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Lol Vita #1.1.5
Everything we know about the next mass effect in one convenient document: #3.1.1
The only people who cared about that guy were insecure sony fans #1.2.2
He and his company are primarily responsible for how big casual gaming became. #1.3

Your reasoning makes no sense because Square didn't merge with Enix until the time between 9 and 10. In fact, at the time of FF7, Squaresoft were pretty small. Thats why they needed Sony to publish it in the west and help translate it - because they didn't have the resources.

FFX was for me the first one that went really downhill. No proper world map, linear corridors, awful voice acting, convoluted story, unlikable main character. These are... #2.2.6
Who cares if its not hacking? Do we really need ten comments to say that? Does it make you guys sleep better or something? The most important thing is that psn is down and I can't play d3 properly #1.1.13
I imagine take 2 probably gave sony some cash back. Agent, if it ever releases will almost certainly be next gen multiplatform #4.5
It did exist. Some guy leaked screenshots on his LinkedIn account. I'm on my phone so can't be bothered to link but iirc you can find it on the games Wikipedia entry #1.3.2
Now its been a while since I played either DA game but I'm pretty sure neither had weapon degradation. So why is it such a big deal that this doesn't? Sounds like whiny moaning for the sake of it to me. #1.4
I agree. Nobody really cares about crap like this. Put 0 resources into it and 100 percent into just making kick ass games #1.1.6
ND were owned by Universal at the time #9.2
They were decent but could never compete with Mario 64. Crash was by far always the better of the two. #5.1
Lol You think Edge are corrupt? Because they had a different opinion to you? Boo hoo they gave some crap ps3 games low scores but you conveniently forget three years in a row where they give lbp, UC2 and Demons Souls goty.

Seriously get over it man they aren't biased just harsh. They gave my beloved mass effect a 7 but I don't make up conspiracy theories. #3.2.2
Don't forget Syndicate and Theme Park #1.5.3
They want something to compete with uc4 in 2015. They can't just make a game with that quality in one year. #4.1.5
MS own 22 studios. Thats nine more than Sony. Many are new which is why we haven't seen any output yet. Next years e3 may surprise the ignorant on here who still think MS only have six first party studios #2.1.5
The devs clearly forgot halfway through that they were making a racing game. I've said a few times on here that the actual driving looks average and no amount of next gen clouds or stars in the sky will cover over that. It looks absolutely STUNNING but if the core racing aspect isn't up to scratch reviews will tear it apart #3.2.2
DC looks beautiful but the driving looks really uninspiring. I need to play it to see if thats true or not though. Also only 50 cars and only 5 per club is a worry. I am convinced they spent too much time makong pretty clouds than stuff that really matters in a racing game. #1.1.8
Too soon. The game has only been in development for a few months and won't be out until 2016. Realistically imo #1.4
Sony announced a lot of new things. No huge titles but lots of interesting stuff indeed.

MS pretty much repeated what they showed at e3. Lots of big titles but no real surprises.

All in all, both look in pretty good shape. Sony still have big devs with unannounced games which should make 2015 exciting. and people forget MS have over 20 first party studios and we've only seen projects from a few.

Good times for all. Especially for people... #1.1.4
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