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This scenario is similar to resident evil. After RE3 people demanded change because it was getting boring. So they did. Then after RE5 everybody wanted it to go back to its roots.

After CoD4 everyone wanted modern shooters. So that's what we got. And now everyone wants WW2 again.

I just want good games. But developers should take risks and not just follow what's in at the moment

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I don't think trophies existed when GRAW came out but on the 360 there was an achievement in that game to be ranked #1 on the all time leaderboards.

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When Xbox was merged with devices, N4G was convinced it was the beginning of the end of Xbox. In both articles and comments posted.

They aren't saying PlayStation is dying, just SCE which is factually correct. On April 1 it will no longer exist. As with the Xbox merge, nothing will change to the average Joe. Just a different name.

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That's actually factually incorrect. If you look at steam stats hardly anyone plays above 1080p (below 1%) and the most common resolution is actually one less than 1080p (sorry can remember which one)

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3d was also massive for a while

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Sony released nothing of note from its first parties in the whole of 2015. Yet it still comfortably beat xb1 in sales. Not every buyer is going to be clued into potential future games so there has to be other factors.

One of those is ecosystem. The more people who get a ps4, the more exponential the sales will get. Because it ties you into psn. If you want to play with friends you have to get what they have. And thats likely to be a playstation.

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People are thick. The resolution can be 500k but it doesn't change the fact the game looks like ass (these days).

Higher resolution is only good if the assets were made for it. Upscaling a bit will be fine but going from 480p to 4k will probably make it look worse

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God of War II sold five million with an install base of 100m +

Tomb Raider sells one million with an install base of what.. 15m ?

It seems like its done okay to me.

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It depends on the game. Mario Party on WiiU for example is wiimote only

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Again with the Bioware and Epic.. neither were owned by MS so they never lost them.

Admittedly i play on my ps4 way more but the post by moldy above is one of the best I've seen on here for a while. MS if anything are doing much better than Sony consumer wise right now.

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Yep, too soon for some it seems!

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I read somewhere around launch that only xb1 was capable of 4k gaming. Not because its better.. haha clearly not.. but it had something on the output that ps4 doesn't.

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Why? Just because its exclusive doesn't mean you have to go out and buy it? Of course, with a list that big every person will find a handful of games that will appeal but don't fall into the marketing trap that exclusive means better.

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That eouod be awesome. The games are already great but another year a dev time for Horizon in particular would be sweet.

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Horizon 3 is hopefully one of them

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Its on their website because thats the last kniwn status of the game. They aren't going to change that until they make a further announcement. The only thing this page proves is that its probably still in development. It may still he exclusive to Sony but it certainly won't be a PS3 title niw

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He was taken off Agent to work on GTA V because both games are developed by Rockstar North. In Scotland. Read Dead Redemption is developed in North America by Rockstar San Diego. Two different studios in different coninents working on different games.

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It only seemed like me1 was like that because the combat was bad.

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The jury is still out for me. Every combat they've shown appears to take 5 minutes to hring anything down. Maybe thats because its bossed and i don't know the context of those battles.. but if the game is like that all the way through it will get tedious very quickly.

Everything else looks promising though!)

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The thing is, all that settlement stuff is cool until you realise it serves no purpose. There's no benefit to spending 50 hours making them because by the end if the game it'll be the same as if you ignored it entirely.

It was Bethesda jumping on the bandwagon of every game needing to have crafting for the sake of it. They should have done more with it or just stuck to gun and armour mods imo.

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