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"Get on!"


Jump in everyone. Best selling console in China. #playgamesnotpixels #2.2
This goes to show what you can create with a non-corridor racer. Spectacular. #1.3
People on here don't understand that resolution and graphics are different things. The graphics in this game will likely he identical #4.2
This was Phil Harrisons vision and after he left Sony didn't care about it. Frankly, the Japanese are just not interested in social experiences like this.

Other than beat em ups, I can't name a good Japanese game with multiplayer. I'm not saying they don't exist and I'm sure someone will give me a list but imo they really haven't grasped this aapect of gaming at all. PS Homes demise was inevitable #1.1.5
It roughly translates to "Sony gave us loads of money" #1.1.12
Not bad for a corridor racer; The FFXIII of driving games #1.4
The ps3 only caught up in recent years. In its first year the console was a shambles. Sony really turned it around with some great games. I don't think MS will catch up because of the hardware issues but they do look like they will deliver more on the software front #1.1.8
38 #17.1
I always thought a bioware action rpg would work well with the HP universe. #8
MS have 10+ more first party studios than Sony. #3.1.3
True. Notch had nothing to do with the sale. Apart from the fact he owned 70% of mojang #2.2.1
Notch hasn't been involved for a year now... #5.2.5
I don't want to be rude.
But I'm going to be anyway.

Bloodborn is one dumb kid #1.1.20
All of those things are more important than graphics in a racing game though.

Driveclub does look beautiful but I'll try the free version before buying because the racing part of the racing game looks uninspired. That might change if I'm actually playing it so I'm eager to see for myself #10.1
They won't show UC4 at tgs. Its just not the right place for its first gameplay reveal. I am positive it'll be a trilogy remaster for ps4 instead #3.1.4
We already knew this was open world. The rest of it sounds like generic bull that any "insider" can come up with. Obviously the concept art is real but I think I saw it on neogaf a few months back anyway. I wouldn't take any of this seriously but I am intrigued by the game and one to watch for sure. #1.1.3
They didn't do it? #1.5.1
Its becaise their own game is probably going to suffer a similar fate. #2.1.4
Off topic but what is with everyone using the word "addicting" ? Is this some new Americanism because the word should be "addictive" and even if "addicting" is a word, its going to be a verb so is being used wrongly above anyway. Not as annoying as "could care less" though which I see almost daily on n4g.

On topic: This reminds me of ff13 as yahtzee said "you can stick your hand on an oven hob for 20 hours and yeah, you might s... #1.2.15
How can a website called dualshockers ever be impartial #1.1.3
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