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"Get on!"


All of those things are more important than graphics in a racing game though.

Driveclub does look beautiful but I'll try the free version before buying because the racing part of the racing game looks uninspired. That might change if I'm actually playing it so I'm eager to see for myself #10.1
They won't show UC4 at tgs. Its just not the right place for its first gameplay reveal. I am positive it'll be a trilogy remaster for ps4 instead #3.1.4
We already knew this was open world. The rest of it sounds like generic bull that any "insider" can come up with. Obviously the concept art is real but I think I saw it on neogaf a few months back anyway. I wouldn't take any of this seriously but I am intrigued by the game and one to watch for sure. #1.1.3
They didn't do it? #1.5.1
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Its becaise their own game is probably going to suffer a similar fate. #2.1.4
Off topic but what is with everyone using the word "addicting" ? Is this some new Americanism because the word should be "addictive" and even if "addicting" is a word, its going to be a verb so is being used wrongly above anyway. Not as annoying as "could care less" though which I see almost daily on n4g.

On topic: This reminds me of ff13 as yahtzee said "you can stick your hand on an oven hob for 20 hours and yeah, you might s... #1.2.15
How can a website called dualshockers ever be impartial #1.1.3
Diablo has always been about the repetition of killing things, levelling up then getting sweet loot. Its fair enough that some will not like that but most are aware of how it plays because its a 15 year old franchise.

Destiny appears to follow a similar model. I have only watched gamespots now playing so haven't played myself mind. Maybe people are disappointed because they weren't expecting that? To me I would describe it as a poor mans borderlands lacking soul and... #4.5
Who cares. Its not your money? #2.6.2
No it doesn't but driveclub does has excellent clouds and realisitc starmaps which are far more important in a racing game #7.4.1
Developers are salaried just like you and me and they'll probably fet bonuses after a successful release. The idea of them sitting on millions in reserve cash is novel but if they always work with a publisher like nearly all do then there is no need.

TThe publisher will agree a contract in advance with the developer and that will include money to pay everyone during the cycle. This is also why lots of people move after games release. #1.1.8
Its sold 55 million copies plus merchandise. I'm sure the revenue is pretty substantial #1.5.2
New MS owned studios that are all making games exclusive to XB1

(Fun)ction Studios
Leap Experience Pioneers
NP Studios
Platform Next Studios
SOTA (State of the Art)
Press Play
Lift London #1.3.5
The game is basically borderlands but without cel shading and xp grinding #4.2
Quantum Theory #1.4
They are way too cool to bother with crap like that. #10.1
Agent is/was being developed by Rockstar North. #1.1.3
Everyone is talking about this so I think MS have done a great job #1.8
Lol Vita #1.1.5
Everything we know about the next mass effect in one convenient document: #3.1.1
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