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"Get on!"


Does anyone else just not give a f##k about all this b######s? Whats wrong with just playing and enjoying videogames? #12
So you play the inferior versions of multiplats then? Or do you ONLY play exclusives? #4.1.2
Sony are not Apple. Other than PS4 they have no products currently that are cool, succesful or popular. #13.1.2
Also stop teasing stuff for fc5 when fc4 has ONLY just come out. #3
Controlling your character through the eyes of another one #1.4.1
The Xbox controllers are definitely better made.

I have had two PS4 controllers. One since launch and one since Christmas. On one, my left analogue stick is completely falling apart and the other is starting to do the same and the triangle button always gets stuck pressed in. Also, the battery is pathetic. They last about 3-4 hours.

I've only got one XB1 controller, again since launch and no issues so far - and the battery lasts a good solid week.
... #1.1.2
This game looks funny. No more mass murdering than Nathan Drake and nobody has a problem with that for some reason #21
The main problem is that drake kills thousands of people and the game tells us thats ok. He faces no punishment for this even though in real life you definitely would. Afterall, hes not in a war.. or saving hostages etc. Hes trying to get some treasure.

The game is supposed to be am adventure game but all of them, especially the third are mainly third person shooters. It would be so much better if there was more exploring, puzzles and platforming and less killing waves of e... #1.1.7
inSANE is another one that kinda vanished. Nobody seems to know what happened to it after thq disappeared. #10
BG&E2 also cancelled. Ancell said the consoles weren't good enough for his vision and then he left Ubisoft to make Wild. #4.2
Not really considering the only ones they've announced this whole year are from SCE San Diego. #4.1
It will be timed to Xbox One for five days through EAAccess like all EA games.

The game won't be out in 2015. 100% guaranteed #4.2
I played this over my mates last week. He has just moved and hasnt got internet. Does the game magically look better if you're connected online? Because the game looked verypoor graphically and not anything like screenshots i had seen. Weird.. #1.3.4
You can add any pic you want if you have the app for android. Ios presumably too. #8.1.4
Will this port have the crap midi music that the original pc game? Or does the Steam version have the ps1 audio? #10
Just because the ps4 cam do more doesn't mean it will in every game. Maybe this game xan run at 900p on xbone but it doesn't mean the ps4 will automatically have to be higher. It depends on whether the devs can he arsed to put in more effort or not.

Two generations ago, the xbox has a hdd and a 600mhz cpu compared to the paltry 333mhz of the ps2. Almist twice as fast. On the whole, there was little difference in multiplats back then. With the exception of a few games... #1.1.8
SE really know how to take the piss #1.1.11
One of the best in the show today and i really liked the way it was presented encouraging the crowd participation. #8
I actually want more third party exclusives. Brings us back to two gens ago where PS2, Xbix and even GC and DC had real identidies. Nowadays the consoles are practically identical. With the exception of a handful first party games a year. #1.11
I am hearing that this is not game related but service related. I believe it may have something to do with STEAM and ORIGIN possibly merging. #1.4
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