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"Get on!"


Sony sold off their MMO studio anyway so i doubt we'll ever see them revisit it #8.3
I think people were assuming because Mad Max supposedly performs very well on xb1 #1.1.8
The game wasn't great but its worth a play through at that price imo. If nothing else it has an easy platinum #1.1.4
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Sounds like pure speculation #6
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In the crater theres an area where you can fight magic pots and some red things. One gives you loads of EXP and the other gives you loads of AP. Running around there for a few hours should level you quick #6.2
It was always going to sell less than TR 2013 because that released to an install base on 360 of what.. 50m?

Add to that a silly release day... this will sell well though the next few weeks as mums buy it for their teenage kids for xmas. #1.1.14
I only use n4g on mobile so this update is very welcome. The current mobile site is very limited #1.17
They probably started around the same time but factually we did know about the ps2 emulation first #1.2.10
Neither have been amazing. But I've had more out of ps+ so far.. #16.3
This year i can't really think of anything obvious. Most studios have either announced or just released a game. I can't see Sony announcing something with psx a few days later and Rockstar don't normally do this sort of thing. Nintendo are unlikely to have anything new until the NX reveal.

Maybe that Criterion game that was shown at e3 2014. And Danger Close/Visceral if they are stll around. Any other realistic AAA devs?? #2.3
Its not like the ps4 isn't getting the game plus we get uncharted 4 too in the same year. So i don't see what the fuss is all about. #1.1.7
PS4 id the home fir all games. Even xbox "exclusives" such as Tomb Raider will sell more and find its home on ps4 next year.

There's no way that a multiplat like Star Wars looks as good as The Order. Xbox One doesn't have the power to match that fidelity. #1.1.16
The hiphopgamer was banned from n4g #1.3.5
I dread to think how much it cost to get the collection. Probably way more than the 24,000 they are selling it for. #4.1
Saw the headline. Came in to see lots of people arguing over something that literally doesn't affect them in any way. Was not disappointed.

Bravo, headline writer. #1.7
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Intellectual Property doesn't work like that - so a new Star Wars game would belong to the Star Wars IP, regardless of whether its a new type of Star Wars game or not. Much like Final Fantasy 7 belongs to the Final Fantasy IP (owbed by SE and not as many people think here some sort of weird Sony owned FF7 IP

In other words, their new IP is entirely new. NOt related to Star Wars #4.1.4
If you like story driven games with massive plot holes then you'll love this. #8
Seriously who cares. Its quite funny actually #1.1.14
Perhaps people would spend less holding off for a better deal which may not have come. #2.2
This is good because i doubt anything else will release in August. DEHR also released around that time of year and it meant i could focus solely on that #21
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