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Not to be rude here but do you work for rocksteady or wb? #5.1
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Its actually been out for a year or two now but yes its that mod #2.1
But if they had female leads they'd no doubt be criticised for making them "too sexy". #17
Yeah forced to make singstar / eyepet / wonderbook games last gen. I hope they have something good under wraps for ps4 #1.4.1
Wow.. I actually didn't think it would happen as i saw Valve as losing touch with the company they were 5 years ago but seemslike they listened so big credit to them for that. And personally I'm very pleased with this news #1.10
Sony are just smart. I haven't played cod since cod4 because I'm cool but i will totally check this out now go Sony!! #2
Surely its not always the platform holders fault and this has happened many times. Maybe they should ve more diligent but they probably just upload the stuff they're given from third parties without thinking. #1.2.4
What me2 lacked in story substence it certainly excelled at character development #8.3
Wow people are bragging over marketing deals now? This industry needs to become one standard and one console like movies have nearly always been. Then we can actually talk about games and not whatever this nonsense is we're currently talking about #1.2.10
The Reapers built the relays so if this really is set in another galaxy then it shouldn't even matter because there shouldn't be any mass relays in Andromeda.. #2.3
Square Enix are not the ones making Star Ocean.. #5
Developed by Tri-Ace but all have been published by SE #1.1.4
In other fake insider news i just played the next mass effect game and it looks really sweet.

Seriously if this guy has seen it he would actually give some details and "it looks really good" doesn't count as real info. I can't believe people buy into this nonsense #1.1.2
All EA games are exclusive for 5 days to xb1. Thats how its been for a year and how it'll stay. Don't blame MS - blame Sony for not allowing EA Access on ps4 because it doesn't represent "good value" #1.5
Sega #7.1
Its a new IP that they mentioned at e3 last year that i think they mean here but its quite likely they are working on a star wars game as well #7.1
It looks like its a mp arena game only #1.1.1
Well one of the endings of DEHR involved everybody dying. Do you propose that they effectively make two different games because thats what would be needed.. in fact you could argue all four endings alter the future in very different and significant ways. Plus they have a specific story to tell that will lead to the events of the original.

I'd love to see save importing more though.. its an awesome idea if they plan it from the start.. just don't think its realistic in... #1.2.1
Thankfully Square Enix don't actually develop the Star Ocean games, Tri-Ace do #2.1
They have all been made in Scotland. #5.1
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