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Dice, Bioware, Criterion etc. Are fully owned studios by EA so yeah all those games are "in house". #1.2.3
They'll soon change their mind when only 50,000 people buy it on pc and half of them are pirated #1.1.5
Project Cars sounds goofy. I always thought it was just a working title but I guess not. Similarly theres a game from the guys who did the last ridge racer called "Next Car Game" not that I imagine it to be any good but its a seriously stupid name. #3.2
Its funny reading these comments because at the time everyone hated World at War. Something to do with being another ww2 shooter.

Nowadays its the other way around #1.1.6
BG&E2 would be Ubisoft Montpellier #1.1.2
No it didn't. If I recall it was supposed to release in May but ended up coming out in June. A few weeks is not "a big delay" #1.1.7
That "complete" game you call me2 had two dlc squadmates. Dragon Age also had them so its a bit unfair to pick on me3 but I know its cool to do that so yeah #4.3
People keep saying these are "beta prices" but is there actually any evidence that sony will reduce the price come launch? Also will they refund the difference if they DO lower them after the beta to those who paid these extortionate fees?

When people touted this as a netflix for games I was impressed with the potential. Right now without a subscription this service is irrelevant and doa imo #1.1.5
Originally it was going to be hard to play pre owned games on the xb1 so family sharing was to balance out the increase in sapes of new games where devs will get more money from #1.2.1
Umm.. internet is a lot better in Europe than in North America. #1.4.4
PSnow should be a subscription so whilst its fair to say these prices are subject to change its alao fair to point out that nobody asked for this #1.1.25
Teaser at VGAs then with gameinformer cover in March and gameplay at next e3 #1.6
Happened all the time on PS Home #1.1.1
Sony AND MS are doing a great job at listening to the consumer so far this gen. They've both dobe sone things wrong first time of asking (MS more so) and they have both changed it when its come to light that there's a problem. This is encouraging #1.1.3
Those 800 employees are spread over many locations. They have a studio in Germany and the UK and I believe one in Eastern Europe (Romania I think?) and maybe one in Turkey too. #6.1.1
Crytek will be fine. They get loads of money from the government for military contracts etc. In fact they do more of that stuff than gaming.. #1.1.6
EA own Dice #10.1.3
Lets also not forget that Shellshock (before killzone) was a terrible game. I am intrigued by this new IP but GG have a very average track record so far

Kz mercenary wasn't developed by GG but SCE Cambridge #1.2.5
I thought that was mainly for the keynote. I don't think MS have the authority to hand NeoGAF press tickets for Sony, EA and Ubisoft conferences. #23.2.1
Lol at 5 people making the same comment. Nintendo didn't invent analogue sticks but most would cite them as the ones who made them what they are today.

Gears was the first game to popularise the mechanic so its convenient to use it as a comparison. If we said it looks like a killswitch clone most people wouldn't understand. #1.7.12
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