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"Get on!"


Unity engine is mainly used by small devs or indies. This vasically sounds like a next gen singstar. I agree, SCE London should be doing more #1.4
How the hell did foxtrot get a bubble and 100+ agrees when everything in the very first post is WRONG.

This is the clearest example yet of how n4G and its bubble system is corrupted.

On topic, as others have stated this paints a different picture of what we had previously imagined #1.6
Most normal people probably don't want to leave their playstations on for 48+ consecutive hours, especially overnight. Not only is that bad for the console its likely a colossal waste of energy too.

Just play a single player game or go outside and get some fresh air. Its only for a day #6.2
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Thats in my local bowling alley and its a really awesome experience #4.1
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There isn't currently an option for it. It's not the end of the world, just a bit annoying. #1.12.2
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Who cares which is the best console? I seem to remember the xbox was nearly twice as powerful as the ps2 yet look how that gen turned out #1.2.2
PLEASE Sony can you fix the Problem in your system where it doesn't mute audio through the tv whilst using optical out. #1.12
You can play single player but you have to be online #3.2.5
Looks great, lets hope the gameplay will match up to it because this video isn't really that exciting (I know it's not supposed to, am just making a general statement) #7
They said that about dirt3. I don't have much faith! #7.1
I think it was e3 2009

IGN officially announced the project in 2007 with a screenshot of that well from the trailer so its been in development for at least 7 years #5.1.1
btw, I was joking about the idiot part as I'm sure you could tell #1.3.3
Well Lukas, you didn't exactly specify that you were joking so how are we supposed to know you fucking idiot #1.3.2
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Actually I really want to hear your conspiracy theory even if its just for a laugh so please do tell #1.2.2
I have to agree with George for once here. The only people in this article and all others that are gettin riled up is ps4 people. The xb1 is getting better with so much good news lately whilst Sony are stalling and firing everyone. If you followed my recent analysis you'll also see why Sony first party are not in a position to show much at e3.

The gap will probably never close. Anybody rational will know the hardware dictates the software but it does sound like ms are re... #1.1.11
They only just started on Gears.. honestly I don't expect to see it until late 2016 at least so I really don't think we'll be seeing a 360 version #2.1.3
Yesterday they tweeted a picture of a guy playing on his Sony tablet using a dualshock with the headline "future of mobile gaming" (paraphrasing, I can't remember the EXACT phrase)

I honestly think Sony have given up on Vita

Edit: Sorry, I should probably have provided a link: #2.2
I think the headline is wrong its supposed to be unannounced games from first parties.

Lift London has been part of MS for at least 12 months #2.1.3
I think I speak for the whole of the real gaming community when I say:

Fuck off Fried Goat #1.1.4
Foxtrot along with all the other sonyboys don't have much to do right now since the only new game for ps4 can be platinumed in a weekend so I for one can forgive them for hanging around n4g posting absolute tosh. They will leave for a week in four years time when the last guardian comes out though so its ok #1.7.2
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