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Yeah we need to be able to vote on the games we get to vote on. #1.2.2
A lot of that post launch content was required because it didn't work properly or was missing features it was supposed to have at release.

If it had released now it would have been a really good game with favourable reviews but the fact they've needed all those updates proves the point that it wasn't ready #1.9
Each xbox game had to be engineered individually to run on the 360 so it took a long time and after a year or two the demand for those died and MS stopped.

As I understand it the XB1 emulator emulates the actual 360 down to the dashboard UI so all games will just work. It just needs publishers to agree. #1.3.11
And in Deus Ex you could kill one of the other Augs by doing a side mission that got his kill phrase #1.1.5
Phil Spencer was there last year. He opebed up the keynote with some very bad German iirc haha #1.3.2
I think Forza 6 will have splitscreen but you make a reasonable point. I think its unlikely we'll see the feature in crackdown #1.1.4
Sony have the exact same thing regarding extra content for games that come to their console late. #1.1.13
Black Flag with a glitchless version of AC3 and that game was terrific. I played Unity a few months after launch and it seemed like their patches fixed most of the issues. I just hope they improve the story because it was weak in Unity. #1.2.2
I was watching the lobby on gamespot last week and the video they showed had massive frame rate problems too. I think the game is going to be one of the worst reviewed of the year for sure. #1
The Brothers in Arms series was also hood to be fair, if you liked that sort of thing #1.5.2
Its really depressing seeing all those comments. Jade has a good cv and should be judged on that not her looks #9.1
Do some basic research guys the game is called ME:A not ME4:A #12
The thing that people miss is that now with xbox one you will have access to games you purchased.. digitally. That's full x360 titles and of course xbla games.

Meanwhile Sony are making you pay a subscription to access games you have already purchased on ps3 using streaming technology that may or may not deliver a good experience.

For that reason alone, BC is a big deal. Even if you don't play said games, at least you have access to it. Ironic that... #1.1.14
GOG is owned by CDPR who are making their own cyberpunk rpg /conspiracy #3
Markiplier is on the same level. They are both so fake with enthusiasm and their "cool swearing" #1.1.10
Except you're wrong because the difference between FM5 and FM6 is more than just a minor upgrade. #10.2.3
Wwll the x360 was the best controller ever made because it was up against the dualahock 3 which most neutrals would agree was terrible. And most ps fanboys admit it when they say how much of an improvement the DS4 is. I love both current gen controllers, Sony and MS did great jobs and this controller looks sweet but I'd never pay this much money for it #1.1.12
You will see other players flying around but they won't be distinguishable from an AI ship ie. Won't have a gamertag displayed. Also its unlikely you'd run into a real player because there's an entire galaxy. #6.2.2
I hope the tracks are the same but modernised. The original is a bit too midi-ish for todays standards #7.2
Ms show was really good. Very solid and a great 2015 lineup.

But unfortunately they came up against three huge announcements plus Horizon plus a live demo of NMS the best in show last year and Sony really delivered an amazing show.

As an owner of both consoles I'm going to be having an amazing couple of years of gaming and it all kicks off in the next few months #1.1.10
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