Sony also gave Polygon funding in its early days. #3.1.6
Hopefully it means the cancellation of that terrible f2p game they mentioned at psx #1.9

What are these three AAA rated games on ps4? the Xbox One has Sunset Overdrive, FH2 and Ori which i believe all score around the same as Resogun and now helldivers. #1.2.7
We can praise the post launch support but fact is they needed to do that because the game was a mess. Seems like they have done well since then though i agree with thw first post.. very talented, just needed better management and direction #1.1.9
Only the first kinect sports was made by Rare #2.3
conferences are usually the day before #9.1
Contrast was pretty good.. only problem with it was that it was short. #2.1.1
Those rockstar studios were responsible for ports or marketing its not quite the same. Evolution was supposedly a AAA team. Rockstar aren't shutting down their offices in San Diego, Vancouver or Edinburgh #6.3.1
Metal Gear was Nintendo but MGS was timed exclusive for ps1 (it came to pc later and also had a gamecube remake) #3.1.4
So you sold an xb1 and got a ps4 with loads of games that you could have played already. If you wanted bloodborne you should have just got the ps4 in addition. Both will be worth the outlay eventually #7.4
Uhh.. Madden? #4.4
I haven't been following Unity but i thought ubi gave some games away for free with farcry 4 and watchdogs being on the list you could choose from which isn't too shoddy #1.4.2
X1 looks much better though imo i put it down to the fact you don't have terrible dashboard menu music on loop before booting it up #3.1.2
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Steam wasn't around in the 90s.. it came with hl2 in 2004.. (apologies if i misunderstood your point) #1.5.1
PS4 loses another exclusive. Megaton! #4
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No Mans Sky perhaps? #30.4
Seems like Sony was scared of Tomb Raider #1.7
The graphics in wipeouthd were hardly mind blowing even at the time.

The problem consoles face is that if you improve the visuals it makes 1080/60 harder to achiev. You can't upgrade the gpu so theres always a wall to hit.

Even next gen we will face the same hurdles #2.1.2
First Party Studios..

Sony 12
MS 22
Nintendo 15 #1.1.7
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