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That won't be the game, it was just a tech demo #4.1
Namco are not a small company #2.4.3
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Seriously how does crap like this get approved? I would rather see hiphopgamer on n4g right now ibstead of dualshockers spamming us with this garbage #1.1.8
People need to stop worrying about disconnecting from the Internet. If you're posting on n4g then you have it and you get disconnected like, Once a year? For a few minutes? Its not a big deal. Whether you like it or not it's the future and unless you live in the worst parts of Africa you've got nothing to moan about.

Cloud computing has been proven many times now. If you can't keep up, blame our isp, not MS.

On a side note, its funny how n4... #1.1.3
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In the last 12 months Nintendos spare cash reserves have halved fromm 1000 billion yen to 500 billion yen. #1.6.3
Not this year. The game that was furthest along was cancelled #1.2.2
Rare also only fully developed the first kinect sports #5.1.6
Or that list could be absolute tosh #2.1.2
That and DA2 was basically made by interns #1.1.3
Sephiroth isn't a tough battle. If you have 4x cut you can bring him down in a few attacks #1.1.4
I recently played tlou and honestly don't remember there being any kind of dialogue system? #1.7
Sony are hard at work putting together their three montage videos that last four minutes each that nobody cares about. Haven't they run out of bad europop backing tracks by now? #1.1.10
Absolute trash as always from an insider.

This game was only in preproduction when it was announced in November. I find it hugely unlikely that six months later they would have a polished demo to show at e3. The game won't be out until November 2015 so I expect to see it at next years e3. #1.1.14
Disney "owns" Spiderman and you can be sure they'll be wanting the movies back. With Sonys financial position they'll be willing to sell too. #1.4.3
Isnt the Xbox One like the second fastest selling console ever.. behind only the PS4? Sony have a great machine at a great price and its doing fantastically but I wouldn't really call Xbox One sales poor. #1.1.10
Unity engine is mainly used by small devs or indies. This vasically sounds like a next gen singstar. I agree, SCE London should be doing more #1.4
How the hell did foxtrot get a bubble and 100+ agrees when everything in the very first post is WRONG.

This is the clearest example yet of how n4G and its bubble system is corrupted.

On topic, as others have stated this paints a different picture of what we had previously imagined #1.6
Most normal people probably don't want to leave their playstations on for 48+ consecutive hours, especially overnight. Not only is that bad for the console its likely a colossal waste of energy too.

Just play a single player game or go outside and get some fresh air. Its only for a day #6.2
Thats in my local bowling alley and its a really awesome experience #4.1
There isn't currently an option for it. It's not the end of the world, just a bit annoying. #1.12.2
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