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All these people noaning about lack of split screen yet praising Sony amd being excites for PS VR which completely detaches you from society... #1.1.8
Its October now. Its oretty obvious the game isn't coming this year #1.1.2
Who cares about OS speed. PS4 will always be the most powerful console no matter how many times MS need to patch in updates #1.11
They rated it way too high I'd have given it 8.8 #1.4.2
Skyrim should have been a $30 game too then because it had no multiplayer #2.1.3
They make lots of money from GOG #1.1.6
Don't give SE ideas. They'll see that and think you mean Lightning the character #2.1.2
RDR and GTA are not made by the same teams #1.1.2
In previous Uncharted games you could buy better weapons with microtransactions.

Uncharted 4 is going to have Naughty Dog points.

The developer is incredible but that shouldn't blind us to their poor approach in this area #2.1
The x1 charge kit lasts around 20 hours which is awesome. Plus its a lot cheaper than buying a second ds4 controller. Neither solution is great but they work.

Both controllers are excellent. Sony really stepped it up after the ds3 which for me put me off buying multiplats for ps3 #1.2.7
I'm sure such an expansion is alreasy deep in development its been nearly 18 months since reaper of souls. It wouod be weird to start hiring people now because it would mean it hasn't started. I'm expecting an expansion announcement this year, not in like.. 2017 #6.4
Thats not the equivalent of 6k thats still 1080p just with three monitors #2.3.1
Your ship has a white marker when you scan.

But its not like say in RDR where you can just press a button and your horse appears. Of course that wouldn't make sense for a ship but it seems to limit how far you can explore because if you spend an hour walking around a big planet it'll take an hour to get back to ypur ship #1.1.3
The Agency was an MMO in development by what used to be SOE. It was around the time DC Universe was close to being released that they decided to cancel the agency. The idea was cool but honestly the game looked trash. #14.1
Nomura did say it was based on Romeo and Juliet back when it waa first announced for ps3 #1.2.2
Yeah we need to be able to vote on the games we get to vote on. #1.2.2
A lot of that post launch content was required because it didn't work properly or was missing features it was supposed to have at release.

If it had released now it would have been a really good game with favourable reviews but the fact they've needed all those updates proves the point that it wasn't ready #1.9
Each xbox game had to be engineered individually to run on the 360 so it took a long time and after a year or two the demand for those died and MS stopped.

As I understand it the XB1 emulator emulates the actual 360 down to the dashboard UI so all games will just work. It just needs publishers to agree. #1.3.11
And in Deus Ex you could kill one of the other Augs by doing a side mission that got his kill phrase #1.1.5
Phil Spencer was there last year. He opebed up the keynote with some very bad German iirc haha #1.3.2
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